This rural shed is… a video game store!? -

This rural shed is… a video game store!?

Phoenix Resale
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I went to probably the rural-est game store I’ve ever been to and had an AMAZING experience! Really happy with how this video turned out, I hope you guys like it as much as I did!

Here’s their Facebook group!

#videogames #smallbusiness #gamehunting

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  1. Maybe I'm missing it, but where's the discord link?

  2. Omg Vexx brings back memories. Some parts would scare me as a kid 😂 I wasn’t ready to be that edgy yet lol.

  3. You're so lucky you stumbled on that game shed while lost between the farm fields dude 😉😆

  4. Kentucky seems like a different planet from where I live. I can’t believe this place exists. Really cool find Caleb.

  5. I gotta ask… was that place air conditioned?

  6. Love the episode. But wondering if a made a good purchase buying a bowling ball for PlayStation move, which is compatible for ps3 and up. I paid $20 for it.

  7. Dude that’s awesome.. you buy off him and helps him and then you win too .. plus people are now gonna go buy off him

  8. mines not as nice but i basically have a shed/game store like this. no overhead is nice

  9. Probably the coolest places I ever seen. Love it!!

  10. Big on supporting the little guys…well done sir!

  11. What is this Mario remix background music??? It didn't turn up on Shazam!

  12. I actually know the guy who made the wood grain gameboy!

  13. Just bought Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince for less than $5 haha, i'll try to make my first sale 🙂

  14. That guy and that guys shop is awsome. I'm glad both of you made a deal/ money.
    Glad to see a mom & pop shop are still out there! We need to preserve them 😀

  15. Man he really is such a nice guy! I mean other store owners are nice but this dude .. he was just beyond amazing! Loved hearing how even at the age he is now you still do mom and son days❤️

    As someone who’s closest friend is their mom that hits at my heartstrings, you can never have “ to much “ time with your parents because when they’re gone all you have is memories so make the most you can ❤️

    Beyond that his store was super interesting to look at! I was eyeing that fire red all day long lol

  16. Such a great guy. Makes you want to support his business!!!!!😀🕹

  17. Just want to take a second to thank everyone in the comments for the super kind words really means a lot when you’re a smaller business so thanks again guys
    If you’re ever down this way we’re at 2531 Jericho Rd., Russell Springs KY 42642

  18. I wish I could visit cool little places like this with great people to meet, thanks for taking us along!

  19. How much cash do you advise having on hand in case you accidentally discover a place like this?

  20. Cringed at him rubbing his fingers all over the JB signatures

  21. I always look for your for sale items on eBay but you never have anything listed- why is that?

  22. You getting good stuff man looking for the next one

  23. Wow that Halloween movie set is rare to come by

  24. My game room is literally a shed also. And it's dope as heck! I dig it!! 🔥🔥

  25. Another great video I appreciate you as always let me know when you come to NY I have every NTSC console and we can go hunting in the areas

  26. I’m surprised the Castlevania LoS collection has such high used value since all the extra content is tied to codes on the back of the manual.

  27. Loved this video it was a great experience just to watch

  28. Been binge watching your videos for a few weeks. I got back into eBay and what do you know…I saw someone undercut my price of A Way Out on Xbox one by 3 cents…and it was you! Lol too funny . Challenge accepted

  29. Cool, but the guy needs to get rid of those Funko Pops (they’re ugly and take up so much shelf space) and make room for more retro games.

  30. Awesome hat! Where did you find it? Im a huge pokemon fan btw had to ask

  31. Crazy about that Halloween blu ray set. I got it at Best Buy years ago on sale for $25… now it’s super sought after in the horror movie collector community.

  32. A very pleasant and accommodating businessman. 🎮🕹️🎮🕹️🎮🕹️🎮

  33. was wondering why I hadn't seen a video for 5 days and now i know you been getting your forest Gump on haha

  34. B52's singing about the love shack has nothing on this video game shack! That guy is awesome! 😀

  35. Oh no, Phoenix Resale is hunting in my backyard, lol. Seriously though, glad you found some good deals from a place I've been myself.

  36. man I would love to have that Fire Emblem 30 years

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