Should Epic Games Store Exclusives Be Boycotted? | Slightly Civil War -

Should Epic Games Store Exclusives Be Boycotted? | Slightly Civil War

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This week on Slightly Civil War, Yahtzee and Jack debate whether or not consumers should boycott exclusives on the Epic Games Store.

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  1. Honestly my biggest comment on the other comments is that people are still saying Steam takes a 30% cut. It's been a while since I looked into it, but after the Epic Store debacle I'm pretty sure they changed the profit cut model they used.

  2. its almost like people do not remember how bad steam actually was 10-15 years ago. and that was 3-8 years after its initial release. edited because i remembered the ring 0 kernel driver they released in an update one weekend made every single pc that ran it blue screen. great times. epic should try to be more like them.

  3. How does Epic get their foot in the door without this tactic? The alternative is steam monopoly and arguing that that is a good idea is idiocy

  4. 5:55 steam has been adding stuff tho. Remote two player, game sharing, steam link, live streaming (that no one uses because twitch).

  5. Lol I installed epic game store for the free games nothing more, thry won't get a single cent from me


  7. no you dont need to give epic a chance. they can try to make themselves relevant. but they never will be

  8. I like all the little touches the editor has added, the devil tail the soul price etc.

  9. Why is store exclusivity debated about more than studio exclusivity? That's the real problem!

  10. I know almost nothing about the Epic Store but I'm a bit confused why there's a contraversy. Historically when HAVEN'T platform exclusive titles existed?

    Except for perhaps the very early days of the Atari 2600 when anyone could easily release unliscenced games for whatever console they wanted because console manfacturers hadn't standardized the hardware to prevent that from happening. But every platform after that era of gaming has always had exclusives, right? I mean people make fun of Xbox for not having enough exclusives. What's the problem?

  11. I absolutely love the viking banqueting hall analogy. Jarl Gaben oversees a zoo

  12. Exclusivity: Bad
    12% cut for sales: Good
    if steam took 12% epic would close down its simple.

  13. I do feel they are missing a important argument that epics offering of games is mostly shit and it seems to their selection is just brainless and not cool games. they also seems to show no interrest in selling older games which are mostly the good ones. but by snatching up the one or two games coming out sometimes that are good they are forcing me to make accounts on their service and put their crap software on my pc. Epic store exclusives would not need boycotting as soon as the epic store is actually good.

  14. The disgusting behavior is that epic bribes companies to avoid steam… its like if i opened a burger place, and paid farmers to sign a contract to not sell beef to mcdonalds… i make a shit burger but hey, im the only burger in town

  15. Remember when everyone hated Steam because Half Life 2 was an exclusive on it, in a time when games weren't tied to storefronts. Like, playing Steam games was a worse experience than playing standard boxed PC games because you had to activate HL2 online, the servers for doing so were unreliable, and Steam didn't have the same quality features everyone is bashing Epic Games Store now for not having them.

  16. It feels like yahtzee always draws the less popular side to argue for in these debates.

  17. Hey Epic boycotters, can you boycott all the Sony and Microsoft exclusives while you’re at it?

  18. I can simply not be bothered to install another launcher

  19. in my opinion .I dont care if the games are in epic games store or steam .I just choose the store that have lower price
    Idk why people hate epic games .I think it good because it make steam want to Develop themself

  20. Here’s my problem with the premise of this show: I don’t give a flying pigs ass about opinions these two don’t actually have.

  21. Well, I use Linux, so I don't really have a choice.

  22. 7:35 if this is about spyware, I would be just as concerned with steam as I am with Epic since, well America spies on people probably just as much if not more than China. Valve is based in America

    edit: no one cares about this but I am against buying from epic but am fine with using the launcher. Also Yahtzee's arguements were good ones that I haven't heard about yet, probably because I have only heard one side of the arguement.

  23. They had their chance to develop their platform, and not be a Chinese shill by being partly owned by Tencent. But nah man, lets just bribe people.

  24. Tencent is owned by the Chinese government. In order to run a business in china the government requires that they own a majority of the business. Tencent also owns tiktok which is at best spyware monitoring the users gps location continuously… which leads to china finding out where important infrastructure is located within our country. leading to them being able to hit us where is hurts, dismantalling our country rather quickly, and effortlessly.

