LIVE Reveal of next free MYSTERY game on Epic Games Store -

LIVE Reveal of next free MYSTERY game on Epic Games Store

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Tell us your opinion of “Salt and Sanctuary”! We will read some of your thoughts in the live stream!

Are you looking forward to the next FREE games from the Epic Games Store? Reveal it with us LIVE and see our reactions and thoughts about it! And maybe there will be some time for some news, updates, and Q&A with you in the chat!

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  1. I would just say your guesses for mystery games were pretty bad 😂😂

  2. Awesome stream today!! CONGRATULATIONS on the new members and subscribers!!
    Happy New Year and !!

  3. Hey guys, do you think far cry 6 will be free in 2022

  4. I have seen your live streams from the 1st mystery game. Love your videos guys. Thank you for making such wonderful videos. and, Happy New Year guys.

  5. i didnt play any fo these game waht should i instal first adn last ???

  6. Guys I need some help…I claimed both tomb raider goty + definitive edition but I didn't claim the 3rd part and they said it's already in my library and I didn't even claim it (I didn't receive an e-mail until now ) what should I do ? 😢

  7. Happy new year 🥳 guys you both are very kind. Thanks for everything

  8. I need some help, I claimed all three games today, they showed in library too after 2 hours, but I got email confirmation for only SOTR, not others.
    I did not tried installing them yet, but should I be worried

  9. Anyone having problems with Epic Game launcher now?
    All I get is : "Uh, Oh, something went wrong." For the past 15 minutes or so. Quitted and started it many times.

  10. The leak only happened a couple of days ago but we had an idea that it would either be a tomb Raider or an Assassins Creed game. It was the former so now we're waiting for AC sometime in 2022.

  11. Wow! Free games on Epic will continue until December 2022! Thank you for support and Happy new year!

  12. Just loved your streaming…. Epic is really epic

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