THQ Nordic Distances Themselves From The 'Metro Exodus' Epic Games Store Exclusivity Deal -

THQ Nordic Distances Themselves From The ‘Metro Exodus’ Epic Games Store Exclusivity Deal

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Metro Exodus is ditching Steam to exclusively head to the Epic Games store. Let’s discuss the fallout

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  1. Lets be real, if the reviews are good after about a month, we’ll probably end up buying it anyway

  2. I am just gonna pick up a few more stocks on the cheap before it explodes after the earnings call, do not mind me, I just love negative media some times giving these golden opportunities. Especially for things like this, trivial matters.

  3. Having another client does not bother me so much since I always have a shortcut to the game on my desktop that I'm playing through. What bothers me more is that people say that this is competition on the market and will better for the consumer. But it's not a competition for the consumer rather for developers. I would want to see games on more clients and the stores competing for costumers with offers, better prices and so on.

  4. This is the same type of competition as doing a 100 metre sprint and shooting the other contestants 18 seconds before the race starts

  5. The point for me is i have 2 metro games on steam so why shoud i buy it on epic oh yeee to play a singl player game online WOW wat u can not logging offline on epic store? Nope.steam is more then juast a store

  6. Steam and GOG is enough; I barely tolerated Origin for Mass Effect 3. I won't do anything else. At least UPlay is connected to Steam.

  7. I remember having a debate with someone about pc vs console and PC not needing to worry about exclusivity I wonder what they're doing right now?

  8. 4:30 you are dead wrong we are certainly NOT getting a better product. the epic store is not made for gamers its made for publishers so they have the power to silence us when they pull scummy moves

  9. Just wait for it to come out on next gen consoles.

  10. For pete sake lots people have windows 10 just put it on windows store i mean if u do that u can make money of xbox ones and windows 10 pcs ur making money off 2 platforms windows 10 (specific to pc side) and xbox one Microsoft says xbox one can run windows 10 app as long it's UWP. Basically what im saying is if u can make game on xbox one u can surely make game on windows store for pc gamers quite few devs done this gears of war 4 example. Windows 7 unsupported and 8.1 time will tell this. Maybe microsoft can shine even more if even pc devs who does multipurpose well windows store 2 birds one stone.

  11. Sorry to be that guy, but "Koch Media" is pronounced the same as "Koch brothers". Only pointing that out because it took me some 10 seconds to understand what "coach media" is xD

  12. still not gonna buy it on epic lol…..well gotta wait 1 more year then

  13. Greed… this was a bad move. I buy after looking at reviews now after the last years craptacular events. I haven’t preordered in year. I installed epic launcher and it isn’t/was crap. No reviews, nothing but a chat function… now with this backlash they may have lost more money than they would have if they left it on steam.. or even if they had done it on both.. I hope the exclusivity was worth it. Oh and them saying PC gamers are uneducated and the “don’t like it, don’t buy” mentality will NOT help either… I hope it was worth it! To bad I love Metro.

  14. Few,good to know THQ Nordic
    doesn't have nothing to do with this,because i want support them buying the Darksiders trilogy and the rest of their games when i get my new laptop,'cause i like them, that's it,i like Darksiders,De Blob,Red Faction,Painkiller,the Unwritten Tales games that i have to check someday,the Delta force games too,i will check Elex when the price drops a bit and i want to check AquaNox:Deep Descent, Scarf and Biomutant when they come out.

  15. Steam is just too much of a powerhouse. Its too big to fail.

  16. Exclusives are the very opposite of competition my guy. Thats called a monopoly.

  17. Listen, competition isn’t exclusive games.

  18. Making the game an exclusive isn't competition. There is no way for Steam to compete with Epic in selling Metro Exodus if they can't buy it. If they kept it on steam at the original price and Epic had it for sell as well just cheaper, than that is competition. You could choose to purchase the more pricey version on Steam or get it cheaper on Epic's store. That might actually cause Steam to lower their percentage of revenue they take from the developers then.

  19. Epic's store is like Linux; not competition at all for Windows, but it's cute that it's trying.

  20. Is as easy to piss off the customer as the customer finding any other game that will keep them entertained as much as their trainwreck.

  21. Deep Silver's actions are literally anti-competitive as an exclusive dealing action, which under certain circumstances is illegal under anti-trust laws.

  22. This makes me see a future where pc players stop calling us console players peasants and we join forces to take down mobile gaming. I can almost taste it.

  23. I switched to ps4 in 2015, I have been very pleased with console gaming. Steam was getting ridiculous and now i am glad for my changeup.

  24. humm like the internet competition in us? where you have like 10 companies but just one offers good internet where you live so it's a usless competetion? (this meaning that company is a fucking monopolio but just beacuse it isnt the only company it isn't a monoplio, like nvida and amd, nvdia has a fucking monopolio but it isnt the only company)

  25. Wow, not to pull attention away from the video but you can really tell he is losing weight

  26. Metro is a timed exclusive, that's correct. Time not to give them a penny.

  27. So, the people who already preordered/bought it are still getting it on steam but there’ll be no new purchases available? Or were the preorders cancelled too?

