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“PC Gamers are Entitled Spoiled Brats” | According to Epic Games Store Defender HippoZoned

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Responding to a video from a hardcore defender of the Epic Games Store. Not only does this guy have no clue what he is talking about, but he even goes as far as to attack PC gamers who happen to prefer Steam and are not happy with Metro Exodus being a timed exclusive to the Epic Games Store. Calling us “entitled, spoiled brats”. He even goes as far as to say he would rather Metro Exodus be removed completely from PC as a result of the “blind hate” towards the Epic Games Store. This is definitely a true gem.
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  1. On the review bomb argument, there actually was a case where people wrongfully review bombed a game. Monster Hunter World Iceborne's 4th free title update brought about Alatreon, who was designed to be the hardest fight in the game at the time. You needed a very specific strategy in order to stand a chance, but it's an easy clap with the right elemental gear, but so many soy boys were so upset that the developers wanted hunters to play differently and use a wider variety of gear. So the game got review bombed because they couldn't adapt their play style. I'm talking Hippozoned's Dark Souls review level logic.

  2. I'd say that this is partially correct. "pc master race yuh!"

  3. I'm from the future (2021), Epic Games Store is anti-consumer & is still bad, nothing changed since 2019!

  4. I do think that pc some pc gamers are entitled but they only take up half the pc community. And this guy (not griffin) is taking it too far.

  5. to be honest…

    your using the epic games store because the game you were buying was still not released on steam and you just couldn't fucking help it and went on this garbage store to get it.

  6. Pretty sure his torrent comment damaged his ego more than it would've damaged the gaming industry, just because people would get a crack before get epic games.

  7. Just curious; do you send your video (of you taking their video apart) to them?

  8. This guy probably is so broke that he's just playing on his nintendo switch, what a f***king baby

  9. The only reason I have epic games installed is to claim the free games….

  10. 16:30 his he really arguing that having less features and more pro consumer practices are wrong wtf

  11. I understand how epic doesn't have all the features of steam but it's been 3 YEAR AND IT STILL DOSENT HAVE A SHOPING CART

  12. At some point, I just could not catch up with the discussion because I am so caught up with the Vermintide gameplay. It is very nice.

  13. As of May 27, 2021, more than 2 years after this video was published, the Epic Game Store STILL LACKS A SHOPPING CART!

  14. This argument is so unbelievably terrible. I'm gonna be honest I don't check out during most every one of griffin's videos but this one I checked half way in I couldn't believe the amount of BS I was hearing

  15. “Pc gamers are spoiled Brats” says the person supporting a company that force people to get games only from epic.

  16. Oh, well nice going Griffin, insulting someone who did nothing wrong because you can't let people have an opinion. And of course, you are loyal to Steam, the company who takes, you know, over twice as much money from developers (and yes, I am a game developer.) Can't you let someone stand up for a company without completely ruining them?

  17. He doesn't reload his assault rifle in the division when there are no enemies. He's not a real gamer.

  18. The entire reason he’s mad that people changed their views is because he doubles down on every one of his arguments EVEN AFTER being proven wrong. He’s an incel lmao

  19. Hello, 2 years later here. Epic Games is still the same and is still doing shitty timed exclusive deals, and being overall the worst launcher still.

  20. you know whats funny 3 years later the store is still barebones shit and still does not have the features that even gog or origin has

  21. What game is he playing? It looks fun

  22. What’s the name of the first person you’re playing? The more I see it the more I want to play it.

  23. Can we get this man a job, seriously he should stop being online. 30 year old dipshit who will never amount to nothing ever.

  24. Which game was Griffin playing with the dual wielded swords in the video ??

  25. Cool video but I was focused on the game you were playing and was wondering what game that was

  26. Hippo: "You don't know what the epic games store could become"
    Me: yeah, it's become the thing I open once a week to grab the free games and then log off.

  27. The one big saving grace that epic haves are the free games and that’s it

  28. Its been 2 years and the only reason I have it installed is for the free games

  29. Steam back 2007 when digital was a new thing. Epic had steam as a example and they still messed up.

  30. So why do I want to download epic store just to play one game.

  31. Ridiculous statement. Remove "PC", and it's more accurate.

  32. I definitely agree Griff and I know this is an old video but if what u said about review bombs then why did pychonauts 2 get review bombed?

  33. as a metro fan, i really hope that 4A wasn't the one's who made the decision to make metro exodus exclusive to the epic games store, they don't seem like the devs to do that

  34. It's funny watching this in retrospect, listening to Hippozoned rant about how we don't know what Epic will become. 2+ years later most features and shopping cart are still MIA. They keep spending the money on more exclusives instead of improving the store. Even though they're just burning their money. It's like they haven't seen how this crap has failed in the past. Games for Windows Live failed, EA came crawling back, etc.

  35. 18:45 IMO if i was a developer i should encourage my users to give me a lot of feedback (negative or positive) and tell them to let me know if something needs to be changed or fixed in my game or software

  36. Naaah, I know what happened here, The publisher figured they could double dip and increase profits after the bulk of the preorders sold, they waited all this time and then got a good little payout by epic, a platform that does NOT allow for returns, incase the game is buggy and fucked up, etc. but they already got the major sales numbers off steam and the hardcore fans, they got a double payoff by giving it to epic at the last minute and anyone who buys the game, at that point, would have to stick with it and not be able to review the game…. Suuuuper scummy move. That's why I didn't buy the game until after it popped up on xbox launcher on my pc…

  37. If ds was a person it would be a republican for real

  38. I think epic is a big part of game development, They have very powerful game engine that's why lots of game dev loves epic I mean epic.
    I think gamers should understand the developing a game engine is not easy. Unreal engine give indie developer to great amazing quality game with less work
    I hope everyone will understand soon enough

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