Setting Up A Free Game Store In front of Gamestop.. -

Setting Up A Free Game Store In front of Gamestop..

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  1. Fun fact: no one would do this if the cameras weren't turned on

  2. actually yeah they don't own the property he was on, that was a public space. why would they have the power to tell him to leave?

  3. Game stop people are trash. We need more people like this guy.😂😩

  4. Its kinda greedy those people that already have playstation and still want another one or xbox. 😔 like, just share it to other people who dont have any of those things, you know. ❤️❤️💕

  5. Wish someone would do this here where I live

  6. Dude this guy is crazy in my country they dont do that jeez"Botswana.

  7. If someone does this in India it will be so nice😍

  8. That lady that told you guys to leave really ruined my day

  9. I wonder if they will make a game called Mr Blobby

  10. Hey bro I love PlayStation but can't afford can you please provide me in cheapest price 😅

  11. gamestop is the most unprofessional company ive ever investigated. horribly treatment of employees, shifty business selling tactics. thats what you get when i company goes woke, and is run by progressive liberals

  12. "I just walked into GameStop and thought 'Oh I'm just gonna take all this stuff and give it all away' kinda like a Robinhood kind of deal" 7:43

  13. I wish I could get a PS5😭😭😭 from my favourite actor big dawwssss!!!!!!!!

  14. People: Are you a good guy or a youtuber?

  15. You're the man BigDaws.. seriously.. I wish I could give back like this..

  16. Pretty sure they have no right to tell him to leave.
    Hey is not selling anything or spruking. He is not on their property.

  17. Im one of your avaid fun big daws.. please give me that one pleaasss

  18. These managers are so stupid. They don’t realize that a large quantity of games were just bought from the store; and have been given a large quantity of profit. All the people going into the store will simply take the free stuff from him at a faster rate than the items would have been taken from the store in the first place (not to mention that the items being given out are likely much more expensive than what these people had initially intended on buying). Therefore, by the time that all of his purchased items were distributed to the public and he had left (~2 hour), the amount of profit drawn would be greater than in a normal 2 hour period simply due to the large quantity of items initially purchased.

  19. The store would rather have potential sales over confirmed sales. Stupid managers don't understand that he is good for the business, he is buying their products. They didn't apply any logic to that, they just regurgitate what corporate tell them like sheep.

  20. childish 818 k.i.D Sylmar California says:

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 i just want to do something nice

  21. If I was there I will take everything from the store for sure 😂

  22. The business mindset and attitude from the Gamestop is "self-interest", i think its time to switch to other game shop.

  23. Bro I live there I talked to the girl that told you to move you told her to kill herself

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