  25. LOL fuck you EPIC
    I've not bought anything from your store and never will
    I especially won't buy exclusives even if they do eventually come to steam or GOG (which they ALL do) at 50% the price they were on epic with all DLC included
    either way you (and the companies agreeing to exclusivity) lose my money
    and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one

    (I wonder how those 50% off deals on steam are working out for the companies that agreed to exclusives with epic 🙂 50% off plus 30% to valve leaves them with 20% return.
    in the long run if they had just released on all the platforms to begin with I'd bet they would have made more money than any exclusive deal would be worth but like a lot of companies they only looked at short term gains for a years worth of business. (thats not how you run ANY company and expect it to last)

    steam for all its faults has far more active users buying games than epic (sure epic has more active accounts on paper, 106 million vs valves 90 million, but 78 million of their active users are playing fortnite which is free and makes zero money for any other dev except epic themselves)

    its not about users not wanting to have to download another launcher, I regularly buy stuff from GOG and humble ,if they give a better deal (just stick an icon on your desktop for the games you are currently playing and it will run the required launcher) it's no hassle at all.

    and I will be buying cyberpunk from GOG , that way CDprojekt get 100% of the proceeds from the sale for their hard work (even tho it will be available on steam for the same price)
    CDPR could easily have made it GOG exclusive but they didn't because they understand the importance of consumer choice and the benefits that steam brings to developers. they will take the 30% hit to tap into the HUGE steam user base and in the end they will make even more money than if they had kept it exclusive to their own platform (its just simple business savvy)

    good moral practice goes a LONG way and epic have none, Pc gamers tend to be a more mature audience than console gamers (which contributes a huge number to the fortnite player base) simply for the fact of cost in buying a PC and mature gamers see through the bullshit.
    once fortnite dies (which it eventually will) and all the kiddies asking mommy for the credit card to buy skins go away Epic gamestore is fucked, they will go back to licencing game engines to 3rd parties because it's all they are good for

  26. They flipped a coin to choose who is FOR epic store because….no one is.

  27. The only I'm looking forward is when the Epic Game Store shutdown parmanently, and Steam will be up and running for many years to come.
    That's the only way to stop Epic Game exculsive, shut the store down. This is for every current and former epic games exculisves, such prime example as Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Shunemue 3, Man Eater, Supermeat boy 2020, we will never stop boycotting the Epic Game Store, until it shut down. Come on Gaben, stand up to Tim and bring these games where it belongs the gamer's hand.

  28. Epic store is just bullshit.Doesn't even have linux support.

  29. Personally I couldn't care less what launcher a game is as long as it is cheap and accessible if valve is not willing to complete that's them and their fanboys problem not mine not they do much anymore.

  30. What I don't get it why it took so long for a real competitor to Steam to happen. People sometimes complain about Steam's monopoly-like position, well, no-one really stood up to seriously challenge them for a LONG time. Steam launched in 2004, Epic launched at the end of 2018. To be a true competitor to Steam, Epic Game Store must A) Stop having paid exclusives B) Have a feature list that actually competes with Steam, especially Store reviews. It's completely laughable that Epic launched with such a bare bones system.

  31. Fuck Epic store!
    I rather do calculus than buy from you!

  32. Should Epic Games Store Exclusives Be Boycotted? yes. Should Epic Games Store Exclusives Be pirated? yes.

  33. Haters gonna hate, but anime porn wouldn't sell if it wasn't popular.

  34. destroy the Epic store! someone please! I hate them and the exclusivity!

  35. i personally think the epic store is good for the same reason why any additional competition in any market is good; if everything was on steam then steam could do whatever they want, while additional launchers may be annoying you cant deny the benefits of valve needing to check over their shoulder once in a while.

    the free games the epic store provides are a perfect example, steam doesn't have an equivalent and therefore have to compensate with things such as half life alyx and additional vr efforts.

  36. I’m just here to play video games, idgaf what store it’s on. Boo boo I have to click a different icon on my desk top to open my game, what a load af BS this entire war is. Pc players will make fun of PS4 vs Xbox but will die if they have to open a different website for a change

  37. Doing it for Maneater and Werewolf. Origin learned it's lesson and all but assimilated with steam

  38. How can you have a conversation on EGS , I thought they didt have comments section.

  39. I guess like a lot of people I originally took issue with epic store exclusives. I guess I lost my way with all my arguments against CONSOLE game exclusives because whether it's on Epic or on Steam on Uplay or GOG, they're always on PC which is what I mostly play anyway. So I no longer know what y'all are bitching about

  40. I will boycott, divest and sanction the not EPIC games store

  41. I have much less issue with store exclusives than I do with hardware exclusives. I want an epic exclusive?
    Step 1: Install Epic
    Step 2: Create account
    Step 3: Buy game ($60)
    Step 4: Play for as long as I want for free

    I want a console exclusive?
    Step 1: Buy console ($300 – 500) – Buying and installing a console involves many steps
    Step 2: Create account
    step 3: Pay monthly subscription fee ($10)
    step 4: buy game ($60)
    Step 5: Play game offline or repeat step 3 indefinitely

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