One Dauntless - Console Release Trailer | PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Epic Games Store -

One Dauntless – Console Release Trailer | PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Epic Games Store

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  1. Es como la versión mil veces mejorada de Warframe

  2. Nice! Only on PS4 and XO! And of course this „Epic” something – good choice!

  3. Basically monster hunter with fortnite style and Graphics

  4. I'm getting a sea of thieves and fortnite adventure mid stone age vibe from this :/

  5. Wait this "true cross-play" refers to Xbox and Playstation?

  6. I might one day play Monster Hunter: World but this looks fun too should check it out later.

  7. とうとうモンハンのパクリが出たか

  8. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT This shit is not ready for console the game is broken and the frame rate in the hub is vomit inducing. If your gonna release a game that’s been through 5 seasons on console make sure it actually runs 😤

  9. There is a bug right now where progression doesn’t cross over when playing with friends so be aware

  10. sea of thieves + destiny + monster hunter world with fortnite esc graphics and a touch of zelda BOTW

  11. The FPS are so horrible.. in the empty Main Hub you get like 15 FPS; in the World the FPS Drops down so many Times… And the graphics really Arent that good 🙁 (ps4pro)

  12. We need a day one patch jesus fucking christ, the fps drops harder than the twin towers

  13. Nah mate, i'm waiting iceborne, sorry copy game, but the Tigrex it's coming

  14. Nah i stick to MHW.. . Way more depth, better progression, a lot harder, better combat and best of all: Not by epic games.

  15. I got a Monster Hunter World Ad on this video 😂

  16. Hey look, it's Skyrim and Monster Hunter's offspring!

  17. Mobile kind game with micro transactions like lvl up and buy gold

  18. So its another boring, repetitive, endless, uninspired-by-much, monster hunter clone, with a shameless fortnite skin…whoopty fcking doo

  19. All the people like "It's monster hunter with fortnite graphics"

    Since when the graphics are the most important thing in a game?, Celeste was nominated for a GOTY and even Undertale sold much more than the CoD that was released same year (i can't remember if was Advance Warfare or Black Ops 2)

    There's few games like MH out in the market, being Toukiden and God Eater the ones that came to my head right now. So now that more MH like games are starting to appear we just throw shit at them, when we can easily play both games?

    Now graphics define everything for everyone. Gamers are dead.

  20. I just got a MH trailer before this video lol

  21. It’s cool but 3 hours is a long loading time.

  22. I find it funny how I just bought monster hunter world

  23. I hate how epic is trying to ride the wave of everyone talking about icebourne so they try to make a game similar i feel like it’s going to ruin them honestly

  24. i think its a great game i mm downloading it right now !!!!!!!

  25. Another game for rats? it's an insult to Monster Hunter

  26. モンハンのパクリで草


  28. OH! Cool, now I can play it on my PS4! I didn't have enough space on my laptop after all the stupid Windows updates…

  29. Hands down funniest game trailer I've seen in a while, I love how the dude gives the signal to stop and the one chick just keeps going then they all get their ass ' kicked I downloaded just because the trailer was to funny, turns out it's a damn fun game as well.

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