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Q&A: Satisfactory exclusive to Epic Games Store

Coffee Stain
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Satisfactory is an FPS open-world factory building sim. You play as an engineer on an alien planet as part of the ‘Save The Day’ program – a program whose goal is to construct a massive machine for a mysterious purpose. Conquer nature, build multi-story factories, and automate to satisfaction!

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  1. Stop crapping on epic games. You people in the comments are a bunch of steam fanboys who care about only themselves.

    Without devs you have no games. Epic games pays devs better. No one screwed over steam users. You’re just a bunch of babies pissing their pants over literally nothing.

    Hats off to epic games for breaking the industry standard.

  2. Did you undergo a Lobotomy? Everything you said in this video was bull pancakes man XD that PR speak was bad, we like money, not going to steam, even though people aren't buying on principal, because they cannot use it and one it doesn't have their region at all and your reply is 'That sucks man, I'm sorry' Oh come on, after this, that isn't a coffee stain guys, haha! It's a crap stain after all the bull that was just said.

  3. Quite honestly, this video has added a part of the story that I did not know untill now, I simply refused to agree that the epic store exists and that now a game I was looking forward to play moved there instead, to me, it felt like it was cancelled, that it was forever blocked from being able to grasp it, I still don't like epic or their launcher, and personally, I would love to buy the game standalone straight from you guys at full price, that way I know you guys get 100% of my payment, I did the same with Factorio, I could've bought it on steam, but when I saw they had a way to purchase straight from them, a standalone version, even if it was the same price, I bought it.

  4. 'ACtiVELy DEvolPeD' been a year and still no shoppin cart

  5. This is the one exclusive i always wanted to play was a huge fan of sanctum but ive not played on epic game store exclusive and have no plans too

  6. Epic games is a deal breaker to me… i not send a cent to it. If you put it on your own webpage i totally pay it, and guess what, you receive all money for yourself 100% is better than anything less than 100%… DUH

  7. YO HO HO a pirate's life for me. Dont buy the game from these sorry sellouts.

  8. I've supported you guys since Sanctum and this is how you treat your fanbase that ALREADY USES STEAM? Fuck y'all. Absolutely tone deaf.

  9. Put it on steam and it’ll move millions. EGS is terrible. What if i want to give it a good revi- oh right they don’t have that.

  10. No true gamer likes the EGS. Only 8yr odla who think Minecraft isn’t better than fortnite. Exclusivity sucks and is anti-consumer.

  11. So, it's been 12 months, where's the steam release? I'm really interested in the game, but I don't support the Epic Shit Store.

  12. HEy JAce, do you have any updates on wether we can expect to be able to access Satisfactory through any other means than the EPIC game store? Kind regards from Germany 🙂

  13. So basically, my options are to wait until a potential steam release or pirate it?? Pretty awful choices. I'm more than willing to buy this game if it was on Steam, but I out-right refuse to use multiple game launchers; especially the Epic game launcher.

  14. Please put it on steam. I wanna play your game, but I'm a linux user, and I don't like using Wine.

  15. Lemme tell you, I am 100% buying this game, when/if it comes out on steam, I hate Epic Games, and it's horrible business practices, and as such, I am not buying it on Epic

  16. If other platforms want to 'steal' games from others, have different exclusive items for each individual platform. Buy This game from us and you will get THIS TYPE OF THING, or buy it from them and get THIS kind of thing. You both get the same thing, but with a niche bonus that falls more into your flavor.

    By "throwing more candy" to the costumer, you can have them come and buy more from you. This bullshit locks doesn't help anyone and people see Epic as that ugly nerd who owns it as the just greediest and nasty toejam marinade the world has ever seen.

  17. No steam, no money. WTF. Where is the boss from coffee stain studios? Are you stupid? Steam has over billion accounts. So you would really renounced this? Stupid World 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  18. Man, funny how they're using it being released on steam as a selling point now, this didn't age well

  19. sees trailer for update 3* Satisfactory on it's way so steam.. Good job Tho!! 😀

  20. I know it's kinda too late to write here anything but I support Coffee Stain studio but i really dislike Epic, I'll just buy Satisfactory asap on steam

  21. ɪ genuinely don't care what launcher it's on, it takes a few minutes a most to download a darn launcher people. Plus people get upset about companies taking deals for money but then don't think about the fact that developing a game is NOT cheap in any way…

  22. Welp, now I am pumped for the steam release that was announced recently 🙂

  23. Here I am just now hearing about the game a year later. 😂

  24. Was totally ready to pay 30$ for your game. Saw its only on epic and have decided I'm going to instead pirate it. Hope the money epic gave you makes up for it

  25. @CoffeeStain 3:38 bugging Epic did nothing they know about it and for whatever reason are actively preventing the Epic Launcher from being runnable on linux. this still has not been addressed 2 years later.

  26. Are you thinking of making it for consoles ?

  27. Mire people have disliked this can liked it, and nearly every comment is negative…
    Looks like you made a deal with a devil

  28. Dude should see a doctor about that thing on his lip.

  29. Great video, totally honest and transparent. Satisfactory is awesome btw.

  30. Epic does not accept "Debit cards" so I only use Steam

  31. I need this game on ps4/xbox because alot of us play on those and want this game!!!

  32. Got it on steam. But this video killed me xD damn nice one !kekw

  33. why is no one talking about how bro is playing OSRS in the background

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