Truck Driver - Gameplay Trailer | Epic Games Store -

Truck Driver – Gameplay Trailer | Epic Games Store

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Truck Driver is launching on Epic Games Store on May 27th!


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  1. The worst truck game I ever seen, I want my money back !

  2. What happened too your deal with this being on steam? Realize this fame would be able too compete with ets2 orcafraid of it being review bombed lol

  3. All it need is a Satnav build into the truck

  4. Epic Games Store? Not Steam? Expect many lost sales then.

  5. How about we just get more content for the console version ? Been like what 18 months and still nothing new

  6. Can we now take out the map from the screen?

  7. Someone's not confident about their game's ability to sell well.

    Oh well. Returns to Euro Truck Simulator 2

  8. Too small map, when a real truck sim map, look ETS2, ATS, including On the road is too big, when a real big map bro???

  9. Does it still appear on Steam anyway? There I have my collection of simulators. It would be a shame if not. I don't want or need Epic Launcher

  10. My guess about it being on epic is because epic will let them keep more money from Sales as they don’t it expect it to sell well on pc. And even that don’t make any sense as with microsofts recent announcement that publishers that list thier games on thier store they V would only take 12% cut way less than even epic. And if they put those games on game pass for both console and pc they take only 8% . This is why square enix and EA started listing all those games including new releases on game pass

  11. I appreciate the efforts but ETS2 is already there. What is the point? Found nothing new.

  12. When are we gonna get the big loads back or new loads instead of the same

  13. the biggest issue hoding this game back is the unity engine! it just isn't cut ou for driving games at all. also look at on the road they hit a wall with using the unity engine on thier truck driving game that it has literally halted it development for the past several months on tboth pc and consoles! and the nascar heat serries which the past 5 versions uses unity engine and they cant progress it any further so they are now partnering up with r factor 2 too use thier engine for the next nascar heat game and dumping unity! originally unity engine was primarily designed for making mobile phone /tablet games and not ment for ths type of games. but amature/ new studios and publishers like sodesco use it because its soo damn cheap too license. as unity license thier engine out to basically any one.

  14. ETS clone and a poor man's ETS. Also on Epic Store so already a hard pass. This game must be exceptionally bad or have no confidence in this game for you to take Epic's bribe money exclusivity deal and not release on Steam day one. Most of the game that goes Epic timed exclusive follows the same pattern.

  15. Let's go we getting Epic games to truck driver!!! 🚚 good vid as usual:)

  16. y porque no sale en steam que ha pasado para no vender truck driver en steam? 🙁

  17. Better is ETS 2 and American Truck . This engine is old graphics!!!

  18. It was a total failure on Consoles. But being on PC competing with American Truck Sim and Euro Truck Sim, it doesn’t have a hope in hell.

  19. Dont bother guys lol. All the trucks are the same, have the exact same performance, and the map is actually pretty small. Far better pc truck games out there.

  20. I hope Epic Games goes bankrupt, they truly deserve it. RIP this game being exclusive to Epic as it will not be seen by many people.

  21. YES YES YES !!!!!!! 2 YEARS WAITING !!

  22. If you order Euro Truck Simulator 2 from Wish, you'll get Truck Driver

  23. Выглядит конечно много обещающе.Будем ждать.

  24. ets 2 came out like 10 years ago and it still looks + plays better then this arcadey wannabe comsole clone…

  25. Is it free to come in Mistry games on Epic store 27 may

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