Steam Should Be Very Nervous About The Epic Games Store -

Steam Should Be Very Nervous About The Epic Games Store

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The Epic Games Store is shaping up to be a pain in the side for Valve’s Steam marketplace. Can Epic Games really take on Steam? What will they need to do? How can they win you over? Let’s discuss!

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  1. Steam is too established, it has incredible features that Epic Games would never use, too many people already bought games on steam to want to use the Epic store

  2. I am on Linux still no big competition as of yet. Epic wants to be a true big competition they need to move into Linux as well that Valve still in and control.

  3. No, no they shouldnt. I have no intention of buying anything from Epic Games just because they created the cancer Fortnite.

  4. Steam will always wipe the floor all hail gaben

  5. Things I hate:

    1. Edited Comments
    2. Irony
    3. Unoriginal Jokes

  6. The only thing that will take down Steam will be STEAM 2 (like how linux can't take down windows in corporate installations)

  7. What epic will do is make your fortnite account a epic store account. So anyone who plays fortnite will have a epic game store account too, they will launch with a huge play base. Steam should be scared cause kids will start to lean onto epic and steam will stop growing

  8. With Valve and Steam they are primarily a online game library service …. Epic is a game developer trying to launch a game library service …. game companies go out of business or get bought out and change directions ….. who to you trust with your thousand dollar plus online game library …. all Im saying is I wont be an early adopter

  9. Why is everyone like, "No one will ever use this! Their whole library is on steam, they don't want to give that up!"

    Hey dumbasses. Who says you have to uninstall Steam to use it? I already have plenty of games on steam, but that's not stopping me from using epic as well. In fact, it's the smart thing to do, you can check both to see if one has a game for cheaper or if it will be free. There are people who already use steam who had to install origin or some bullshit store from certain devs, so what's stopping you from using an actual good one?

  10. Is it fair maket? They are discrimating based on a divisive class system and isnt this technically a tax and by law a tax must be a standardization, without favoritism or market manipulation but they will have featured and early access which they profit from. Isnt this anti consumerism and manipulation of consumers already sold by epic games crazed popularity. And they are swaying developers with no charge unreal engine, this sounds criminal u start developing on epic with unreal engine free but along development you get a better deal by a AAA publisher are you then forced to abandon or pay for the use of Epics unreal engine? Sound monopolistic and against a fair competitive market ecosystem. Sounds like isp's corrupted business model, just like xbox and ps premium you pay isp for your right to access internet, but xbox and ps, says nope pay again cause xbox online and ps online can serve you better, your choice right? we have rights but be damned there profits matter more, i call bull droppings chunky bull and foul off corruption.

  11. I tried buying Ashen from the Epic Games store.
    The transaction failed, for no reason that was made clear whatsoever.
    And I'm still having to wait 3-5 business days to be refunded. :')

    Think I'll stick with Steam if that's how things are going to 'work' there. Not a good first impression.

  12. What steam should worry about is all the younger console gamers (10-15 yr old) who are PC curious… I bet my brother will probaly be more inclined with Epic rather than Steam…. the question is will that snowball over the decade or not 🤔

  13. all good for developers, but without customers epic has no chance. steam will be fine

  14. no, steam will be fine, we will not betray Father Gaben, plus the sales on steam are insane and unless Epic makes gift cards for their platform i will never use their platform

  15. "Already have almost too much, but glad we are getting another one". No thanks, i am fine with what we have.


  17. I have so many games on Steam at this point I'm not sure it's possible for me to just move over to anything else.

  18. If I had the choice I'd ditch steam and its like all together, we're getting more and more of these pointless platforms when we need none.

    The only guys that are doing it right are GoG. You just want to download an installer for your game, that you can use any time and play your game without a trace of our presence anywhere near like in the old days? go ahead. You want to install our software for the convienieces it provides? Sure, its your choice. That's how it should be. These days Steam at least funcions properly, but if something comes out anywhere else and there is no option of a DRM free purchase I just skip the game or get it on console.

  19. Consumers will win in the end, I like that.

  20. Na Steam will be fine their miles ahead they literally have nothing to worry about them.

  21. What about Discord? they are competition right?

  22. The change in revenue is that for only the base game or for dlc sales combined with the base game.

  23. Competition is good. But after they announced that unreal tournament is not in active development anymore I immediately lost interest.

  24. If Steam doesn't shape up, they'll slip out!

  25. if you ask me Epic Games should start franchising and actually have stores out there to be a competitor for Game Stop


  27. R.I.Pieces running out of steam soon 😂 if I was ubisoft I'd be packing and leaving the burning spartan ship to athenian ship if you want to keep most money on board 😉🤣

  28. just checked out their store,they have journey coming soon,yes lol

  29. I feel like epic is becoming the Amazon of gaming.

  30. Any developer not selling their game on Epic store are traitors period. 35% is pure gluttony. Indie devs are the only one not making money but steam, asset sellers, gaming channels are all making good money on the back of indie devs! This will not last forever when the main actor of your business is the one that never make any money.

  31. I'm scared. I have dumped over one grand in my Steam account and if Epic takes over, I'm afraid of what might happen.

  32. steam will need to give away 2 games a month to compete

  33. Even if Epic's Launcher can't overthrow Steam, its presence on the market is a good thing because competition always forces companies to produce a far better product than if they simply had a monopoly. How many times have game companies actively looked for ways to screw us because they thought our buy was just a given? The answer isn't government legislation, the answer is competition and voting with our wallets.

  34. Competition is good, but having games spread all over different platforms would be a pain. Also Steams refund policy is great.

  35. Epic Games is giving out free games, Steam isn't, and their seasonal sales are a shell of what they used to be.

    I'm glad Steam is getting a kick in the balls.

  36. BOI.
    A WHOLE SITE OF GAMES, (so far its GOOD games.) and even giving free games!
    I got Super Meat Boy, What remains of Edith Finch and The Jackbox Party Pack.
    Epic Games is making quality games too!

  37. I love epic games, but steam will still be the best.

  38. I prefer using GOG or Steam but as long as I can get cheap keys for games on key websites, bundle sites, or in online Etailers, I'm good either way.


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