SLUDGE LIFE - Available Now for Free on Epic Games Store -

SLUDGE LIFE – Available Now for Free on Epic Games Store

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Available Now for Free on the Epic Games Store
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SLUDGE LIFE is a first-person / open-world / vandalism-centric stroll through a polluted island full of cranky idiots and a vibe so thick you can taste it. Play as upcoming tagger GHOST set on staking their claim amongst the graffiti elite.


  1. Free? Holy shit man. It looks like jazzpunk mixed with Jet set Radio

  2. Aaaaahhhh, you fuckers got me. I said I wouldn't download the Epic store on my brand new gaming laptop. Buts now I gots to. Thanks a lot.

  3. "sees Epic" uh. no. i love you devolver, but epic is garbage from CHY-NA

  4. People help how to get the tranclocator

  5. Another free game? Cool and I really wanted to play this one.

  6. Oh Devolver…you sure do publish some weird games.. Thats why i love you

  7. God bless you Devolver Digital! Youre titles are smoked tf out and original so I love them. You’re literally the last REAL company in gaming. Thank you!

  8. This looks like jet set radio on acid and I can play it for free! Very grateful

  9. "Available Now for Free" Woohoo I can't wait to pl- "on Epic Games Store" -aaaaa… Nah, I'm good. I'm not downloading that garbage to play your games.

  10. UHHHHH why is this game free til next year??? Are the devs getting money for this? Cuz I'll spend $6.99 for this game, seriously.

  11. playing the game made me feel dizzy and motion sick after a minute.
    if you have a similar experience, you can turn off screenshake, camera roll, desktop twirl and the vhs filter in the menu.
    you should set the game to a really low resolution after that, that kinda reinstates the original shitty look of this game.

  12. Even if I wanted to get the game, it is not even I Steam to give the Dev and Publisher my money. Good Job guys… KEEP HITTING THOSE HOMERUNS!!!

  13. This is very good game good job bro's i love it

  14. Immediately knew it was the same developer as High Hell. Absolutely going to play this as well

  15. is this ever going to come out on steam or GOG? is this a year exclusivity deal or longer?

  16. Guys this is so good and fresh, I really hope you make more of these kinds of things! I just finished the game, did it 100%.

  17. This looks like a fever dream

    And i love it

  18. even if u gave me money i wouldnt go on the epic games store… i dont use launchers or any other form of DRM. so no thx

  19. whyyyyy juustt epic???????? Stop forcing me to use a different launcher god damn it, it's so annoying and say what ever you want but I like to keep all of my stuff in one nice place, and that place is steam

  20. I really need to know. Is the doublebuttholed cat a refernce to the "cat" from halflife 2? Both of theme are somehow mutated because of a teleportation malfunction…

  21. Crazy game!!!!!!!!!! Super good. I went on a weird trip playing it


  23. is there coming any updates like bigger map? some extensions to the map and more ”people” to interact with and more weird shit to discover would be good as hell!!!!! im super hyped about this game its fire asf🔥🔥 cant wait if there is coming some updates like that🔥

  24. Will you release this game on PlayStation or better yet, the Switch?

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