KINGDOM HEARTS Series Epic Games Store Announcement Trailer -

KINGDOM HEARTS Series Epic Games Store Announcement Trailer

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The iconic KINGDOM HEARTS Series is coming to PC for the first time ever on March 30, 2021! Join Sora, Donald, and Goofy as well as new and familiar characters across 4 games, as they unite to battle against a dark force threatening their friends and beloved Disney worlds.

Pre-order today:


  1. This is cool and all but when is it getting on switch😢😅

  2. All I need now is the Jak & Daxter Collection on PC and my childhood will be fulfilled.

  3. Ah yes, Square's final insult to the original kingdom hearts series was not the ending of KH3, but instead RELEASING IT AS AN EPIC GAMES STORE EXCLUSIVE

  4. I’m poor so I can only buy one for now.

    Which one should I get?

  5. Not on steam, Sold in 4 packs 60$ each. While you can pay for 30$ to get the whole thing on PS4. Yeah, I'm pirating this so hard.

  6. I'm surprised they haven't made any changes to the prices after people are openly admitting that they're going to pirate until a price drop happens

  7. Yes, finally tomorrow is the day that i can download it from EPIC GAME STORE because they made a contract for release the game only on peic. You want the game on steam then wait until maybe you realized that never come's out on steam…. I like the game and all saga episode but idk how people prefer one launcher that another, the game is out then buy it and play it stop it. I read too much baka words for steam and epic that im out for today, you like the game? Yes= play it / NO= then don't talk baka about the launcher

  8. Gonna grab 3 on sale because Remind is 30$ on ps4 anyway

  9. How to use DS4 controller in KH1.5 PC??? It has the option to use it but it never works, and no guide to enable it… Sad 😔

  10. It’s like they’re trying to be marvel so bad even though they’re all owned by Disney

  11. Legal, quando vcs vão lançar os jogos dessa franquia em portugues?
    Só compro se tiver em portugues, lançaram o jogo em várias versões para várias plataformas e não tiveram capacidade de fazer a localização do game para o Brasil.

  12. Please fix the random drops to 60 fps on kh 2 and unlock the cutscenes from 30 fps. There is no way im going to buy it in that condition especially for 40 dollars.

  13. Please patch the games to take advantage of the next gen consoles

  14. I see kingdom hearts in steamunlocked

  15. not for that fucking price way to much you want $255 Australian for all of it your joking

  16. except that i payed for the game and ca't even play it offline on epic…. guess what.. i will need to download it cracked so i can play offline

  17. I'd be cool with this if you didn't insert always-online DRM into it…

  18. Sorry but . thats a EZ CRACKED game . no one cares about trash store. go to steam PLEASE and we will buy it i guarantee you guys will get WAY more buyers

  19. Would anybody know if this is playable on a Macbook Air M1 2020 Big Sur?

  20. Downloading the torrent as Epic has already paid for us.

    Epic, make piracy great again.

  21. So all kingdom hearts games are coming to pc ?

  22. This is a timed Epic exclusive and will eventually be available on Steam next year, right?

  23. Ruined by being locked to the garbage Epic Store. Release it on Steam and then I’ll begin to consider a purchase.

  24. Epic exclusive = no sale
    60$ asking price on an old game = no sale

    Still cool that this series got ported to pc, but im not getting it on epic fails store.
    Id rather pirate it.

  25. Here’s the thing though why tf does epic have it

  26. How is it this was not anounced on a larger scale?!
    I just found out by accident due to some video about modding KH.

  27. just curious who bought it on epic and who is waiting for it to come to steam

  28. I Really Wish If They Added All The Kingdom Hearts Series On Nintendo Switch Because If They Did I'm Really Gonna Play All Of Them With 1, 2, 1.5, 2.5 and 3
    Edit: Including All Of Them Too

  29. attention une nouvelle personne arrive ! says:

    J'ai un truc à demander si ça ne gêne pas la série : xehanort aurait une sœur dans les prochains jeux

  30. There's a bug on KH3 where I get softlocked on Scala Ad Caelum. After the cutscene, no enemies appear even after exploring the whole map, tried it on multiple save files as well

  31. will boys we waited for KH3 we can wait for a steam or GOG release now cant we ?

  32. Daniel Hernan Barrientos Painenahuel says:

    I played the 1.5 collection , The only thing I hated it is because THE GAME CRASHES A LOT

  33. So i can play the whole KH game now. And i just realized

    1.5 + 2.5 + 2.8 + 0.2 = 7

    This game really likes the numbers 7 and 13

  34. For those of us whose are playing KH 1.5 + 2.5 games on PC at framerates above 60 fps, we all have noticed some inconsistent stutters. For me, as soon as I booted the game, I noticed my framerate would sometimes tank from nearly 1000 fps to 60 in KH2. It turns out, there is some odd behavior that limits the framerate. This is not a bug, from looking at this disassembly of this in KH2, this is very clearly intentional behavior. That being said, I am not sure why the developers thought they could rip nearly 90% of my framerate from me, and I wouldn't notice. Which is why I make this Email, the game had been out for months please fix this. I didn’t not just pay 60$ just to play a very lagging game, thank you.

  35. i love thanks for everithing for pc games more

  36. Anyone know which version of simple and clean this is?

  37. is there any way you just release a full collection for 60 bucks? not sure how often you expect people to repay for the same games but you better do it with decent prices…

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