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Eric Abroad
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Make the most of your limited time in Japan by finishing all of your Retro Game Hunting in just one day! Game Collecting has become a new passion of mine since arriving to Japan, and I hope to share more of my collection and experiences in future videos. What games will YOU look for when visiting Japan?

Super Potato: スーパーポテト なんば店 ( )
Curry Restaurant: 俺たちのカレー家×ラーメン=Koji Labo 大阪難波店 ( )

Additional Honorable Mentions – Book Off and Hard Off: Two additional store chains selling various USED goods that are absolutely worth checking out. They’re located everywhere in Japan!

For those living in Japan – Yahoo! Auctions and Mercari are GREAT shopping/bidding sites.

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Intro: (0:00)
Introducing: Anthony: (0:57)
Store #1: (4:29)
Video Game Crane Game: (6:56)
Store #1 – Cont. (9:28)
Lunch Time: (19:02)
Outro – (23:19)


  1. $500 for a Micro?????? holy shit. Now that's inflated..

  2. Yoooo the Legend of Dragoon shoutout though 😂 great video

  3. It was good. Pls down 4 of those cans then go out there… ok? be real! (1 is for pusies)

  4. I'm glad we have a "Curry House" here in Little Tokyo in L.A. so damn good! Wait what!!!! Just found out they have permanently closed it!!! Fk'n fake virus caused of all business destruction all over the world!!! Blame in all all you lazy azz people that stopped buying food from all these local gems and then cry why the fk they disappeared…. FK You all!!!!

  5. The prices have really gone up in Japan. I heard that you used to be able to get cheap retro games. Those days are gone I think.

  6. Respect for your wrist candy there. Rocking the Casio DBC-611 calculator watch while hunting for retro games. Legend!

  7. Love the video but that auto focus got to be too much at times!

  8. This is Lou from Tik tok thanks for the link subscribed right away!

  9. Are you Chris Abroad's brother or something?

  10. I am Japanese.
    I like your video.
    I want you to keep making video on youtube.

  11. For a moment i tot im watching a cable tv channel. Really impressive video edits

  12. n64 expansion pak is not worth as much as the console itself…

  13. Check out Diamond 777 (iPhone), A great casino slot machine game!

  14. Good to see you b ack here again. I thourght you were moving back. I think it has been 5 years now from your first videos. You need to go back to IRL on twitch and here. Must say you, are still cute as a button.

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