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Japan 4K Walk – Retro Game Shop Tour – Nipponbashi Osaka

Grand Adventure Japan
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Do you miss the good old days of playing video games?
Well, every time I do. I come here!
Come see for yourself. A real treat down memory lane!

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  1. $10 for a PSP?! Boy the one they sell here in my local retro shop sells it for at least $100

  2. 8:40 Are those handheld consoles broken? because those prices are crazy low!

  3. great to see. 6.30 msx games Konami Yie are Kungfu 1 and 2, Hyper rally, Kingkong, Shalom, Twinbee, Goonies , Sky Jaguar. Games of late years 1985 until 1988. Also Hydlide 3.

  4. ⏹ Interesting tour! Thank you for sharing! Have a nice weekend! Greetings! ✌😀

  5. Your video is so amazing. I feel like I'm really there with you. Thanks for the wonderful day of traveling. : )

  6. The Happy Wanderer - Hike Walk Drive Explore Relax says:

    Did they have a Neo Geo games there?

  7. Lovely Walking Tour! Wonderful and AWESOME 🙂 Thank you for sharing 👍👍👍👍👍😊😊😊😊

  8. That was interesting! You focused in on one of my favorites, Tetris! Man, me and my friends played that so much, I used to play it in my sleep, and even when I wasn't playing it, I played out different game senerios in my head!😆 Bit of an obsession for a bit! I've always wanted to make a patio out of square bricks of different colors, and make it look like a game of Tetris in progress!😆

  9. I love the shoulder to shoulder small stores in japan packed with various things to sell like this! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  10. Oh wow thank you for this upload it really is amazing. I don’t know how to thank you so much for doing this tour. Can’t wait to go to Japan when things open.

  11. Are games cheap and console cheap and handheld

  12. once japan opens its doors for tourists i'm buying a ticket!

  13. This is like gaming heaven. Really love how you showed us around the shop. This was very relaxing. Hope you make more! Me and my gf are planning on going on a trip some time soon. Definitely going to tell her wherever we're going, retro gaming shops is a must.

  14. Great tour! Nice to see the insight of Super Potato in Osaka.
    I live in Nagoya on and off where I make similar videos!

  15. How they restock it? I mean it's still full collection

  16. That place is amaaaazing!!! Thanks for sharing! The choice of background music was kind of annoying however. I wanted to listen to the background sounds more

  17. Are those old game products still in the making or are they old? Because if it's the former, I have very serious questions as to why the Japanese industry still cowers in selling it only in Japan …

  18. I would love to add some of those games to my collection

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