The Epic Games Store Halloween Sale 2019 | Epic Games Store -

The Epic Games Store Halloween Sale 2019 | Epic Games Store

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Check out all of the great games on sale here:

Embrace the spirit of the season with great games from our Halloween Sale. Up to 65% off until November 1!

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  1. Sub to me and get season 11 battle pass for free

  2. use code "plank69" in store, if you like. Would help me out a lot. Have a great day!

  3. fix your launcher first. when i open it it shows broken object with white background and only unreal engine tab works

  4. Just take out the rocket, Tac Shotgun , Smgs As a whole, Bring the old map back in general

  5. Hey epic, what's the name of the song? 😂😂

  6. We need that 10 € off Epic bonus again for next sale. My wallet is ready for few games 😀

  7. YES! Gonna need that wishlist feature really soon!

  8. Can you make a demons and angels season in fortnite

  9. I serious don't get why the launcher is so slow, when I open the launcher it lags a lot.

    my PC can run literally any game on ultra but your launcher is slow… its so annoying, I wish that instead of purchasing so many exclusives you would actually make a good product, from all the launchers I have downloaded the Epic one is by far the worst.

    Maybe before trying to compete with Steam you could at least try to make a good store.

  10. Epic Store?
    More Like
    Pathetic Chore!

  11. Hey Epic can you bring the OG arcade Mortal Kombat 1, 2, 3, Ultimate, and MK 4 to the EGS? That would be amazing

  12. so you can ban people again for making too many purchases , lmao what a joke

  13. I bought Rainbow Six Seige and it wont even let me play i try launching thru epic games it tells me to log into ubisoft then says an epic games service is unavailable please try again late rand its been like that since i bought it

  14. Yuck I'll rather wait for the steam sale on steam

  15. Hey epic games pls bring back the infinity blade trilogy pls many people who played it missed it


  17. I have an idea for a game…
    What can i do next?

  18. That's Was So Real 👑👍(HAPPYHALLOWEEN) 💀👻🎃

  19. A sale is a sale but this one was a little bit underwhelming.

  20. Please put Walking Dead Final Season back on Steam

  21. definitely getting f2 and ivacy vpn this halloween. the only two things worth getting until black friday.

  22. Epicgamme peut tu mofufire un skine fornite banby098svp

  23. Was muss ich tun wen mein Spiel nicht unterstützt wird

  24. Can you please do season 2 battle pass for free please think about people who want the battle pass for your fans and fans of fortnite

  25. Hi my name is luis can you ples put fortnite on the app Store ples

  26. Fornite porfa si puedes poner que se puede descargar fornite en hipone samsung J 4

  27. Help me because they left my account inactive

  28. epic games please return the tilted town please

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