THIS GAME RUINED ME | The Convenience Store -

THIS GAME RUINED ME | The Convenience Store

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Welcome to The Convenience Store. This is possible the scariest game I have played in a LONG time and possibly one of the worse jumpscares ive ever had. This video includes The Convinience Store Full Game.

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  1. I watched this video at 3:00 am and this feels spooky

  2. I'm not gay at all but i love you dude. You're just a big soul and i enjoy your videos every weekend. Becoming an important routine to me. Relaxing, funny and sometimes disturbing. 😀

  3. Bro check out Summer of 58 – came out a few days ago – amazing horror game!

  4. I regret watching this video with the volume to the max with my headphones also I didn't think that I could legit throw my phone so fast at the wall and scream like a little kid when that jumpscare hit

  5. I can't find your "Night delivery" video :/

  6. Is it just me or does this guy have the most crisp mic settings and his camera is just MMMM-

  7. I've Seen Cory And Alot Of Vtubers
    Playing This Game
    So… Yeah I Know About This! 😀

  8. With N64 graphics, this could possibly be the scariest game ever.

  9. hey hollow you should maybe check out some of puppet combo’s games or scythe dev’e games too awesome retro horror like chilla’s art ‼️💓

  10. At the end, you were supposed to ship it back to the sender to get the good ending

  11. Dude, your content is the best. You're definitely my favourite gamer on YouTube! Thanks for the content, man, really appreciate it. Best entertainment for a Saturday night! Also I love it when you play horror games because I am jumping and screaming along with you 🤣

  12. You have 3 options on how you end the game. You can trash the tape, mail it back to sender or watch it. Trashing it and watching gives you the bad ending. Mailing it back is the better ending and gives you the history of the store 🙂 Quite interesting too!

  13. Began watching this before my online exam…. priorities 🙂 more please!

  14. To be honest. Watching Hollow play horror games is the best entertainment ever.

  15. Love you reactions hollow! So Real And Authentic! Its how i would get scared bro! MORE SCARY GAMES!!

  16. Darling what’s with you and the old lady ? 🤣🤣😭

  17. Cory kenshin played this before

  18. I meeeannn you’ve played scarier didn’t think it was as scary as some of the other games you’ve played but based on your reaction I could be wrong haha

  19. Bro check out welcome to the game it's horror game

  20. coryxkenshin vibes here playing the same games yall!

  21. Bro play Granny fhe scariest horror game ever alive🤣😎🤣

  22. Those hotdogs must have been there for years because I have never seen a bad one 🤣

  23. Please play ‘The Care giver’ from the same creators! Think it came out very recently

  24. You gotta admit the convenience store music is super chill though lol

  25. That 34 minutes part boo also got me bro im on your side 😭😭😭

  26. Play scary tales vol 1, it will trip you out

  27. That old lady was tripping hard. She did not use the restroom, she took some shrooms and left.

  28. I was literally thinking the other day, “I wish hollow would play the convenience store” and sure enough it’s here! Great vid man!

  29. Hollow is a severely underrated youtuber, he deserves millions of views. The amount of times whenever I'm feeling down or want to chill I slap this on and is the perfect treatment. Keep it up bro!

  30. The first night was okay, but after that.. shessh. I N T E N S E

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