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I Traded In 300+ Video Games to My Local Game Store!

Phoenix Resale
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So I’ve been saving up my dud video games that I can’t profit on online for a while, and it’s time to see how much video game store trade-in credit I can get for my stacks and stacks of retro/modern games. Place your guesses in the comments!

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  1. I think you'll get around 450 for all of it

  2. I think I have a problem 😕 I can't seem to let any of my doubles go. I have bins and bins in the garage. But they do come in handy when I need to switch out broken cases!

  3. Without watching I'm gonna say you are on average 2 or 3 bucks per game. Best case scenario about $900

  4. It’s funny that you went to two stores named “Matt’s” and “Game Exchange”. One of the places local to me is “Matt’s Game Exchange” lol

  5. I push my "unsellable inventory" through an auction site. I bundle 6 games together (as that is what fits neatly in my dropshipping packages) and set the starting price in the range from 1 through 5 dollars. They usually sell for up to 10 bucks or so. And if they end up not getting sold, I just add more stuff to the bundle and try again. Something is always better than nothing. I am just mostly happy to get rid of it.

  6. I have to be very honest with you finding that copy of Legend of zelda Twilight Princess Hd was a steal I can't find a copy cheaper then $120

  7. I'm having my cousin go to the flea market and sell my ebay Rejects on Saturday…only reason i can't do it myself is because Saturday is yard sale hunting day

  8. I live in the UK but I absolutely love this channel. Just subbed 👍🏻

  9. A lot of good games in that lot your trading more money their the trade credit

  10. Bro sold the bakugan ds game that games so good and I mine broke cuz my dog chewed it

  11. 300 shit games…. I guess 125 bucks.lol Like selling DVDs for fitty cents and.or less

  12. Bring all your games to my store in Glendale az I will beat any game store and I always give cash.

  13. I would have game you more than 405 come see me next time

  14. GameStop will do $4.99 a piece lol and 50 bucks store credit

  15. GameStop: I can do $7 and $9 with the car included

  16. I collect video games and keep them plus play them

  17. With the duds, I keep the cases if they are in good shape to swap out for the good sellers with bad cases. Same with the cartridge shells. After that, about 95% of them will sell to my local game shop or Gamxchange. Anything that doesn't sell at those gets donated to Goodwill.

  18. Gamestop will give you a penny. I know hilarious and totally original. Guy at the game store doesn't even know what the hell he's talking about. Learn something new every day. Lmao

  19. I sold some sealed Dallas DVDs awhile back for really good money. The Dallas movie set alone sold for 90 before fees, I paid 5 I believe.

  20. I think you might get $340 just cause gamestop doesn't pay you much for games.

  21. Nice Star Wars steelbooks. Daniel Craig collection you should keep. Awesome movies.

  22. $140 lotting them up on ebay could atleast get $5 a game and you have atleast 300 thats $1500

  23. Paused at 1:58. I think it is 455 after fees haha nah but seriously 455.

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