re: Steam/Epic Games Store pages - Satisfactory [CC] -

re: Steam/Epic Games Store pages – Satisfactory [CC]

Coffee Stain
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So that’s why the steam store page is gone! Q&A on Wednesday, leave all the questions everywhere

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Satisfactory is an FPS open-world factory building sim. You play as an engineer on an alien planet as part of the ‘Save The Day’ program – a program whose goal is to construct a massive machine for a mysterious purpose. Conquer nature, build multi-story factories, and automate to satisfaction!


  1. You don't get my purchase now – that's just how it is. I don't buy on some half-baked short-ass platform trying to prove itself without anything that makes Steam great. Bring the game back to Steam. I am not interested in your excuses. You are literally cutting off your own revenue because you got greedy and forgot about your customers in the process.

  2. was going to buy this game today, until I found out it was only playable through the epic shit launcher, so well done losing another customer, and just by reading through some comments here, you guys already lost tons of customer making this really smart decision, yikesss.

  3. I don't get why people are so strong about this sort of thing. Personally, I do HATE having multiple game launchers (Steam, Epic, Battlenet, Gog, and on and on…) so there's a little bit of understanding there. I also don't see the point in an exclusive for a PC game. I mean, I can understand a "PC Only" game, or a "Console Only" Game, and even exclusive to specific consoles (since hardware varies from console to console and tweaking a game to work on different consoles takes more work) but an exclusive "PC Game" is just foolish to me. Still, if this is the way they feel they need to go, I don't see how its that big of a deal. I don't run all the game launchers at once, I've sort of gone back to how it worked in the old days with icons on my desktop for my games. If I'm going to play a Steam game, I load up Steam and play it (usually by clicking the icon on my desktop). If I'm going to play an epic game, I load up Epic and play it. Same with Gog, etc. Sure, I kind of have to know what games are where and that's a little bit of a pain, but I have a good enough idea of what I'm in the mood to play and I can surf through my various launchers, loading and looking, so I don't see why people make a big stink out of this game being an Epic exclusive or any exclusive. It's a small hassle, but it really doesn't matter. I mean, last I checked you can't play Fortnite on Steam. Not that I play Fortnite, and so thus not everyone plays Fortnite… but my point is, there's always going to be exclusives, so… Why is it such a big deal to people?

  4. You'd probably had sold 5x more copies on steam than on epic store, even if you get a bigger share there.

  5. hope they paid you enough to make up for all the sales you wont be getting. there is no game exclusive possible that will make me install epics (chinas) pc scanner.

  6. Epic does not have a refund policy. Yeah, we're done here.

  7. To the angry nerds, this has sold a half a mil on Epic already as of June lol

  8. sellouts. if this looks interesting pirate bay is my only option now. less chance my pc gets cancer that way than the epic launcher

  9. Do what you want cos a pirate is free
    You are a Pirate

  10. Switched that game from "buying in steam release" to "not buying at all AND gonna seed the shit out of this"
    fuck you, fuck your company and fuck your game.

  11. Can you build something to stop your game from being pirated? Piracy seems to be MLG for losers like you. You're a terrible community manager who laughs at people for having "wrong think" you don't care about people who bought your game as your shitty company jumped on the Fortnite cock.

  12. oh great, no wonder I can't find it for over a year… it's on a fucking store where my payment method is not available… guess I won't buy it then, ever… Also because I refuse to buy anything from a store page owned by company that sells lootboxes (and thus gambling) in a game that is directly marketed to children which is just immoral and they Epic games doesn't deserve to earn money, ever, through anything

  13. I really don't like pro china companies that are willing to sell freedom for a buck 🙁

  14. Seen this game on a few youtubers and went looking to buy in/get in on early access to do as I wanted something new to play/mess around in……after watching this not anymore and it sucks. I refuse to use EGS to get games with all the issues it has. You want mod support but yet choose EGS?! ….sorry but this is a no buy until it comes to steam or some other source then EGS.

  15. Not a fan of Chinese spyware on my pc so Epic is not for me nor should it be for any consumer. Thankfully based Tim has payed for my copy for me.

  16. Good! Take it & go eff yourselves. I just slapped all of Coffee Stain's titles on ignore on Steam so I won't be bothered with giving you any more cash. Later chumpz!

  17. No one cares about ur trash game anyway. Go release more on EGS until you're out of money.

    Go ruin ur self, we dont care.

