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Just Cause 4 CRASHING FIX – Epic Games Store!

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Hope it helps 🙂


  1. Bei mir funktioniert es nicht kann mir wer helfen

  2. Pls Game not saveing me Pls fix that proplem

  3. hi, thanks & After how many days this issue will be resolved automatically

  4. Just block every connection with the firewall for this program.

  5. Idk why but every time I launch the game and close it when I launch it again all I did is gone all the settings go back to the default ones and all the progress I do get deleted

  6. There's an easier way of doing this you know🤣🤣 but thx for the info

  7. I just plug out the internet cable and play, easy. XD

  8. Nice video, do u know why it gets me to unreal tournament page whenever i choose to buy an add on? Doesnt epic store have any add ons?

  9. for me is not working even if i turn off my internet its freezing in "Just Cause 4" nothing loading !

  10. aND HOW i can go on discord when my internet is off`?

  11. not plase just cause 4 save problem 2

  12. Just start the game file 'JustCause4.exe' by right click and run as admin.

  13. does this deactivated the whole internet or just the Connection between my PC and the internet?

  14. Thats not everything, for me it saves nothing. Graphic settings, gameplay. There is a fix for the steam version but not for Epic games. Anyone else ?
    Edit: It's meanwhile a known issue, and I think there is no official fix for it.
    People think it's something with the firewall. So just try to make a rule for JC4 and allow it + run as admin.
    Success can be detected if it saves your graphic settings at least.
    Edit2: Here is the workaround: Start epic games as admin, navigate to the JC4 folder and start JC4 as admin, it works so far

  15. my game crashes after I press enter at "by continuing you agree to Square Enix privacy policy" pls help

  16. my game doesnt save i have to start over and over again

  17. I did it and now the Wifi doesn't work anymore

  18. when i try to launch it says this game needs WiFi please help

  19. Why can't this game work if you have wifi on ? Plz explain

  20. The game dont save for me pls help! like I play the game and there is no progress

  21. I've been playing a lot and when I restart the game I can not continue from where I left it, I always have to restars the game, do you know how to solve this problem?

  22. This isn't the problem I'm having… my Just cause 4 install ended up missing over 8 .dll files. Some .dll files I was unable to find

  23. the game doesn't launch for me but appears in the task manager and no window appears

  24. I’ve disabled ethernet and everything and still, after around 20 minutes of playing the game freezes and my pc stops responding, is there another fix for this or have I cranked my graphics too high?

  25. Bro my game isnt even making to the loading screen.

  26. Why is this on Twomad zoom trolling playlist

  27. Hello Man, my game keeps on crashing, So im jus playing right? doing a mission or something and the screen freezes, I gotta restart my pc to play again, my pc has all the components to play it and the game looks very nice but still, when im playing randomly freezes and theres no way to close it or stop the freeze, I gotta restart the pc and restart the game again
    Any Ideas???

  28. This didn’t help at all, I uninstalled the epic games launcher and it says it crashes every time I get on my pc, I uninstalled, so why is it still coming up?

  29. When i turn off my wifi and open the game it says unable to login..retry, it doesn't let me play the game unless there's internet.

  30. It's in my library but I can't download it, it just says unavailable

  31. Unplugged my wired internet and the game did not work. It got the same error it often does. This is beyond ridiculous!

  32. How do I stop my game from freezing randomly.

  33. but when you go to Cabo morron, the game crash 😭😭😭

  34. Bro mine still crashes a year after it was made free lol

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