Sony Kills PSVita Store & My Must Get Games (Sony Decided to Keep Stores Open) -

Sony Kills PSVita Store & My Must Get Games (Sony Decided to Keep Stores Open)

Marc The Geek
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UPDATE: Sony change there minds and will NOT close PSVita & PS3 stores. Only PSP store Will be closed.

Here I share my opinion about Sony closing the PSVita PSN Store. And I also share some of my must get games made for the PS Vita. Hope you like the video.

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  1. Soul Sacrifice Delta is literally only available digitally and is my Top favorite Vita game, right next to Persona 4 Golden.

  2. found you though your original vita videos! Sucks to see em take down the store man, its been a good run

  3. The only thing is the high prices vita games store if they want profit they need to make a discount sale

  4. Top demais mano tenho meu até hoje não vendo ele por nada

  5. It's the same thing they did with the PSP you can bring the store up but he may not have any pictures on the screen. But you'll still be able to go back into your games that you've already purchased and re-download them because you may have not had enough memory to get a new game so you cleared it out to put a new game in but you can go back and get your games that you downloaded already

  6. I love and prefer my vita over my switch….any day of the week. PlayStation has always had the best games in my opinion.

  7. The Content Manager still works well between Vita and Windows 10 (as long as you manually install a required package). I copied all my Vita games on my PC via USB and wi-fi using it just this week. No need for multiple expensive memory cards.

  8. Heartbreaking honestly. I love my vita too much for this 😔😭

  9. It's not exactly "built from the ground up" for the Vita, but Muramasa Rebirth is a very good game on the Vita, and its 4 Vita-only DLC characters and stories have been argued to be even better than the base game. Since it's only on the Vita's PS store, those 4 characters will be gone forever when it closes. Really a shame, too, since the game was developed by Vanillaware, the developers of Odin Sphere and Dragon's Crown, both of which are now playable on PS4/PS5 despite having been ported to the Vita as well. This makes Muramasa the odd man out among their titles. Hopefully some kind of remaster of Muramasa and its DLCs comes to PS4/5 sometime soon, because otherwise it'll be very difficult to experience those characters (legally).

  10. It’s a shame memory cards are insanely expensive than before. I would use SD2Vita but I love using my physical games.

  11. I still play my vita. I’ve got every PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo console that ever came out. They made a huge mistake not supporting the vita more, I think we all know how well they switch is doing and the vita was made years before, what a shame.

  12. I like uncharted I just can’t stand the puzzles in any of the games 😿

  13. I have always thought this and will say possibly again you my friend have a great looking ps vita! 👍

  14. i had one when it first came out and i loved it. sold dat mf like a year later. it was a great console but them games was a$$. Now im on nintendo because atleast they got 2k21 and it dont look like 2k12

  15. I’m gonna show show you guys the game created for the Nintendo Switch (shows Uncharted Golden Abyss, Unit 13, Killzone Mercenaries etc2x 😂😂

  16. I just bought one of these today and, once the store closes, can morally hack it and download everything illegally!

  17. Per a former Sony employee on Reddit, the reason they are shutting the store down is because of the firmware hack. Because of what happened to Sony in 2011, they are ultra-sensitive to the possibility of hackers accessing customer data from their systems. They wanted to try to wind things down since 2016/2017 because of that.

  18. I bought Mega Man Legends 1 and 2 right away. I'm also gonna get the Killzone Mercenary game

  19. Now according to some reports, Sony apparently have possible plans to bring out a new streaming only handheld! Another handheld would be great but with no physical media, or even download option, won't this be dead in the water before it begins?

  20. im not buying more game what if sony stop the online store i will never get them back

  21. idc i just jailbroke my psvita so jokes on sony lol ps:i actually had my cousin do it for me cuz I'm low key an idiot when it comes to that stuff lmao

  22. My vita got me back into playstation and trophy hunting.

  23. The PS Vita is an amazing handheld. I think Sony badly mishandled that product out of the gate. Very sad. They have a great backlog of games, though. Highly recommended.

  24. Been here watching this channel for soooo long when i first got my ps vita, so sad to see this console fully die sort of , but im not sad because so many memories came from it and from your channel, thank you so much marc !!

  25. Can't sign into PSN. Factory Reset my vita to get it to work, didn't help. What do I do?

  26. I'm happy my vita is hacked, I haven't paid for a game in years

  27. Someone please start a petition for sony to bring back a better ps vita!

  28. I have the GOW collection and I wouldn't recommend to anyone because of the terrible framerate (worse than the original PS2 original versions) and some audio bugs and glitches.

  29. This video aged like dog poop. We are victorious!

  30. This is why I buy physical games when possible

  31. They haven’t shut down the PlayStation store they’re leaving it open so you can buy more games if you heard the news yet

  32. I like that cool strap you've got on your vita there

  33. So does anybody still have problems downloading games on there ps3?

  34. Man I wish I asked for a vita when it came out bc I never chose to ask for or get one

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