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  1. The first little creature reminds me of the blob thing from Treasure Planet.

  2. I as a German am insulted by the extremely bad grammar in this game

  3. is someone going to remind Mark he can go backwards lol

  4. Please play more! Definitely got more subnautica vibes than raft, but I see both. This would be such a fun series to watch you play

  5. son : dad , what is bigger than the sun ??
    dad : markiplier's vocabulary

  6. Mark, I would love for you to continue this series. It really gives old subnautica vibes which was my favorite series you have done and overall got me to start watching your channel and caused me to become a fan in the first place. Fellow markiplierans, do you want to see him play this more as well?!?

  7. Oh man I need more of this. May just get this game too

  8. *wonders how long it is until Mark realizes there is a brake lever.

  9. you do know you can reverse and stop your cart at any time right? riiight..? it was literally the 1st thing in the tutorial

  10. "You can lose everything that you built."

    Yeahhh, Mark, you like that risk but only played 2(?) episodes of ARK, which is, IMHO, the easiest to " lose everything " survival game! (Yes I know it's more complicated than that, but just throwing it out there.)

  11. Mark, there actually is co-op in this. Would love to see you and bob and wade play through this!

  12. I get immediate breathedge vibes from the graphics, mechanics, and even the comedy. Idk which came first but I seen breathedge first.

  13. 7:02 imagine going to bed at this time, waking up and then watching again at lunch time. I was confused and scared.

  14. The game has coop so PLEASE play with bob and wade it would be sooooo cool

  15. This game comes in four player Co-op!!?? HELL YEH. Dude this game looks dope as fuuu~ 👌

  16. from what you said about the kind of game you like (scavenging, building/protect your base and risking to lose everything you made) -> Probably know already the game Project Zomboid but it is exactly that and at the current state of develppement (with the combat and animation update) you would just love that ! And there is lots of mods making the game richer. We are just waiting for the multiplayer to come back. Or of course you have Minecraft in hardcore :p And Rimworld for the colony management aspect and base Building/Protect aspect.


  18. If Mark can take out Canadian animals i believe space sharks are nothing him but easy prey

  19. I havent seen any destiny 1 or 2 videos from you before, and would like some

  20. i thought the horn sounded like we are number one the first time you honked it. then you made the joke 😂

  21. "Thats…uh…I shot it…" Art formed with words.

  22. Dude I’d love to see you play more of this!!

  23. Whichever editor was responsible for this episode, I have one thing to tell you. These edits were gold, especially the metal riffs XD. Keep it up Mark and Editors. Loving this game.

  24. This doesn't help the game community at all….. Keep brining up epic game's shit when they need to fix their shit….. No one who lost there epic game account's can't get them back cause they don't have a good Account Retrieval set up…… How about stop singing their praises and start leaning on them about fixing them…..

  25. me throughout the entire video: how long is this track? is there an end??? 😳

  26. I hope he makes a co-op series on this

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