  18. I hope your game bombs you greedy sellout. Its spineless worms like you that give indie devs such a bad rep.

  19. Ты что курил дружище =)))

  20. I think the like to dislike ratio on this video speaks volumes about whether or not going Epic exclusive was a good idea.

  21. Well you ain't getting my money anymore, but you've got epic games money, so I suppose you can sleep easy… F*CK YOU GUYS

  22. Lol I'd get the Epic Games store just for this game, but I love watching things burn and the Epic Games store is a crumbing bonfire that's probs gonna die.

  23. I was very excited to try the game for a long time but because of your exclusive deal I completely forgot about your game. EPIC is using you as a pawn to create the perception that their store has an exclusive inventory and slowly increase their stores marketshare. As an Indie game developer you become known as a studio that uses gamer's good will to advertise your product and then deprives them of enjoying the game. I'm guessing EPIC presented you with some calculations or you convinced yourself that their upfront financial incentive was more than what you would make a year on Steam anyways, so why not increase your studios odds of survival right? And while I don't disagree with that logic, you have tarnished the little reputation you built for all your future games. Good luck with your future games while someone always brings up that Coffee Stain sold out early on.

  24. Greed kills you know. But soon it's the oil industry's greed that will kill us all. Find redemption while you can, not take the dirty money of the EGS and Tencent to damn yourself.
    Too late…

  25. 1:13 lol I bet it's not as frustrating as this video's ratio.

  26. oh never mind, hes a complete idiot and decided to go to epic games

  27. oh man, I didn't realize its been a year since the trainwreck that was the Epic Game Store started.

  28. well done leeching off of steams marketing capabilities without giving steam anything in return. you owe steam money and you know that… in other industries what you did would be considered theft

  29. Steam keys for all Epic store owners during the exclusivity period!

  30. Just saw a let's play of Satisfactory. Looks amazing. Gutted when I found out you went to Epic Store exclusive. I really will never download their launcher. I suppose I will just try and forget your game, which is a crying shame. If you every do upload it to steam, I'll look into it still most likely.

    But Coffee Stain, a genuine question to you guys, you've seen the reaction of so many people, and so many people, like myself won't be buying your game now. Was it really financially a good move to do that?

  31. I'm sorry but I'm not gonna buy this game or your future games.

  32. IF Epic Store used their money to improve their platform instead of buying exclusivity MAYBE people would invest their money there, but Epic Games are not breaking Steam Monopoly, Epic Games are doing its own monopoly and i can't help them achieve that.

  33. see you guys are crawling back to steam with Satisfactory after fucking your fans and customers like shit on the end of your shoe for a fast buck, you are getting jack shit from me.

  34. Cunts used Steam to get themselves known, then jump ship for $$$$.

    DO NOT buy when it comes to Steam. Punish them. They already got their payout. Pirate it. If you feel strongly enough, blacklist them and buy no future games from this company or these particular devs.

  35. I like how they are so cocky with shitting on Steam users and then you look at dislikes and shitty sales numbers of their game……hahaha

  36. Bullshit and dude, we are still blockading your game and I for one will NEVER touch any one of your games ANY MORE. You are part of the douchbags that supported Epic Game in bringing in Console Style Exclusive Deals into the PC space. RIP to your company.

  37. @ Jace Fuck all pussys here. All have no idea what is a company. Why Epic why not steam first. Bla bla… Is was your decision.

    You also need money and have to look at the finances. Let all talk. They buy the game anyway. But shut up and take my money on steam. 👍👍👍👍

  38. I love the "people will have strong feelings about this". Which translates directly to, " we care more about money than what our fans want". You know that's the case when they are fully aware people are gonna be mad they went with epic instead of steam and do it anyway.

  39. Great, now I need to pay 30 bucks again to buy it on Steam, give me a key I'm not buying what I already bought.

  40. Fine then. I'll not buy it just for the fact you mentioned Epic Store. And that fact, you didn't even needed EA to suicide your Studio is actually kinda impressive. Good Luck for your company.

  41. its funny looking at all these salty ppl in the comments who aren't willing to just use a different platform that they should've already been using for the free games. especially after seeing it hit 1 million sales, most of which were on the epic games store. vocal minority, much?

  42. Classic Cash V. Credit Card Issue, you get more consumers if you open to Credit Card(Steam) but get less upfront cash. Or you solely use cash(Epic Games) and less people to sell to. Also taking a 12% cut is not sustainable, the only reason they can is because of Fortnite.

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