Steam VS Epic Games Store Bad for Everyone? - Inside Gaming Daily -

Steam VS Epic Games Store Bad for Everyone? – Inside Gaming Daily

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Asking the hard questions like: when will someone think of the gamers?

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  1. If Steam is so much better, then why haven't they given their fans Half Life 3?
    Just some food for thought.

  2. "40 percent of Epic Games Store users don't have Steam". because people who play fortnite most of the time are not going to play anything else, well maybe the sims.

  3. Holy shit. Dr. Smart making good points, if only he can make a good game…

  4. Me: finally i can buy those rare console
    Steam: 50% 40% 30% 60% 90%
    My wallet: instant empty

  5. i dont think ive ever paid for an epic games game

  6. I prefer steam but epic games literally gave away 6 batman games for free. Basically I use both simultaneously

  7. Fucking NOBODY would be using the Epic games store if it wasn’t for Fortnite

  8. イレギュラーハンター北岡霊人 says:

    I'm not a big fan of Epic or Steam, just don't care of their competition. Make sure they make good games.

    Last when I bought a game from Steam, I had experienced of finding these bad games most are kusoge in cause of traumatic situation.

  9. 11:00 wrong!!!
    it does mather where you get the game and here is why :
    1-epic store has banned my country
    2-epic store ui and security features are just crap
    3-all my friends are on steam
    4-all my games are on steam
    steam has became like a home for my gaming entertainment and im not about to leave all that for that crappy epic store and a shitii game named fortnite which happnes to be for bunch of -15 kids

  10. The Epic is just using the 70/30 just to raise up after that they will become even worse than steam.

  11. 88/12 sounds fair, but I'm not willing to fund randy pitchforks greedy ass any more than necessary for various resons.

  12. the thing is that all of the other launchers are badly designed and just have the game library and the store, whilst steamhave messaging and so much more

  13. As a developer wouldn't people pick epic since it steals less money from you then steam

  14. i can wait until games like borderlands 3 and metro exudus comes to steam so epic games is not really forcing me xD dont get me wrong i really wanna try out borderlands 3 but not on the epic games launcher so ill just patiently wait for it to come to our lord and savior GABEN

  15. i choose to not play it fuck epic store. I would rather pirate than give a single penny to epic store

  16. I just wish we could have 1 launcher to access all my games

  17. My speed internet when i download on STEAM: 5~6 MB per sec.
    My speed internet when i download on EGS: 2~3 MB per sec.

  18. If I got banned from rainbow 6 on epic games can I buy rainbow 6 on steam and not be banned?

  19. epic sucks. their anti-linux crusade is appalling.

  20. Screw you Epic Games Store, you will never bring down legendary Steam.

  21. steam will always be the best launcher, its the OG, and YOU CAN PLAY GAMES ON THE GO/OFFLINE

  22. i can get tons of games on steam for linux. epic sucks. period.

  23. "exclusive" isn't the right word. At least I don't have to go out and buy a $300 piece of hardware to install a piece of software.

  24. in 2006 I was pissed that I had a purchased a game DVD with all the game data on it and I had to google a guide to not have it downloaded via steam on my DSL connection and use the DVD. 14 years later I've spend over $600 on steam and use it daily.

  25. Choice is always good but when you force someone to have to you use your launcher people will hate you

  26. Tax cuts do benefit everyone. It’s like being handed a free 20 and someone else gets handed a hundred and you bitch about what they got instead of just being happy with having free money


    I myself am a die hard gamer

  28. Steam is better epic game store is slow on its download speed

  29. Does this chanel have any idea about what they are talking about?

  30. The only reason I have is the epic games store is for their free weekly games, even then I launch them from steam.

  31. How about we just go back to selling things in stores again? Disks in little baggies real cheap.

  32. I love that steam allows riskier content. For me it's about free expression. Too many American companies are stomping it out because they are afraid of public perception.

    YouTube is an example.

  33. Thumbnail: Epic games is hell
    epic games: gives out gta v for free
    everyone: epic games is hevean

  34. Which launcher should I use for Among Us???

  35. Found this video by accident, but I stayed on purpose. I love the banter and the chemistry you all have. Color me subscribed!

  36. "70/30 stranglehold" Well when you've got a player base as large as Steam and are the ideal place to put your games in the eyes of most PC Players you're able to ask for that sort of thing, I wouldn't be surprised if Epic Games increases their share down the road if they're capable of gaining a larger player base and more games on their service. Their launcher just isn't adequate in many peoples eyes and there are many features still yet to be put in. I honestly hope that EGS does improve, but as it stands even NOW it's just not ready.

  37. the one I like in epic store is giving paid games for free

  38. I only downloaded Epic store just to download Fortnite because i was so bored playing the same goddamn games i play in Steam. But yeah steam is much better.

  39. I have a hateful Video game from Epic Games which is Fortnite!

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