My Time At Portia - PC Launch Trailer (Steam & Epic Games Store) -

My Time At Portia – PC Launch Trailer (Steam & Epic Games Store)

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My Time At Portia is available now for PC on Steam and the Epic Games store! More info:

Epic Games Store:

Take on the role of a novice builder with your very own workshop in the town of Portia and help rebuild what was lost.

As well as crafting and building, you can mine, farm, cook, fish, and fight, build relationships, fall in love, and get married, and adventure across the land – fighting monsters, and exploring ruins.

My Time At Portia will be coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this spring!

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  1. Coming to console this spring? Buying it for Switch full price!

  2. One the one hand, this game is really great. On the other hand I hate it. My fiancé won't let me play any other games and I'm stuck playing this thing every day.

  3. I've played over 100 hours in early access and it was amazing to see this game grow and I really really do hope this game gets popular or atleast gets the recognition it deserves. I cant wait to see what Team17 brings to the table for DLC and future updates. Thank you Team17 for making this game and I hope you do well in the future.

  4. yeet now um i know porting takes time but can we please get the game on xbone1?

  5. Great game but man, hopefully it gains more popularity (as much as Stardew Valley, like seriously)! Hopefully the Switch release does just that.

  6. Good game. For it to maintain the hype in the long run though, I really hope the devs don't drop this project any time soon. Keep adding new gameplay features, new characters (with arc story missions), and more people will be drawn to play it. Lots of small developers build lots of games, jumping from one project to another real quick, and none of them are successful.

  7. Thanks for the free copy of the game because I have an support-a-creator code, let's see if this game is nice

  8. I love how this peaceful game is actually set in the post apocalyptic world. It's like a mixture of Adventure Time and Stardew Valley.

  9. Looks Great! Can't wait for the Nintendo Switch Release!

  10. Why did you lie at Early Access about 「A KOREAN PATCH」? Let me guess. You may have prevented negative assessments of Koreans by causing an increase in the sales of Korean users by lying that the light-cheon assessment in Korea affects the sales rate.

    Your promise of Koreanization was first made in October 2018. But you unilaterally canceled it without notice. After that, we made an appointment again in December 2018, but we cancelled it again, even you were working on Japanese without even working on it. This has led to increased complaints from Korean users and a lot of comments. On January 15th, you made an appointment again. But again, you didn't do any work this time, you were just working on Russian.

    Then one user said, "Why don't we do it in Korean? "This is what a developer, not the one who usually answers the question," said.

    "I'll give you a suggestion about Korean patches. "

    Now, I can see that your Korean patch hasn't been mentioned so far, and it was a lie to be working on it.

    What we are upset about is not without Korean patches but with no announcements.

    +addition: Although the Russian and Korean patches were scheduled at the time of the official launch, neither language was patched and the developer announced to the My Time at Portia Discussion site to apologize for the failure of the Russian language. However, they did not mention the Korean language.

    (Us=Korean people.)

    「When are you going to give Korean Patch? 」

  12. If you haven't bought this yet, I don't know what you're doing with your life.
    I've bought this game in Alpha 2 and played about 50 hours back then. Finished the main story available at the time (until I entered the desert).
    I've made great efforts NOT to open it since then, because I wanted to "save" it until full release.
    It's been over a year since then, and I can't wait to finally play it again.
    I have a free week off work, and this will take up all of it and then some.

  13. It's also on GOG, not sure why this wasn't mentioned.

  14. Cool! Um…. still wiating on the switch release tho. :/ two trailers by nintendo themselves and still nothing. Kinda getting irritated by that. ^^”

  15. Thank you for making this awesome game ! I am a depressive person and this game is so positive like Slime rancher and more it's helping to soothe my heart when playing it ! Thank you thousand of times

  16. This game is perfect. The only thing missing was a multiplayer coop

  17. Hello his mi itali vorei il inborso di the ecapist per avere perpiacere the escapist

  18. Rune factory anyone?!
    Funny they did not make another PS release and this indie does it and looks good in almost every aspect.

  19. Rune factory anyone?!
    Funny they did not make another PS release and this indie does it and looks good in almost every aspect.

  20. Do not buy this game from EPIC STORE. No updates.

  21. Prima Di Tutto Vi Ringrazio Per Avere Inserito La Lingua Italiana , Dopo Il Completamento Delle Missioni Dei Primi 2 Anni ( Parte Molto Bella ) e 3 Anni Senza Missioni e di una Noia Pazzesca .

    Il Gioco e al 40% Delle Sue Potenzialita , Avrei Delle Idee Per Migliorare Un'po Il Gioco " Queste Idee Non Verebbero Nemmeno Prese In Considerazione " .
    Valutazione Finale 6

  22. You can't replace Harvest Moon! shakes my wee fist

  23. Not my kind of game, but came here just to say how good of a trailer this was. Shows features, gameplay, the world, and none of that useless annoying stuff other game trailers still do. If I ever buy a game in this genre, it'll be this one!

  24. Она просто обязана была быть с кооперативом, почему вы такие жестокие?

  25. one of my favorite games, more like this would be a dream

  26. Game is great. It will be free on Epic Store at 26th December.

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