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I Opened A CAR SHOP In Minecraft!

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I Opened A CAR SHOP In Minecraft!
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  1. Crainer should not be friends with slogo, like at all. If he is that mean then why wast your time with him

  2. Thanks for the car crainer its just a picture but its ok

  3. At the bugging he spelled out p u t o

  4. I still remember Money Money rich rich dolla dolla😗

  5. *Cariner shotgun * solgo I have a minigun lol🤣🤣😚🤣

  6. Even though im a Fan of jelly i agree to crainer that josh must be not allowed in a server with jelly and crainer

    Because he's Really Greedy

  7. It's lucky Crainer knows spanish otherwise he would've gotten in a lot of trouble at the start

  8. Lol he change the signs to puto 😂😂😂😂

  9. Crainer: I got a p
    Jelly and Josh:😐😐😐
    Also Crainer: And an a
    Also Josh: AP

    I laughed so hard

  10. Puto is a food but in Spanish it's different 🤣


    Crainer removing A & P

    Puts the P at the A:s place and blurres it out

  12. Jellys mom is so short a ant is taller than her

  13. Crainer put the p on the thing and it's.say puto

  14. POV:thought Crainer had no t-shirt on😅

  15. Puto is a type of food I searched it up on google

  16. Mr bentworth lives on deppression avanue
    :crainer me to

  17. I don’t want the car I want money to get Crainer Murch

  18. Crainer what are you doing with the sign

  19. Crainer : (drives a BMW) brrrrrrrrbrrrrrrrrbrrrrrrrrbrrrrrr oh hi guys I am delivering your car 🚙
    Also crainer: gives us a Mclaren

  20. 0:15 crainer-im going to deliver you a new car only way to get it is if u cliyouthe like button
    Me – *clicks like button , dad comes in giving me a hotwheels car

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