Valve updates Steam Agreement to prevent Epic Games Store Exclusives -

Valve updates Steam Agreement to prevent Epic Games Store Exclusives

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Not only is Valve releasing a new UI for Steam, they have also opted to update their Steam Distribution Agreement to combat the Epic Games Store Exclusives and the game poaching that Tim Sweeney and Epic have been doing.
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  1. I'm one of these shitters that likes to not really get involved in any of this but instead laugh on the fence seeing these companies fight each other. Hearing about how tons of people are just going to pirate games instead of buy them because epic is blocking them off for 6 months or whatever is pretty funny. I 99% hate epic and never buy any of their games, but the 1% is great to take away steams monopoly. Epic putting valve under pressure to improve – will – cause them to improve hopefully.

  2. So steam is black mailing developers and people are ok with it cause fuck epic am I right? Grow up people steam is no heaven and I hope they burn

  3. Steam: no
    EGS: no
    PS store: no
    Xbox/Microsoft store: no
    that shady Russian store: yes

  4. I'm sorry but Epic doesn't get any passes for their launcher being garbage on features. Sweeney has been nothing but an arrogant ass, and throws money around acting like he's bringing water to farmers in the Sahara, but somehow can't seem to afford programmers to fix his launcher? Sorry, but no.

  5. "If you've already signed up to have your game on Steam" What does it mean ? That you publiced your game site on steam with "Coming Soon"/Release Date, or that you've just created the app in the Steamworks ?

  6. Timothy could pay developers millions in dollars to get their game on EGS but he refused to afford a single penny for hiring programmers to fix his fucking store

  7. epic exclusive to me means, the game was scrapped and we arnt making it… i wont ever download epic launcher…

  8. 2015 – 2018 : Console vs PC
    2018 – 2019 : Steam vs Epic

  9. Interesting model that Epic Game is engaged in. It could be worse if larger corps like Amazon or Walmart wants to increase their e-commerce portfolio to the gaming industry by participating in the same model.

  10. Fuck epic games 👎 👎 👎👎 👎👎 👎👎 👎👎 👎👎 👎👎 👎👎 👎

  11. Well, if you have downloaded the launcher, you should know that theres chinese spyware in it's codes. Just look it up.

  12. Valve updates Steam Agreement to prevent Epic Games Store Exclusives and turn Steam Library into piece if steaming bullshit…

  13. F*CK the new steam library UI update, its terrible

  14. Steam is really pissing me off lately. I want out really bad. I hate it that I have thousands of dollars in games tied up with steam. Steam holds my games hostage and then changes their terms to suit themselves any time they want. Basically they are like Darth Vader and saying. "I have changed the deal." If I want to opt out I loose thousands!!

    I can only say for now that I will never buy anything from steam ever again. But that doesn't solve the problem of the games that they are currently holding hostage. At this point Steam is being very high handed and punitive to us as users of their front.

    I need options. I want to sue them.

  15. You mean Valve is trying once again to tell other companies what they can or can't do, it's typical of steam to go whiny cry baby when they don't get their way. This is why I will never use Steam. You're not convinced Sid because you are in Valve's pocket.

  16. Services you right, Epic… it's not very sportsmen like to try and strong arm customers onto your launcher.

  17. Why can't Epic and Steam come to agreement so people don't need to piss off when Epic takes games to exclusives. And other opinion, Exclusives are stupid in Epic Games Store.

    That's why i don't use Epic Games Store

  18. Remember guys when 10 years ago or so Epic left pc and moved to consoles they said – pc gamers are pirates and pc gaming has no future. Valve made a platform with affordable prices made consumers and devs happy (even pirates started buying games) they optimised online gaming, made cross platform gaming possible spending billions on servers etc They still working hard and improving many things. And now when pc gaming is on top because of steam, guess who is back? Epic trash store with chinese money lol "We give old games for free every week, just install our spy bot app, our red leader wants to know everything about you, you capitalist scum"

  19. Most of the people in this comment's section are epic game store supporting communist's and I hate it; guy's valve doesn't screw you over or spy on you.

  20. I will never buy anything from the epic games store. if someone wants me to buy their game, they can start by not spitting in my face.

  21. In valves case Gabe likes eating multiple birds at one time.
    Father.. I crave wallets – Gabe Newell -2006

  22. You know what I would do if I was Valve? Put in a clause that bans developers that choose Epic exclusivity for at least 5 years from Steam. This puts pressure on those developers to ACTUALLY think through their decisions rather than follow the quick bucks.

