The HEROIC quest to bring EPIC Game Store to Linux! -

The HEROIC quest to bring EPIC Game Store to Linux!

Gardiner Bryant
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Epic Game Store has been a thorn in the side of many Linux gamers due to Epic refusing to port their software and securing many exclusives. But the community is fighting back! Introducing the Heroic Launcher; a GUI frontend for the “Legendary” CLI tool (which is an open source tool for interacting with your Epic Games library).

Latest releases:

1:01 – Install Heroic Launcher
2:00 – Set up Heroic Launcher
2:55 – Installing Games
3:29 – Exploring Settings & Features
5:38 – Game Installed
7:31 – Launch Game

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# What are your machines specs?
Office Rig:
* AMD Ryzen 7 1800x
* MSI Pro Series X370 SLI PLUS
* GSkill Ripjaw V DDR4 8GB x4 (32 GB)
* Fractal Design Define R9 Case
* Manjaro GNOME

Living Room Gaming Rig:
* ASUS X99-E-10G WS
* Intel Core i7-6900K @ 3.2GHz
* NVidia Titan X (Pascal)
* DDR4 Corsair Vengeance RGB 8GB x8 (64GB)

Backup Rig
* System76 Thelio Minor
* AMD Ryzen 5 3400G
* Zotac Nvidia GTX 970 4GB

Home Server:
* AMD FX 6300 at 3.5 GHz
* Nvidia GTX 750 1GB
* DDR3 20 GB RAM

Funky Choon (a.k.a. The Linux Gamer Theme Song) by Brothers Nylon

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  1. since epic started giving games away my library on epic has slowly grown past my one on steam and I couldn't get most of them running on linux, this looks like a great way to simplify the process!

  2. Gardiner the only guy who uses wobbly windows unironically

  3. I usually use LEGENDARY.
    I haven't tried HEROIC until it supports using custom Wine version and Wine prefix (also per game setting).
    Things are getting super easy now. Nice!

  4. This is very odd.
    Epic Games are as much anti-Linux as far as a company can get. Yet here we are.
    It's very weird.

  5. Why don't you just use the terminal with something like yay

  6. It's cool but pretty pointless right now since the actual EGS runs perfectly in Lutris.

  7. Thanks for the Video, Gardiner! I'm constantly developing Heroic to make it better and it is improving a lot the last weeks with help from other colaborators as well. Soon we will support GOG an other stores, and improve the Epic's login flow as well.

  8. I'm sorry Gardiner, but your have the ugliest wallpaper I've ever seen

  9. Its funny that community want epic store that doesn't contain any linux games and every company that epic bought shutdown any linux client…

  10. Great I guess. I'll never install epic game store though. I don't give a f about it.

  11. >Heroic launcher
    Cringe and web pilled
    >Lutris instead
    Based and python pilled

    (In all seriousness,I'm mostly joking but i have no clue why the devs didn't extend lutris instead of making a webapp thats just going from be bloat)

  12. how do you have wobbly windows on gnome? I MUST KNOW

  13. Clearly, the command to shut down the game is "init 0".

  14. I've got a couple free games on my epic account. Never installed them, maybe this'll get me to install them.

  15. Me (Arch user): Nice, he will use AUR
    You: Just click install
    Me: He didn't read the PKGBUILD!

  16. I just installed epic store under lutris… Played gta5 (singleplayer ) with no issues

  17. Unreal 2017 is a cancelled video game despite being available to play indefinitely.

  18. I have pretty much every free game from the epic launcher, I am not on linux at the moment but 9 months ago I was running pretty much every game on epic games through lutris no problem. Not sure if that has changed but lutris used to work great no problem

  19. I will say again that you should try to use Mangohud, you can even make a video about it and FlightlessMango.

  20. Epic Game story gives out free games every week. Might as well hop on their and claim in case they work with proton.

  21. I’m an engineering student and was looking for a job/internship and epic games is looking for linux developers

  22. I haven’t seen wobbly windows since the old days when Compiz was new.

  23. There is another open source project for EGL called Rare, which also uses the Legendary backend.

  24. I have like 66 games on the Epic Store, Tim Sweeny payed for, because I never payed a dime there. If he makes Linux gaming worse by removing games from the platform I at least make sure he loses some money by feeding me free games.

  25. I'm not interested. DRM-free or nothing. No Steam, no Epic, no DRM at all. Been strictly DRM-free (mostly GOG) in my purchasing habits for 3 years now, and counting.

  26. Great video! Now my backlog of games I'll never play has doubled! Seriously though, it's another stepping stone for Linux gaming and that's pretty cool!

  27. Thank you for showing the Heroic store so I don't have to install it 😀 I'll stay on Steam 🙂

  28. OTP isn't much better…

    Actually the only sensible way is through challenge-response so U2F or something like that.

  29. I really clap for the work under this, but I see Epic as a cancer to be removed. So building more ways to access their service feels really wrong to me.

  30. All this talk about games on Linux reminded me about a guy I used to be subbed to
    He talked a lot about games on Linux and that kind of stuff
    I wonder what happened to him…

  31. I don't recall you talking about the actual "quest to bring EPIC Game Store to Linux" in this whole video. What happened? I was expecting a story… This was just disappointing.

  32. You know someone is a linux user. When they try to type commands into the chat box. 9:30 I would have typed ps then the kill command. I use exit so a ton matters well mix it up.

  33. I have few games on epic, which I got for free and I was waiting for this

  34. And then everyone who helped make this will get sued by epic games lmao

  35. 👍👍👍 Can't wait to try it out…

  36. As an Unreal Engine developer:

    If the ability to download and launch Unreal from this is included, I will make the final jump away from Microsoft.

  37. 10:20 to 10:35. As long as everything works as it should… It's one less reason/box to check that prevents Windows users from complaining " well that doesn't work in Linux so I'm stuck in Windows.".

  38. Bit of a conundrum. On one hand, I get to play Epic games on Linux and increase my game-library, and on the other, I'm supporting a company that is openly anti-linux. A bit on the fence on this one.
    But kudos to the developer for making this possible. I hope that this endeavor brings more users to the Linux desktop.

  39. Epic games store actually gives games away 2x a month i think. I got Civ 6 for free among others.

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