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The Best Digital Games Store for PC Gamers

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So you just bought a brand new PC or figured that the new RTX GPUs were as life-changing as Nvidia would have you believe, you’re now probably wondering what games to play on your rig. But before you can address that question, the bigger concern is _where_ you should be buying your PC games from. Since the transition from physical, boxed PC games to a sadly almost all digital library, there are a host of options of where to buy your PC games from. These include the usual suspects like Steam as well as up and coming options like the Epic Games Store.

Now while some of these stores may have similar pricing, the differences go beyond this. Be it after sales, the sheer variety, or access to a massive community, not all PC games stores are created equally. Some demand to be installed more than others. Here’s what you need to know.

Download links:
→ Steam:
→ GOG:
→ Epic Games Store:

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  2. Steam has got the best discounts; just wait for them if you think a game is expensive.

  3. Steam is a good place to download games but when I downloaded CS:GO but when I checked the steam file in c drive I found some Cryptocurrency mining bug which shall slow down the PC

  4. I'll go to local store and buy my fav games

  5. Does this provide better offers than torrents? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  6. Bruh even my grandpa knew those stores already bollibolli

  7. In my experience:
    1 – Steam
    2 – Origin
    3 – Uplay

    I want to try GOG and Epic Store, expecially GOG due to having no DRM…

  8. i have downloaded two games from epic games detroid and fortnite rest all steam is best

  9. I came here to see best store for offline installer games CD DVD

    Cause I don't have wifi I use my sim internet???

  10. Steam won't refund you if you play 4 hours of a game and the game crashes at 1/3 way through it. No tech support help. Developer doesn't help. Steam simply keeps your money. Its illegal but they get away with it.

  11. What about like Cold War or warzone cause I just got a pc today 😳

  12. will any of windows version won on my pc im running windows 10

  13. lol bro probably one years kid know about this hahahahah

  14. I've been looking for para world the old-school pc rts game, but it seems that I'm just going to have to purchase it from Amazon and download it like that since there's no online primium game stores where I can buy it play it at the same time? does anyone know of any premium gaming websites that have it, ???

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  16. I bought from 5050tech_delivery on Instagram his legit and trustworthy 💯💯

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