  28. Simply don't buy the game from the Epic game store. That alone is a very strong statement on what their fan base thinks.

  29. i always forget that i have games on uplay such as wildlands because the only client i have installed is steam

  30. Hey Rich I wanted to say your shirts are looking a little looser on you… not sure if you are still keeping up with losing weight but it looks like you are so congrats man keep it up!!!

  31. Epic Games is trash, They were a dying company once Gears of Wars popularity ended and then suddenly brought back to life with Fortnite Battle Royale mode. Up until then they had two failing games, Paragon and Fortnite PVE. Epic Games exclusive deal with Metro Exodus is not for the gamers, It's them forcing their way into Steam's market. Epic Games wants that passive income before Fortnite's popularity dries up because once that happens they'll be nothing again.

  32. EA can at least justify having some games as exclusives, because it's their game. Even EA hasn't stooped so low and started buying third party games off for exclusive sales on origin. However I maybe speaking too soon, next thing I know EA starts following Epic.

  33. I think the issue with competition is that more and more companies are dominating the process from keyboard to controller; from Dev to User.

    We are actually starting to see the rise in gaming monopolies and I don't like it. It's what happens when capitalism is applied to an uneven playing field. It's anti-capitalist.

  34. I'mma tell you what you don't know now. The game and its epic Network it will be controlled by the Russians via capitalists connections. They will have all your information. Including your financial and ID. That's why they moved suddenly from Steam because the story broke out. That's where you get a lot of the technical bullies and Hackers from that keep attacking American businesses. They came over here thinking they could dominate the video game industry but we're caught with their pants down. Fallout fans realized that a lot of the concept was data that was hacked in 2011 from Bethesda, then flipped and inverted as to not look completely the same. Then eliminating landmarks and changing graphics from different other sources. They were able to build on the stolen hacked data. That's what you don't know. So if you leave steam you're leaving security. And if you go to Epic well, that's on you. You're basically paying them to join something you cannot leave and they will have all of it. That is authoritarianism not capitalism. That's why they're in cahoots with EA.

  35. A lot of those Russian hackers are stuck in the States now. And if they got out Europe in Japan and China will be waiting. Considering how much pain Europe Japan and China have been through including everyone else I can only imagine

  36. Origin competition for Steam? Pfff! Plus you claim they have great customer support, but the Origin App just stopped working after an update on what was a really beefy machine back than and my experience with them was bad. Just bad.

    Sure, the free games were nice, but the catalogue of games is not that big and I regret getting BF4. Needles to say I'm never going to buy an EA game on PC ever again. I just hope that Alice 3 will not be published by them honestly!

    On the other side I'm happy that Steam is getting more REAL competition. Downloading the EPIC Game store is the least of my problems. And as a side note: this is why you should never pre-order anything. It sucks, it wasn't terrible move from side of the publisher, but I can't feel too bad for people that pre-order a digital game either.

  37. I just really got into PC gaming about a year ago. I'm going to guess-stimate how many games I have on each platform.

    Steam: 40. Uplay: 5. Origin: 5. Epic: 2. Twitch: 30 free indie games included w/Amazon Prime. *Edit: The Epic games are just the free ones atm.
    Plus, I'm probably going to pick GTA5 back up to finish the sp campaign and enjoy 60fps. So, that might add R* Social Club to the list too. 6 clients for around 70 games!?!?

  38. So what do we have: Steam, Epic Games Store, Discord, Origin, uPlay, Windows Store/MacOS AppStore/Any Linux Store, Twitch, Glyph,, GamersGate, Arc, Bethesda Launcher, Desura/OnePlay, Humble Bundle,, GameJoly, Facebook Gameroom, Green Man Gaming, Direct2Drive, Desura/OnePlay, G2A/Kingwuin, etc. And besides browser (example: Chrome Web Store) and website based games (example: Club Penguin) and direct download games (example Minecraft: Java Edition). Did I miss any? (not all of these are clients, but I mean platforms to either get games for other clients or for their clients)

  39. I feel like we will have the big three: Steam, Epic Games Store, and Discord.

  40. Doesn't change anything for me I pirate all my games

  41. johnny walker
    I feel sorry for those steampc fan boy masterfags! Your turning…. now u will know how it feel. The hatred we ps4 and xbox peasants have felt for so long agaisnt eachother. But u know. You should feel happy for me. at least ill be able to play it on my ps4, no problem. Bwhahahaha

  42. Thq fucking over russians isn't a new thing look up stalkers development cycle

  43. The thing is THQ nordic is the parent company of Deep Silver as well since Deep Silver is subsidiary Koch. Being a subsidiary they operate independently of the parent company so it most likely was Deep Silvers or Koch's call to bring it to the epic store and not THQ Nordic's. Like you said epic store gave them a better deal so they decided to use them to increase gross profit. Doesn't get passed on to consumer in standard edition of the game because I assume the price $60 USD. It possible it does get passed on in some other way like in the form of microtransactions, dlc, etc.. The only way to really determine that is to compare the prices of those types of items from other companies who sell similar products, but even then it's pretty inconclusive. THQ nordic is really adamant about allowing their subs to operate independently and not interfere though so, again, I would assume it wasn't their call

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