Playing as the DOLL in ROBLOX SQUID GAME -

Playing as the DOLL in ROBLOX SQUID GAME

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  1. Please stop stealing thumbnails that aren't you. You not gonna get anywhere with these stolen ass thumbnails. Grow up

  2. hi gamin with kev u is the best youtuber i know
    and jones got game too:}

  3. episode 2 I'm redy to watch you keV my boy

  4. I hate this game I am a noob at this game

  5. what is this game name pls give me what is the game of the name love ya

  6. Me and my brother called you boy roblox but now I will be calling you kev

  7. Hi kevin I love your videos My brother You are so Favorite

  8. It's been long since the last time I love ❤️ kev's Videos Very Much

  9. Gamingwithkev I love your videos and I love them so much and I wanted to say something then your videos they are amazing and I love them so much thank you thank you for sending this comment

  10. シ︎ sɪᴍᴘʟʏ ᵖᵃⁿᵈᵃ シ︎ says:

    You made me Not scared when there was a flash flood warning and a thunder storm your so funny and positive 🥺💕💕

  11. You gamingkev ive been here for 5 yrs when you play gta 5 i remeber theee ahh ahh franklin is hulk u was the 250 subber

  12. When that game in real I don't wanna play it

  13. Love you guys thanks for always watching my videos .. I try my best to make you guys happy! 😀❤️ SMASH that THUMBS UP button 👍🏾 for more!!!!

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