Their store closed...AND I BOUGHT ALL THE GAMES! -

Their store closed…AND I BOUGHT ALL THE GAMES!

Retro Rick
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This is why you tell everyone about your crazy game obsession! Had another lead or someone selling some games and it paid off! They sold their store and I bought the video games…CHEAP! Everything from PlayStation 2, Wii, Xbox, accessories and more for only $20 dollars! Always on the hunt for retro games, vintage toys and 80s / 90s nostalgia at Flea Markets, Thrift Stores & Garage Sales! Thank you guy as always for coming along with me on my live video game and toy hunt thrifting adventures and for watching another episode of the 10 Dollar Game Collection Challenge!

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  1. That ps3 is the more reliable one to get I have one since launch and it still works also the slims do play ps1 games

  2. I saw a bunch of games on the floor were they from the same buy or something being organized?

  3. Granny: im old and our store is a bust. We looking to make some money on this huge lot of games.

    Retro: Np Granny . I got you. Here's 20$

  4. "Time is always the problem"

    I feel yah!!!

  5. Hmmm…the PS3 is that clean after all these years and had a DVD on pause? Makes me ponder if it could have been some kind of guest room A/V set up. Say, the grand kids stop by for the weekend and it was used for the occasional movie evening. If so, that is a very sweet deal, as it may have very low mileage. Another good deal about the slim is that Sony had time to work out the bugs. Especially since those first gen models was using this cold gel that tends to expire. However, knowing how to refresh that stuff is the key to keeping those running. Now, for the A/V cord vs. HDMI. I'm not completely sure. But, the problem might not have a thing to do with the cord or the hardware. Because PS3's are in that newer console generation, where things are switching over to PC-ish conditions. It might be something as simple as a menu driven option that needs changing. I 'think' somewhere in some of those settings, it is possible to set resolutions and such. Which may be friendly towards HDMI…but not so much for the video cable. Been a long time since I set mine up. And, even then, it was probably automatic detection and never needed to be messed with. But well worth giving the once over on those menu options to see what is there.

  6. Hi Rick. I have fixed plenty of PS3's. have been able to get the HDMI and AV to swap by pressing and holding the console power button and waiting for it to beep twice! 🙂 If you try this on your AV TV, it will work, the console only binds to one input at a time – Many people think there console is faulty when it isn't lol. Also – I've gotten plenty of PS2's and PS3's from people who think they don't work where they have accidently knocked the power switch on the back, i just flip it the other way and boom the console works again lol

    Dunno wether you noticed, your GBA has a backlight mod, it's worth way more than the $50 your added to your total 😀

  7. Damn Rick, you live in a gold mine of Goodwill's that always have stuff. Nice bro.

  8. Honestly I didn't even know the PS3 had AV ports, you should keep it though! The ps3 is just a really good console! I have been having tons of fun with mine recently!

  9. Rick : my daughters awake..
    Me: put the princess Barbie back on 😂.

  10. I was shocked that you didn't have a PS3. They the cheapest ones in UK. Great picks up can't wait for next one

  11. With the PS3 you have to go into the settings n switch the video output to AV . That’s how I helped a friend with his 😁 definitely some excellent finds in thus episode for sure

  12. Mate, love the N64 hat, where did you get it from? I need it in mah life! Another great vid man 😀

  13. I need to know where you got the hat please !!!

  14. Hold down the power button a few seconds to reset the PS3 to output in av. Just for future knowledge. FYI I do use av for my ps3 lol

  15. If your selling the PS3, fix the RCA plugin's, otherwise it works.

  16. Theres a setting to change from av to hdmi

  17. My fat silver PS2 and my super slim PS3 are starting havin issues with the AV built in plug

  18. You need to hold the power button down until it beeps to switch from AV/HDMI

  19. Hi Rick, i think it's already been commented that you need to hold power button in for about 20 seconds till it bleeps to reset the console and video mode so you can use AV

  20. OMG you should be ashamed taking that for jsut 20 bucks LOL

  21. whhy won't you use the wii power supply for the resd wii you got last time?
    i believe there isn't any cable that came with it

  22. Are you already hold power button to move from HDMI to av

  23. Nope…….u need to hold the ps3 power button for another beep to change the video output

  24. I play my PS3 with component,av,and HDMI depending on the game and tv I bet ur a works…..

  25. That takeshi beat Kitano zatoichi is a badass movie Rick! Give it a watch!

  26. Rick it's probably a setting as I think the av is setting based on a ps3

  27. Its just probablt in hdmi mode so just hold the power button till you hear a second beep when startingvthe console!

  28. Stop saying the AV on the PS3 is not working! It is simply not set as default you dufus

  29. If I didn't have one I would keep it. Otherwise, advertise it as AV not working, and sell it for a little less

  30. I dont think anything is wrong with the av on the ps3. i think there is a certain setting when using the ps3 on av after having it on a hdtv. my friend had a similar issue years ago

  31. Hi Rick did you ever get your super Mario bros 3 back? Really worried for you over here 🙋‍♂️

  32. I had a few of those Big Mouth Billy Bass fish a few years ago. Would not have thought they had resell value like that haha.

  33. Use your HD tv with the HDMI input and also have the AV plugged in as well on it. From there you go to your display settings and you lower the resolution to 480i so you can play with AV cables instead of HDMI. It'll basically tell you to switch to the AV channel and it'll give you about 30-60 seconds to respond

  34. 7:19 As far as I know the PS3 is automatically set to HDMI. If you use a PS2 AV cable then it must be set in the menu. But there is also an AV cable for the PS3 that automatically changes the signal, but that is very rare because it was bought separately.

  35. Love hauls like that. I just had one for huge box of fenton glass for 10

  36. My local goodwill has all games set at 5.99. I hate it. Though I did get a full wiifit set for $8 and the set is going on ebay for between $30 and $50 plus shipping so that was a good find for me this weekend.

  37. You can charge the hmdi to A V on the ps3 if you go to the settings on ps3. As soon as you switch over it will come off the hmdi and go to A V.

  38. I have the opposite issue with my PS3…lightning hit and traveled through my cable line which fried the box, traveled out through its hdmi into my receiver which toasted that, and kept traveling out those hdmi inputs/outputs and had enough shock left to ruin the hdmi jacks on my ps3, ps4, tv, etc…so I can only use the av output and hoping one day to find someone who is reputable to replace the hdmi on it.

  39. I think you can choose between av/hdmi in the settings. I had a similar situation with my last PS3 I picked up.

  40. I want to say all ps3 systems play Ps1 games. Not sure why but..

  41. Goodwill is slowly turning more boutique with their items (especially not a fan of the auction site). Not a fan of that $70 price tag on something they got for free.

  42. Jason's House of Fun and Video Games says:

    Great pick ups this week Rick! I had no idea the ps3 could be hooked up via av. The more you know 👍

  43. Thank you for all the great content! Can you show us if the gba grip works and what your opinion of it is.

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