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Looking for the best App Store game

Looking for the best App Store game

How to identify the best App Store game? This is quite a task considering the constantly growing number of titles. And, obviously, there is more than one. If you wonder which are really worthy, there are ways to find it out.

Start with the Tops

First of all, let’s take a look at the source’s tops and some gamers’ reviews. The platform offers both free and paid applications. You can see the suggestions right on the main page. They are based on the rates of other users. Here’s how the charts look like at the moment this text is being written.

The US best App Store game (free)

The US best App Store game (free)

Count Masters: Crowd Runner 3D brings a classic city takeover experience. Join the insane race. Lead others through the busy streets. Crash objects, collect coins, become the true crowd master. Make it to the final to beat the King-boss.

The second place is taken by Judgement Day: Angel of God. This time you decide the afterlife destiny of those who passed away. Real-world celebrities’ and ordinary people’s souls come to you and confess. Who’s innocent and who deserves burning in hell? It’s up to you.

Judgement Day Angel of God

Fat 2 Fit encloses the free USA Top 3. It is an absolutely hilarious and quite motivating story. The title lives up to its name. Lose kilos, do squats, try to resist the munchies temptation. You can do it!

Judgement Day Angel of God2

The US best App Store game (paid)

Minecraft is number 1 here. In case you’ve never heard of it – it is epic. Endless worlds are open for you to build literally anything. Plus, there are features to expand like new locations, skins, and add-ons.


Then comes Heads Up! – an awesome charade invented by Ellen DeGeneres. Gather your family and friends to play. The goal is to guess the word from the card before you run out of time. The party includes more than 40 theme decks from Harry Potter to Friends. And you can create your own ones!

Heads Up

The third one is Bloons TD 6. This tower defense adventure has 51 unique maps and 11 monkeys to operate.

Bloons TD 6

Apply strategy and use the powers of your warriors right. That’s it. Good luck in searching for your own faves!

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