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I NEVER should have entered this German video game store.

Phoenix Resale
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Our third stop on our Europe trip was Cologne, Germany! While I can’t tell you the food was amazing, the game hunting definitely was! Hope you guys enjoy!

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  1. Video Discount Market 🍆💦🤣😂

  2. You aren't a weeb so you blank on all the anime games.

  3. Hotline miami isn't really a chicken game lol

  4. Siesta is German for nap!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. I would have definitely gotten that Schiggy T-shirt.

  6. With shirts you can always just wear multiple layers when you get on the plane to save space.

  7. im so sad. if only i had known i would have gotten there to make a solid deal with ya or atleast meeting up… maaaan 🙁

  8. I always enjoy all your videos, but these videos of your Europe trip are really top notch Caleb !!

  9. That Tabaluga is extremely rare, was looking for it and couldn't find a single complete copy online, I wouldve grabbed that for future collectors.

  10. Not impressed you should have went to holland.

  11. as a german viewer nice to see you in a german video store 😀 awesome <3

  12. Chicken switch game,the first one was hotline miami.

  13. Nice you was in Colon. Is not to far from my city Aachen

  14. I for one appreciate the Suicune reference lol.. great analogy👍🏽

  15. why is it that you dont buy stuff and just pack it and ship it to your self ot the closest post office ?

  16. Erica ftw – and another great video, sir!

  17. Is Erica your wife? Those diffuse shirts are pretty amazing.

  18. You should have picked that Godzilla game of

  19. If you are still in Cologne – stop by – I live here 🙂

  20. I love the music when you got back to the airbnb!

  21. Video game hunting with no luggage room 🙄

  22. Why not replace all your shirts with gaming shirts throughout the videos? Just toss them out. I had like 20 shirts in Thailand I left behind to bring home other stuff…no need to bring back old clothes

  23. Hard to watch your videos with that loud music

  24. Wait u are here in cologne omg how long you gonna stay

  25. The Dome! It's so cool I love Köln!

  26. The only bad thing about the older Nintendo consoles and Xbox console is that they are region locked

  27. That Godzilla: Save the Earth game came out on the Xbox and PS2 in the U.S. back in 2004.

  28. Just curious are you able to count this as a business expense during tax season since your using the opportunity to make content and source inventory?

  29. They cleared the whole store so you could get that interior shot at the end?

  30. World of Video closed some years ago xD
    All over Germany

  31. Are you in Germany right now ? I got some games for you

  32. The place for retro video game hunting in Paris is Boulevard Voltaire.

  33. Greetings from Germany , there are still someone hidden gems where u can find Stuff. Its called village fleamarket.

  34. That wavey with the lights is because of the frequency (Hz). The frequency is different around the world. In the America's, it’s 60 Hz and in Europe and Asia, it’s 50Hz. You can fix this by shooting in the same framerate as the lights are. As far as I know you need to divide/multiply the Hz by two. So, a 60Hz country requires 30, 60 or 120fps. Maybe this helps. Your GoPro is probably shooting at 29,97fps which might cause this problem.

  35. Heck ya in EU pokemon 2000 is just pokemon 2

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