Starting A Game Store -

Starting A Game Store

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This is a story of how we started our Game Store and how you can start up your own small business


  1. I’m just a teenager the same age you were when you started renting out the library space. I want to do the same thing you are, and I even have another game store nearby that I could talk to, he’s small and he’s an amazing dm and shop owner and I have some questions for him as well. I do have a question though, do you have any experience networking with other game store owners? Because I was considering making my shop a joint one with his

  2. Wow I've seen you on TikTok.. had no idea you were from Alaska. I would love to talk more about this. I'm currently looking for a place to rent here in Juneau, Ak! Great video man!

  3. I want you to know that you're really inspiring to me! I'm working on my dreams now and you have really helped me with that!

  4. First lesson …. A great woman behind you can make a you sell water to a fish. Glad you were able to achieve what you have. I’m really into starting my own. Hopefully you can help

  5. Been listening to your story and I just wanted to comment that I too grew up in Alaska (Kenai) and then moved to Texas and met my wife down here!

    Thanks for telling tour story, it's inspiring stuff!

  6. thank you i always wanted to run a game store and i think the one thing im afraid of is failing but i do understand to succeed you have to fail sometimes like gordon ramsay he ran failed resturants before getting that michelan star

  7. I stumbled across this while seeing about getting bulk stock/whole sale. And this was kind of nice to hear. Thank you.

  8. I want a place where people can come in, relax, and learn about new games and activities they may enjoy and be able to get them for relatively lower price (well, if I can keep prices low.) As well, I want to have an arcade section. Something people can come in and play on a slow day that can provide hours of entertainment.

    I know it will be expensive. I know it will be hard work. (Especially learning and getting all the online stuff working properly). But I'm willing to but in the time. I'm already reselling a few of the Funko Pop's. And I make maybe a $1 profit from them. (Factoring in gasoline usage as well as subtracting the original cost.) But it is a start. And it was a start I was willing to take. And hope to see one day grow into something much bigger within the next few years.

  9. My motivation is my passion for the games, and nerdy stuff I love. If you are passionate about something, you will sell it better then something you hate. I love Toyotas that is why I sell toyota. I hate Ford that is why I will never go to a Ford Dealership to sell their products. Passion sells! What sounds better. "yeah this coffee is good. It tastes good." Or "Yo! This coffee will blow your mind. It is 100% organic and clean so it won't leave that weird aftertaste in your mouth. It is a dark roast but it isn't bitter. One cup will change your mind and life of Coffee!"

    That is the passion I speak of when I say my passion motivates me and pushes me toward working on building capital to open my own Game Store. It has always been a dream of mine. But I lack the captial and know how

  10. Thank you so much for the great video, the stories and informations, hearing the ups and downs on starting a business and your experience really inspired 100%, the words about "doing what I love even if I fail is better than doing the things I'm not into and fail" will always be the greatest quote I've ever heard and I'll always remember it, also I hope your shop will continue the greatest success 👍.

  11. I am just curious what POS software you us.

  12. My brain
    "That talking beard has a good point…"

  13. Watching your videos really helps me reinforce I can do this. I'm trying to start with an online presence but this helps me think long term. Do you have advice on doing an online store?

  14. Even though i own a small shop these tips were helpful

  15. I’ve had a dream to open a shop one day, this inspired me and finally gave me that last push and now I’m constantly looking into running my own business, thank you my dude

  16. What is your twitch name I would love to tune in and watch

  17. I am very excited to hear about your business practices and whats worked for you. Both of my parents are small business owners, we never had much but they were happy. I've worked retail and company jobs my whole 20s and have felt like its going no where. Now I'm 29 and really thinking about whats important in my life. Happy to see someone else accomplishing their dream, gives me hope for my own.

  18. Ugghh, I wish I could visit. Im actually pretty close, I live in the bay area.

  19. My husband and I love what your doing. We're trying to learn what we can to be able to open something here in our area.

  20. Greetings from Houston, love the story and its very informative too. love the Tik-Toks too man! keep the grind on!

  21. I've felt lost for a long time wondering constantly what niche my business will fill one day. Thank you

  22. Can you please make a video on licensing laws? Specifically I'm wondering what's the legality behind profiting on people playing video games in your store? Is it as simple as buying a retail copy of a game and letting people play it?

  23. Greetings from Dallas Tx, in planning out setting up a store myself, wanting to do it after the Covid crisis passes

  24. When you first closed up, what did you do with unused merchandise? And how did you make money to restart your business?

  25. Awesome story. I dont really have an interest in opening a game store but love hearing people talking about the struggle. good luck in the future my friend

  26. Passionate. Thats what Im trying to find again

  27. Thanks for the story I actually want to be my own boss. I want to sell video games and systems and electronics.

  28. New subscriber after watching your video. It's a dream for many of us so it's awesome to hear specifics about the process.

  29. I learned a lot from this video. Now what the hell am I going to do with all this knowledge? 🤔.

  30. I'm working for usps right now, but my area is dry as hell in terms of gaming shops

  31. Is it worth having a part time job to assist with costs of running a business?

  32. Inspiring!! I'm looking to open my own gaming store one day. Thanks for the insightful information.

  33. Any update on my order? #5032. I keep sending you emails and am not getting any response.

  34. Thanks for taking the time to share this Amazing and Inspiring story! Good luck with your business

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