The Convenience Store (ALL ENDINGS) - Horror Game About The Horrors of Customer Service -

The Convenience Store (ALL ENDINGS) – Horror Game About The Horrors of Customer Service

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The Convenience Store is a horror game about working a convenience store job. Video contains all endings.

Game Info:

“I need a vacation.”

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  1. You know you're watching the right youtuber when you tell yourself in the first 20 seconds:
    >Me: "There's no way he's gonna know that's a chinchilla."
    >Manly: "What is that, a chinchilla?"

  2. i love that when ever he looks at the poster or magazines he says ''ANIME''

  3. I had paused my video for a minute or two and came back and it was silent and i assumed it was just a quiet part But then realized my headset wasnt working when Manly didnt say anything for 5 seconds straight

  4. 41:23 4 is in japanese SHI which also is for death SHI is 4 and death so people use more yon in speaking etc instead of shi wrong tone can tell them about death and not 4 actual , in horrors often 4 appears as symbole of near death or close danger or something other , in literature 4 means 4 directions of world east west etc so world , so it also may say "your wolrd dies now" or something like that xD

  5. The Convienence Store is a game about a convenience store and a girl that works the night shift at the convenience store.

  6. Was hoping for a Johnny Bravo impression. Still love your work man.

  7. I love how he said ok let us go behind the counter and be depressed

  8. This game gave me terrible motion sickness.

  9. At some point a man in Japan found a VHS filter… and his destiny.

  10. Dfhwywywujwf2yhshtshdhfestshdysyru2yeyyydyegefqtsgsyeydueytagtatsyJtrjfu rt eggetqhwgwg3hegegegeeyheegegeggegegwgevdvsgshqgwgsgsgswghwgwgwaaffqqfgagagafafaggaagfgf

  11. "is that a chinchilla?" nah that remy he cooked you a fine meal

  12. this is a great thing to watch when youre applying to customer service jobs

  13. me: kalm
    after the next night: you scared?
    me: no
    me now: AHHHHHHHHHH

  14. What if a millennial played this and didn't know where to put the VHS tape.

  15. This feels more PS1 style than the other self proclaimed "ps1" style games. I like it.

  16. No Trash ending?


  17. Why was she so mad? Manly didn't kill her. Or did she just hate the store her husband worked at?

  18. You can actually turn off that old video filter, you can see the game much clearer when you do.

  19. Imagine landing a Draco on a dragon type and still losing, sad

  20. Worked at a Dollar General for a year. Yeah this all seems pretty accurate.

    Store in this is far too clean though.

  21. having worked nightshift at gas stations this is about right

  22. Manly literally everytime he sees anime girls :

  23. Damn that chinchilla is going to go missing you left all the doors open lmao

  24. the door opening and closing wasn't just a bug after all…

  25. 45:07
    Manly relieved about the bathroom being spotless is my serotonin

  26. Oh no

    I work at a gas station and oft work evening shifts.

    Oh no.

    Luckily at night it's mainly people just buying cigarettes and lottery stuff bit still Oh no customer service is terrifying.

  27. did he really spend the whole game with the flashlight on or am i insane

  28. Manly: You better not jumpscare me-! >:(

    also Manly: kind of anti-climatic 🙁

    a whole mood lol

  29. I'd never be able to work there.
    Leaving me to run the place alone next to this giant display of sushi facing me behind the counter and expecting me to not eat all of it within the first hour would be very foolish

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