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Ooblets Devs Threatened after Epic Games Store Deal – Inside Gaming Daily

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My brain is refusing to process the fact that racial slurs and death threats were directed at people making a game called Ooblets. OOBLETS, FOR GOD’S SAKE. Please release me from this 8chan hellverse my heart is dying

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  1. every epic games store story reminds of something i see on a daily basis: just because you want something and are exchanging currency for something, doesn't give you any right to harass those doing it for you. Im a cook at a tiny restaurant and see entitled people every day, and you know what we do if they bitch at us? we don't fucking serve them. Don't bitch at the devs for working hard over three years and going to a marketplace you don't prefer.

  2. steam fan boys are just as bad as console fan boys

  3. They didn't deserve the death threats but they should have expected it. The internet is full of lunatics so don't be cunts if you can't take it. It's a cautionary tale. "It's such a tragedy that little billy got stung to death by bees but let this be a lesson to you little tommy. Don't kick a fucking beehive." Also, I think people are entitled to a be little mad when they have been donating money to you on patreon and you basically say "fuck you and your money we now have epic money".

  4. People mad about some random game called ooblets, and i'm sitting here dumbfounded that TETRIS of all games is an epic store exclusive. Now they've gone too far.

  5. So no ones gonna comment on the fact that Adam thought Epic Game Store exclusive was five words instead of four?

  6. If you’re anyone who hates on a dev for going the epic game store route, you’re not a true gamer.

    Devs earning more money = more and better games

  7. I'd love to see more games like this reach the Switch, but at the moment, it says the only console is Xbox One

  8. Haters gonna hate, they forgot developer need to eat

  9. I'm sorry but it makes zero sense that PC people get so upset about this. You get your money back from steam when this happens, so just re-buy the game. It's not like the epic store is exclusive to Dell PCs or something. It's just a bunch of babies whining about something they don't even understand. Obviously a devs going to sell a game on epic if they get 88% revenue for the work that they did. Valve is getting 30% for doing zero work? Fuck that, and fuck you Valve. Go make Left 4 dead 3, or something that people actually want from you.

  10. So they did something that they knew would piss people off, people got pissed off and insted of trying to defuse the situation they added fuel to the fire, why would I feel sorry for these idiots?

  11. the new animal crossing looks good here😍😍

  12. Imma side with the devs because I don't want to side with assholes

  13. All they had to do was say that they needed it and understood the concerns and BOOM NO CONTROVERSY BUT SOME DEVS ARE IDIOTS AND THINK THEY’RE IN THE RIGHT

  14. Part of why I like Lawrence is his tendency to play shield like this. It might just be a light thing for the video, but I still think it says something for his character that he has, more than once, offered himself as a magnet for internet hate because he's pretty good at handling it, as if he can protect the ooblets devs.

    Maybe I'm just feeling stupid sappy today lol

  15. So when this game comes out am I able to find on the Xbox store ?

  16. My heart really goes out to Glumberland. I can't imagine how it must feel to be so involved in a project for three, coming up four years, and have this happen!! So many hours of their life invested in this project, with so much to be excited about, and then for this to happen. It's like a living nightmare!

    I really, honestly, truly hope these guys pull it together and succeed. I really wish them all the success. I think it's so easy to look at Glumberland and forget it was just your average joes husband and wife studio, working out of their spare room situation. I know the internet can be an unforgiving place, and talking to your community directly is risky if your not prepared to play the game and remember you're the face of a company delivering a product to customers. But, as such, you need to hold yourself to a high standard and continue to deliver a high quality of customer service, even when you're tired, stressed and pushed to your limits.

  17. Chrysalis Maria Adolphus von Schwarzenfels says:

    They deserved all the hate and threats they got, these /devsmonsters are the worst!

  18. 4:43

    I know dudes being an asshole and all, and I accept that I'm going to the deepest pits of hell for laughing. But God damn is that jew part funny to me.

  19. This plague of harassment grew stronger with the popularity of youtubers and "influencers" who feed on drama. There are few of them, making 2-3 videos daily while hiding behind "we're just reporting" and giving our opinion. What they really are doing is gathering like-minded people in one place, making it idiot-echo-chamber. Video game quote: "The difference between a noble band of warriors and a ragged bunch of assassins is as thin as a blade's edge".

  20. Death threats and forged responses are bad . But why the hell would a games development studio choose to announce something that is widely known to be a sensitive topic in the gaming community in a "tongue-and-cheek" "sarcastic" way? And the "if you were a REAL fan of our game then you woooouldnt care about this! Our fans are better than that.. they are good good boys! " response is just pathetic

  21. As someone who sucks at writing sarcasm in text form, I can sympathize.

  22. At least they didn’t pull that pre-order on steam and right before launch they switch to epic games but come on what’s wrong in getting those poor 2 people to get money for their efforts and at least break even

  23. The devs are better off just scrapping the entire fucking game like the pigs they are

    Cheauvenistic pigs

  24. Regarding the Maalaysia thing it's true, we dont have globalized currency in Epic like we do in Steam so we end up paying more on Epic compared to Steam.

  25. I love when people who have no idea what they're talking about take sides. Lmao. None of the actual ooblets followers sent death threats. We were angry because of the condescending tone used by Glumberland, and then we were told we were entitled babies for being upset. Seems as though you relate to their tactics 🙃

  26. holy shit i was not expecting the majority of these (top)comments to actually be on ooblets side. A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one

  27. This news is the fault of Epic by introducing Epic Exclusivity.

  28. Imagine if people stopped giving money to crowdfunds, see what happen — the indie games would be mostly nothing, and they wouldn't have a product that would give confidence enough for an exclusivity deal. That is what is happening with these bullshit deals, faithful patrons thrown under the bus. Its a way for Epic Games to get viable products, without actually shelling out the money in developing them.

    I don't condone the threats, but surely the participants of the deals had a part in this fuck-up.

  29. I would play the hell out of this game… on the Nintendo Switch.

  30. Really interesting dialogue, thanks for making this!

  31. those complaining are kids or sweaty manchildren in their mums basement guaranteed. i went to game dev school and only kids were saying the negative internet stuff about EGS

  32. I feel like you guys are the only ones who have any sense on this issue. I can't understand how this got so blown out of proportion, you'd think they killed someone by the way people are acting.

  33. I’m so excited to play it but me can’t afford it .-.

  34. Ooblets is great. Haters gonna hate but epic game store currently has some of my favourite pc games.

  35. “It’s anti consumer to have exclusives”

    That’s not exclusive to Epic Games Store

  36. Epic Games is evil. Exclusives are evil. Therefore the Ooblets devs are evil. It's really very simple. It's a shame, because it looks like a cool game. Just because they were scared doesn't mean they weren't evil. I bet a lot of Nazis were scared too. Yes, I'm comparing them to Nazis. I bet TB would too. TB was a force for good.

  37. Man this looks like a good game i wish i could play it but i cant because i dont want to get the epic games store nor do i want to. guess i'll have to wait for a steam release… if they even have one…. which i doubt…

  38. Yeah this whole thing was blown out of proportion

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