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More FREE PS4 Games on PSN Store!

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  1. If you haven't played the Warzone you ought to give it a shot I bought the whole game so I play more of team deathmatch and I played The campaign which was awesome but that new Call of Duty Modern Warfare is phenomenal. The weapon progression is killer I really enjoy it plunder is good I'm not a big battle royale fan but plunder is, they now call it blood money it's where you run around collect money and kill people and whoever has the most money at the end wins you respawn like you do in search and destroy ( meaning there's like 20 seconds or so before you get to go back into the game), you don't just die and it's over.

  2. Yo! I’m downloading paladins right now and maybe we can play sometime?

  3. If you can't put it in your library and don't have space (or even if you do have space but don't want it on your console just jet) on your ps4 just press download and than remove the download in your downloads and it will be registered being bought and so it will appear in your ps4 library.

  4. Can you give me a shout out and if you give away anything can you give away a controller for PS4

  5. If you use your phone you can add final fantasy to your library

  6. Is final fantasy not available in Canada?
    Edit: you need to search for it manually.

  7. My sister got a good article to receive cards by searching for " psn yadakjoo " and worked well.😋
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  8. Let it die and Darwin Project are great free games, love them

  9. Hey monkeyflop I have been playing the new shark game is great Maneater if you want to check it out

  10. i feel like u kinda highlighted close to dead free to play besides apex and cod which is much newer and a franchise that just keeps going until 7m into the video.

  11. If you click download then cancel and delete it just adds the game to your library

  12. Downloaded dragonball xenoverse 2 lite and liked it so much I bought the game it's awesome but cant use alot of stuff in lite version still fun to play though and there is still alot to do

  13. I can't play any of these new games because my PS4 is bricked from that 7.50 update. Sony needs to make a patch for that broken update.

  14. Technically Final Fantasy XIV is not free. Yes you can download the App but no you can't play it cause it's a subscription based game 😊😁

  15. Your the best so you earn a sub thanks bro for keeping me up to date with the ps4 news

  16. Free to play… Warframe… plz give it a shot u like it great if not ur missing out.

  17. Im sad that most free game isnt even in the store for me 🙁

  18. I don’t play war zone I just play mw multiplayer

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  21. When ps now finna have gta IV please 🤞🤞🤞

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  24. Fortnite is free!!!!! Omg just checked it out Fortnite is free

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  27. I had been downloading Hitman free starter pack and I can say that Hitman free starter pack is awesome😎👍🙂🙂🙂🙂👍😎😎

  28. Hey! A question. I have a one month psn subscription and i downloaded the tomb raider just now. If one month finishes will the tomb raider game be functional??? Waiting for reply.

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