Sony Kills PSVita Store & My Must Get Games (Sony Decided to Keep Stores Open) -

Sony Kills PSVita Store & My Must Get Games (Sony Decided to Keep Stores Open)

Marc The Geek
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UPDATE: Sony change there minds and will NOT close PSVita & PS3 stores. Only PSP store Will be closed.

Here I share my opinion about Sony closing the PSVita PSN Store. And I also share some of my must get games made for the PS Vita. Hope you like the video.

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  1. My man, how big is that memory card? lol

    Love to see another Vita video, hate they’re shutting down the store. Been picking up a bunch of games for the future lately.

  2. Muramasa Rebirth Complete Collection, for me.

  3. Man I'm sad…and I don't even have a vita 🙁

  4. I too have a ceramic white PS Vita. You, sir, have great taste 😊😊😊

  5. Ragnarok Oddysey, Dragon Crown, Freedom Wars, Killzone Merc.

  6. For me it sucks becasue I have just bought a ps vita and when I get the ps vita SONY just tells that they are closing ps store so I'm sad about that but the games are great for ps vita that's the reason why I bought the ps vita in 2021 I can play my favorite games from ps 2 or 1 and some games from ps 3 so I'm not that sad about the store but It just feels bad because you can't buy the games in summer and about the games that you showed up in a video they were great but you forgot the show in video Ratchet & Clank Trilogy which is only for playstation 3 and vita and that game was the first game which I bought because it contains 3games and I'm a huge fan of Ratchet & Clank series ( sorry for my English I'm from Slovakia)

  7. I used to watch you marc when I was 13 in 2014, that's when I first got my Vita. Good times.

  8. Soul Sacrifice is my favorite game for the Vita fallowed by the Grand Theft Auto series. Playing online multiplayer was pretty awesome.

  9. Should I backup my games now? Will I lose my games I bought from the PSV-Store? And what will happend to them?

  10. Hey Marc, I have a pstv also…I was glad I was able to find one a couple of years ago and only spend like $20 for it brand new!

  11. I'm still gonna buy a PS Vita and a PS3 but right now I do have a PSP but no games for it so I'm still gonna buy some games for it

  12. Sony knows there’s another way to get games and it is not official but we have to use it

  13. My hacked OG phat Vita is still going strong!!Luv my Vita.😌

  14. Everyone is overreacting to this news and really they need to look a bit deeper. Look, I love my vita, I love my ps3 and I love them forever and i got them both filled with games and I am happy with that. The stores are closing, so what? You won't be able to add new digital games? so what? there's enough time between now and then to get what you want and move forward and to top it off? You can continue to play the vita forever you just won't be able to buy digitally after the stores close. "You don't turn your back on family--even when they do" so with that said— buy what you wish and have fun till the end!!!!! Great video. God bless you. Vita forever.

  15. I love my vita two years ago but I bought the switch and it change my view of how handheld should be. If sony would make a vita 2 but should be playing ps5 games with ps4 graphics I'm fine. But I don't want remote play I want what the switch is doing.

  16. I love my modded PS Vita, but ** you Western Sony for this.

  17. Good thing my vita is hacked and I don’t have to worry about this

  18. So this is what they call the age of pirates arrgghhhh

  19. Take switch now sony don't cares for the consoles

  20. I love my vitas,long live Playstation Vita,even if some do not want this!🥰🥰🥰

  21. While I did buy a vita like back in 2016 I rarely played both physical and digital games on it most PSN games I played were ALL on my PS3 only.

    I used to own a PSP but don't own one anymore.

    However Sony may still pull the Plug on PSN on the PS4 long before the CMOS internal battery inside mine dies since I bought my PS4 also around 2016 and my internal battery still isn't dead.

    My PS3 is from 2010 and its CMOS battery isn't dead yet either.

  22. Amazing piece of hardware love my Black OLED U.K model and my Blue vers 2 Japanese model. Agree ahead of the game, hardware wise only bad thing I can say is should have come with R2 and L2 buttons physical and that is it. Think Sony went to early on this store nonsense. Cheers for the game recommendations good to take note.

  23. Rip vita if only it had more support from Sony more exclusives and most importantly cheaper memory card prices 🥺

  24. I bought a modded vita. Enough said 😎😎

  25. I have All the Games on stick Retail 🤷‍♂️

  26. Aren't there some PSP & PS1 games that you can only get through transferring from a PS3.

  27. Vita Store Will be Taking all My August 2021 Income $!!.. Vita Life Baby!!.. ☮️

  28. Loved to watch all your Vita reviews. I absolutely loved the Vita from the moment it came out. Sony is the sole reason the thing failed. The stupid memory cards, and the complete lack of first party support.

  29. Vita was and is a GREAT system…
    Like u said, SONY doing proprietary memory killed it because imagine if Vita used micro SD cards now, I know I could have my whole library on my system even if the store closes. Guacamelee, Ninja Gaiden Sigma , Walking Dead have to get added to my account before the store leaves.

  30. Grand theft Auto vice City stories for digital download

  31. Well to be honest I'm on my Switch most of the time but the other day I got my Vita out.I Forgot how crisp the graphics still look on some of the games, it is still a great little machine.Ive decided the Vita will be my travel companion from now on.

  32. I love my Vita, just enhanced it and installed what I need to keep pushing it further on a brand new 256Gb card ! loads of games in palm of your hands, that console is incredible ! The only downside I'm having with the machine is the battery, I think mine is getting weaker and weaker and I'm not very keen on opening the device…

  33. My poor vita purchases just remembered i own a vita for a very short time (shrugs shoulders) Vita was a good handheld, nearly on my very top handheld. Switch is my number one personal favorite.

  34. Luv my vita. Though I hardly play it. I play the Switch more. But bout too send my vita too California so it can get modded and add content to it👌🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  35. I remember watching this channel about the Free roam in the Spider-Man game on the vita

  36. The Vita boss… Man idk about you but Sony killed the Vita years ago, so to me this doesn't change anything. Still gonna love and play my Vita… Long live the Vita!!!

  37. I just got a vita about a month ago and I love it

  38. Very upset to know I can’t purchase mlb 15 the show for vita since it’s only digital and no longer available

  39. lol this man said Michael Cole, I think you been watching too much WWE.

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