Stay Away From Epic Games Store! -

Stay Away From Epic Games Store!

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0:00 – Intro
0:15 – Epic Games Heats Up With AMD:
2:19 – Clock Tuner 2.0 for Ryzen:
3:00 – Among Us 500M Players in Nov:
3:36 – Xiaomi Removing Charger:
4:46 – PS5 Lets You Know Which Game Version:
5:12 – DualSense Linux Driver:
5:20 – Gold AirPods Max:
5:36 – Apple Car Delay:
6:23 – Weird Apple Watch Prototype:
6:46 – Tesla Apple & Amazon Music:
7:07 – Lauch@Apple:
7:28 – US EPA Airplane Emissions:
7:56 – Canon Osmo Patent:
8:33 – KSTAR Record Sun:

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  1. i have a zen3 5900x.
    To be fair all i can say that these CPUs are pretty sensitive. The boast clock spikes when u do basic tasks like opening apps, heavy webpages or when you download stuff.
    When the cpu spikes, the temperature shoots up alot suddenly.
    So if epic game store is accessing or doing stuff on the background constantly, that could explain why on ryzen CPUs temps are higher.
    Epic just have to change the way their launcher does stuff so that it can be more efficient with ryzen CPU behavior.

  2. Running a Ryzen 2700 , and use the Epic Launcher regularly without any overheating issues…. the overkill Noctua ND-15S might help with that. lol I just opened the launcher to see how my system does. My CPU temps are a little warmer, about 2-5C higher with it open depending on my room temp, so yeah I could see higher delta temps with the program open with a less inefficient cooler, like the stock cooler. When I close Epic Launcher my temps dropped 3C from 34C to 31C, so yeah I guess it does make my CPU hotter. lmao

  3. I always felt something odd was happening to my PC whenever I used the Epic launcher. It just didn't feel the same. Super odd slowdowns, some speed freak outs (like the game pauses for a second or two and then tries to compensate by squeezing everything that happened in those seconds the moment it recovers), and all these symptoms are automatically gone after I uninstall the launcher.

  4. I just tested it, ran Epic Games Launcher, my CPU ran 10c hotter. Closed it, and back to normal. The percent of usage never changed. Ryzen 2700X.

  5. wow … you actually needed to make a video telling people that?

  6. They are using your GPU to mine bitcoin.
    This has been used in Garena and now Epic games.

  7. My dell 9020 just gained 50 points on single processor performance when I disabled the start up Epic launcher!

  8. i have a r5 3600x and had crash when playing and hitting 85c. had to manually undervolt my cpu cause i was hitting 1.51v stock settings. running now at 4.0ghz allcore 1.2875v stable and max 71c full load with the stock cooler. I still get 2 point more than stock settings in cinebench

  9. nope not at all, got a 3800x with 32 of ram – think this is a use case of scenario or a clever troll article…

  10. Yeah epic launcher does heat up my ryzen 3 3100 upto 6c while idle, can't anyone help me installing legendary. The .exe file run the command prompt, shows some text very fast ( can't read what's written ) and closes. Any suggestions

  11. If u want epic gaming, u got to prepare yourself for a little heat on that cpu (APU)

  12. My Ryzen 5 5600X processor runs around 10 degrees Celsius hotter with the Epic Games launcher open. And that 5-7% CPU load while idle is a big deal in the sense that the Steam and GOG clients I have installed impose negligible loads when also idle.

  13. And what is that stuff the put you cpu to do, let me guess some chinese malware

  14. I’m running an Intel core i7 7700HQ on a laptop and ever since I got the Epic Games launcher a few months ago the temps go really high. So I only open it when absolutely in need.

  15. not only that but after 30 minutes or so massive fps drops and lagg from playing TF2 on steam with 3600 AMD and 2070 super

  16. Steam and Discord does the second thing as well and reason why they offer games at a huge discount

  17. Imagine buying a game from epic games store LOL

  18. wait.
    korean fusion tech is newkiller???
    i thought it was nuclear.
    what are they planning to do with it?

  19. Tencent/ China/ CCP aka Epic game store. is looking for your CPU to do something math for them.

  20. My i7 7820X also ramps up the temp with the Epic launcher – could the launcher be using avx instructions in some way?

  21. good thing i dont have the epic games launcher installed because well who uses it. got the free games this christmas but probably not going to be playing those

  22. My laptop 4700u has this problem, idle but hot! And i donno what is making it happen, i think there is some malware for crypto which make it run like that

  23. I think the path apple takes, will rune the phone experience for all, bros, we have no money stop these trends😑

  24. The cost of seat on a plane will be tripled.

  25. Everytime I load Epic Games, it's downloading… Due to Free Games… Disable them and then they update the games I actual play… Probably part of it?

  26. Not seeing the temp increase on my 3800…. but will be monitoring it…

  27. Idc fear mongering doesnt stop me from claiming free games

  28. Late, but my ryzen 2700 has no issue with egs

  29. Apple could be more environmentally friendly if they made repair friendly phones…

  30. 3900x @ 43.5ghz 1.325v running at 38c idle 69c stressed for 30 mins. Epic runs fine on mine.

  31. How does a website get into your bios to adjust your graphics card fan setting and why would they even wanna do that?

  32. I have an amd ryzen 5 3600 and the launcher doesnt make my temps higher

  33. I have a 5950x and it does run hot, I usually have epic running in the background, ill do some tests when I get home.

  34. I have a ryzen, and i use the epic store aswell. Not a single problem with heat.

  35. My only problem with apple and many of the big tech companies is the slave/ underpaid workers over seas, specially for a 2 trillion dollar company.

  36. I don't anyone who wants epic laucher, infact i hear so many people that hate it or say they don't buy games there because they don't like the exclusivity shananigans which destroy fair gaming distribution!

  37. Plot Twist, Intel paid Epic Games to make Epic run hotter on AMD processors so AMD users will hate AMD and buy Intel processors.

  38. on ryzen 3600 and i don't have that problem

  39. Seriously, wtf the Epic Store just sucks I never installed it due to the many flaws it had. I thought things might have changed by now turns out I was wrong. Sucks because competition is good and the store has some cool exclusives.

  40. Was thinking about downloading it to play phantom brigade. Guess I'm waiting for the true pc release. Basically when it's available on steam.

  41. Im betting rhe issue is nothing nefarious it's probably just an issue with core parking. It is probably collecting more data and sending more data, but that's also probably causing that little spikes in CPU usagewhich are probably jumping around core to core thread to thread and keeping the processor from throttle going down correctly thereby keeping the clock high on all the cores just my.

  42. Agent 47 is speaking out. We should believe him.

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