One Dauntless - Console Release Trailer | PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Epic Games store -

One Dauntless – Console Release Trailer | PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Epic Games store

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Play for free now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Epic Games store |

Join millions of players in the fastest growing online action-RPG: Dauntless. As a Slayer, you are all that stands between your world and the Behemoths that seek to devour it. Form your hunting party and battle boss-sized monsters in a variety of challenging co-op battles. Add to your arsenal by crafting deadly weapons and powerful armour from the very creatures you slay – all in a massive, free-to-play online world.

Dauntless is a free-to-play online action-RPG from Phoenix Labs. Look forward to regular updates, seasonal events, new Behemoths, and more in a rich, evolving world.


  1. I love this game .. but i think if the game has more something its will be good … BOW . COOKING . DEFINCE . BANK TO SELL OR TO BUY . MAP BECAUSE WE JuST HAVE THE CITY… i so love this game

  2. هل ستكون في اللعبة اللغة العربية؟؟؟

  3. Looks so nice and all but everytime I try to play all the servers are full.
    I can't even see the beginning of the game 😢

  4. I'll be waiting on the switch release, looks awesome

  5. Me encanta este juego porfavor hagan como el fortnite quiero más actualizaciones para más cosas; mapas, armaduras, armas, granadas, y sobre todo más montruos, más islas más movimientos, etc
    La verdad muy buen juego me encanta un 10 de 10

  6. This game is crazy and I'm having fun with it and I'm glad it runs with my pc I just got bored until it released free on epic I got it and never stopped playing. I remembered I was playing at 10 am and then when I went to go take a nap it was like 6 pm.

  7. Can y'all make or update the lobby cause it takes forever to find one and can y'all add some kind of Targeting system cause I hardly get hits

  8. I stop playing fortnite for dauntless because dauntless Is the game I needed

  9. el juego tiene que ser con gold si uno quiere jugarlo solo? no se puede hacer algo?

  10. ॐ मणिपद्मे हूँ says:

    When you kill a certain Behemoth with Mestria, there will be a chance that you release "miniature copy" to have it as a pet, which will provide the user with the benefit of their particular element./Cuando mates a cierto Behemoth con Mestria, existe la posibilidad de que sueltes una "copia en miniatura" para tenerlo como mascota, lo que proporcionará al usuario el beneficio de su elemento en particular. IDEA

  11. Now here is what im hoping for this game will be having and here are some of those ideas
    More hair styles: i have seen hair styles but there are limited hair styles in dauntless, when they bring on some announcement for hair styles, ill be happy.
    More map variety: i love the maps but there are few, i want to see mors of the dauntless world with a ship graveyard or a floating beach or a lava island.
    Guild rewards: i like Guilds, which is why i say give us reward for certain challenges we need to complete and to continue the fun in dauntless.
    Sky fishing: what?… you never thought of it before right, well flying fish sound cool okay?!
    More combos: i do like the combos in dauntless but i feel like there should be more with hammer, pikes and swords.

    And thats about raps it up for me, i hope you guys like these ideas and tell me more what you wanna see in dauntless

  12. Will not play this until there is an option for the PC that does not include the Epic Game Store.

  13. This game isnt in the ps store in south asia

  14. Can we get more log-in servers or whatever it takes to get these atrocious log-in que's down.

  15. I know that this game is more for Americans but I would like them to answer me in Spanish because today I just downloaded it and it tells me that the servers are busy and will not let me start the game.

  16. Nintendo Switch? I would love to stream it on that and have my viewers download it!

  17. Guess my open beta progress is dead along with my chances of continuing to play the game.
    I refuse to use the epic game store, few weeks after making my account it was already broken in to.

  18. Nice now let’s work on performance for consoles

  19. Por favor. Lo podréis doblar al Español !!??

  20. Whens the lag/FPS problem update with the ps4? It sucks playing so poorly when your console is performing so bad

  21. Please add a build management system!! I spend so much time tinkering with my builds and it would help so much to have some order on it all. My best regards, Luke

  22. wtf why can't i use my launcher i always used to play the game

  23. i won't support a company who takes games hostage. I thought this whole exclusivity bullshit is an illness reserved for console people. And now those insert several creative adult swear words here create unneccesary, artificial exclusivity for PC? Like REALY??? Too bad……played since alpha wanted to update the game today and was hit with a mandatory "You gotta bend over and join epic games, go download their launcher or quit the game." Well……quit the game it is then…..realy dissappointed

  24. I hate trailers that show zero gameplay. No idea how this game plays. Useless trailer for trying to find that out.

  25. This game gets stale very quickly as it has a serious issue called lack of content. Nobody wants to fight the same bosses over and over again. My group and I picked up this game earlier this week and just in about 6 days we fought every behemoth at least 20 times and honestly some of them aren't even fun. Please add some more variety. Games like this need CONTENT.

  26. They Need to add all more hair style and Facial hair because i don't see my hair or mustache style.

  27. You should add some sort of a healer/medic cuz those healing potions ain’t enough.

  28. Epic Store? I guess they don't want PC players.

  29. If thuis game were optimized,it'd do a hell of a lot better

  30. what is this amazing soundtrack of the trailer?

  31. Yea fuck you and your stupid ads. Shit head Fuckboys

  32. lets just take every graphic and asset from fortnite and put it into this

  33. I would have still been playing this game today if it didn't go epic exclusive… Good thing I picked up Monster Hunter World a month ago.

  34. Anyone wanna add me as epic buddy for limited Q's?:)

  35. Release date on asia?? Been waiting for over 6 months

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