Metro Exodus Developer Attacks and Threatens Fans Over Epic Games Store Exclusivity Backlash -

Metro Exodus Developer Attacks and Threatens Fans Over Epic Games Store Exclusivity Backlash

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A Metro Exodus Developer at 4A Games has attacked and threatened fans in response to backlash over Metro Exodus being a timed exclusive to the Epic Games Store after being pulled off of Steam. This Developer threatened pc gamers to either buy the game on Epic Games or there would be no more Metro games released on PC ever again. Do we have another Don’t like it, don’t buy it” situation again. Of course this comes in the wake of the previous controversy surrounding this game being pulled off Steam and the overall negative sentiment towards Epic Games. Let me know your thoughts.


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  1. Imma just get it on my PS4, I’d rather sacrifice graphics just to make sure I don’t give Epic money

  2. An organisation is nothing without support, dont support anyone who pulls this shit

  3. me, buys and plays all the Metro games.
    buys the books and reads them.
    exited for Metro Exodus.
    enraged I can not play it.

    aparently I do not care about Metro.

  4. oh boy, I can´t wait for Metro Exodus to release on february 15th 2020.

  5. A developer telling its PC gamers to buy the game or else is like Hitler telling Aryans to vote for him or else, for we PC gamers are the master race

  6. Well if the devs happen to read this, for the record the reason I've not bought it is because apparently my PC hardware can't handle it so I'm waiting to upgrade and play it when I can max out the settings.

  7. Everyone: slaps deep silver This bad boy can fit so many fucking lies in it

  8. I bought the game.. And don't regret it at all

  9. If a company's developer wishes to make less money from their games after threatening their fans, that's fine by me.

    You should have never been hired in the first place.

  10. Funny story, I didn’t even realize a new metro game came out… I guess that’s what happens when it doesn’t show up on steam?

  11. put metro exodus in epic games store and expect to ge ta lot of custyomers big brain time

  12. lol metro series isnt even that good, im not gonna give these fools any of my money

  13. I’m not about to lie but metro exodus is a better fallout 76

  14. Well guess im gonna pirate this game

  15. Lol, go ahead make console exclusive. It's not going to disrupt my life one way or another.

  16. epic fucked metro and there is only way to fix it

    delete Epic Games launcher from the world and allow exodus on steam

  17. Good. Fuck them and their franchise. Get this exclusivity bullshit out of the PC ecosystem.

  18. remember fallout 76? any publicity is good publicity…

  19. If they dont release it on pc we wont lose anything

    They will because they are going to earn less money and they will get hated so much which will result in more review bombings and a hostility between pc gamers and the developers

    We have emulators tho heh

  20. I came across this video after searching for any logical explanation as to why the Gatling gun doesn't has any parts upgrade just like the previous Metro even though it they actually where planned and done but in the end they didn't put them. But I guess this video in some way just answer that question. Looks like the game is handled by developers with "you don't buy it, I don't care" attitude. And is a real shame. I came across Metro after looking for a better survival type game other that The Last of Us. After playing the first I was fascinated. And the second was even more better. Exodus is great and the new gameplay mechanic of open world really fit in. BUT, after 1/3 of progress I already started getting feeling that something is missing making me uneasy and internet got it clarify. I really wonder why game developing manage such decisions but to me it feels I just bought an incomplete game. This is why I into game modding community. Because of games that has really good concept and mechanic but has that which is missing or cut and once put together it dramatically increase the replay value. I hope that if they won't put a patch to restore them then at least provide the means for it. Either other way, I can already see that in 20 years modders will find the way restore cut content just like many classic games

  21. trust me if it wasnt on epic there would of been less pirating

  22. It's still a fucking broken buggy mess 1 year later. They planned it out real strategically like, see? No reviews on Epic so no way of warning people what a terrible piece of shit it is. Then a year later move it over to Steam where you can only leave a review if you've purchased the game on steam.

    I really think their whole plan here is to exit the PC market and go into the lucrative console market. They tried to execute so many things that would appeal to console kids….open world, survival, mutants/zombies, crafting…but they did such a half assed job on all them. Then made an unbelievably shitty port to PC.

    All I can say it, I will pick every fuckin review apart for the next one, if it is on PC. If there's one thing we all know Russians are for, it's misinformation. Just pumping out those fake reviews on Steam and metacritic.

  23. Google translate is an inacruate mess use deepl . com

  24. good thing i dont have to pay epic games through ps4 to play metro

  25. Metro ended up being a successful game, even a new game is already being as well as a movie, so it must be sad for you to admit that you know you're missing out on a lot as well as the fact that's it's the most Atmospheric game ever created compared to whatever bullshit you're playing

  26. Can't believe a person at 4A came out with this, I've respected them for a long while… Still, Exodus did end up being a good game, and I doubt most of 4A share this guy's view. At least I hope.

  27. i forgot about this game! And it was still on my wish list. I don't even care if i buy it. it's been removed from my wish list.

  28. Just so you know, there are torrents for console games as well.

  29. I know this is a year later, but what's the game in the background? Looks awesome

  30. honestly the game's pretty good, and the whole franchise is too, such a good game franchise's legacy ruined because of its developers

  31. like, i don't even give a shit if epic games is chinese or russian or literally comes from a hut somewhere in fucking zimbabwe or whatever, but i definitely think that steam, origin, uplay, and probably at least 10 more fucking launcher/storepages are more than enough. absolutely not gonna download another one of those regardless of any exclusivity deals that might be going on.

  32. Late comment but I just find it hilarious that they said "oh shit" and released it on steam on the 14th. 12 days after this video.

  33. It's the first metro game I haven't bought. Nor will I. Had it pre ordered, then told I could go fuck myself since I didn't get it on an inferior service. Cancelled my pre order, and I'll not be buying another game from these guys until they take their heads outta their asses. Actin' like they got the only game on the shelf or some shit, /smh.

  34. Just wondering, what game is in the background. Seems fun

  35. If I were to rate Triple-A artistic mediums in terms of how hostile they are, I’d say the animation industry is the worst, the music industry is the second worst, the games industry (Applicable to this situation) is the third worst, the film industry is the second best, and the writing industry is the best.

  36. I am sad and mad because i completely forgot about it, since i havent finished any metro games YET, have them on steam waiting their time… i forgot about bought Exodus… FUCK ME!

  37. Those bastards are making products to sell for a price to customers. They are entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are supposed to accommodate & comply to factors surrounding a product's potential to suit EVERY CUSTOMER'S BACKGROUNDS.

    In baby talk, they must make things that can be sold to every type of customer to maximize profit & practical views. If they do not want to do that, then they are literally asking for a flak, they can never profit from such passive-aggressive behaviour towards the people in-charge of their future as a business institution, we, the consumers.

  38. Threatening your customers is always a big brain move

    Warhammer Vermintide 2 is the game in the video

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