  23. Anyone that is happy for Steam to have the monopoly over PC game distribution is a moron

  24. As far as I'm aware, Steam, like Netflix and others use Kubernetes and so a game exists (or not) on its servers/cloud and only when people need to download it are instances of it created automatically. In short, there is no real, significant new capacity required for each game. Instead Steam will be continuously increasing overall capacity based upon overall usage of the platform.
    However I think it was really bad when games signed people up on Steam and then made the game available on Epic first.
    Let's get the fact straight though – games that you are talking about are NOT Epic EXCLUSIVE. They are just released on Epic several months earlier than Steam. It is temporary exclusivity. It is not like Halo and Uncharted on consoles.
    Great vid though – interesting times

  25. I really don't get any of this?

    Us, as the consumers, literally only profit from this, why are we complaining? download both, get the exclusives and free stuff on epic games, then buy whichever version is cheaper. Your fuckin 10 dollars isn't gonna change shit to multi-billion dollar game companies

  26. So developers would prefer to have an absolutely crap platform own the rights to their game sales when Steam is the most solid platform and most secure with 11 TIMES more player base

    Congratulations developers you just played yourself

  27. I mean… Free games are free games, it's not like they are profiting from their giveaways. Just take the free stuff and buy games from steam.

  28. Well, I mean, thanks for free games, but I ain't buying an exclusive as long as its price is not at least 50% off.

  29. Not buying anything on Epic Store. I only made an account at Epic Store to collect games for free.

    They gave GTA V for free 2 weeks ago, last week they gave Civilization VI for free and now Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is free this week. I heard ARK will be free next week.
    That´s it, if they give games for free, good, I collect them. Other than that, I use Steam for games I actually want.

  30. I never buy games from Epic, i just add free games to my account

  31. For anybody wondering the End result Epic is simply like forcefully nudges itself into the market like ur arse being stuck between a rock and a hard place because to multibillionaire companies the "user base" is the market share! So as long as There are Epic games store users that come to the store for specific games Epic is always going to exist and have presence against Valve which is the main goal if Epic has no User Base they basically have no consumers because Valve is always going to have the monopoly because of how easily advertised their games are simply by being on the store there is nothing wrong with having the same games in 2 different companies's stores the only difference is just by being part of a store you are already a consumer hence you are a user! Now this is not a bad thing because once Epic games stops their "exclusives" they are going to have enough marketshare to compete with Valve which means Price changes! You are always going to compare Epic vs Valve prices in the future this isnt necessarily a bad thing because you can save a lot of money by choosing the cheaper option (aka the store that sells the game at potential discount) Right now Steam has monopoly of the market which comes nothing good from it apart from SOLELY MERIT of being a Valve fan and not having to install 1 extra store application on your PC and can't be bothered with dealing with 2 stores!Do you realize how silly that thought process is? And the merit of having 2 stores is the fact that Valve can no longer set prices for the entire marketshare alone while Epic can always just have a different marketing strategy or simply sell at a discount! This means not only can you have games for cheaper in the future it also means you can get a better offer and have ACTUAL OPTIONS for buying the game u want instead of waiting for Valve's yearly summer sale scam that sells you bundles of bundles of games at a discount just so you never play them after the first 12 hours of gameplay!

  32. Why are those Steam freak in the comments that want Steam to keep monopolizing gaming industry and taking a big percentage of indie game companies profits?

  33. I don't really care all too much as long as my account information is secure, I can get a refund when I need to, and there is cloud saving, I don't really care which platform it goes on.

  34. Man if there was one single place where every game was buyable on pc that would be amazing. If I could just have 1 launcher or app for everything I would be so happy. Like beyond happy. Microsoft please monopolize gaming distribution.

  35. So I started wondering epic game doesn't getting hacked
    And other game industries does. I think they paid the world powerful
    Hacker to destroy every game industries. 😣 what were they thinking. Pls let's help all game industries to defeat epic game

  36. Steam and gog are probably the best and only platforms you should use, look at Microsoft putting games on every store. Don't buy a game on epicstore. Wait until it comes out on Microsoft store, Steam, or gog. Take cd project red for example, they have their own store and release on as many platforms as possible.

  37. If eрic gaмes шaптs мe тo мaкe мy gaмe aп exclцsive тo тнeiг disgгace of a PC gaмe's sтoгe I'll jцsт saу пo aпd yoц coцld sтicк уoцг Cнiпɛsɛ Уцaп цp yoцг @$$.

    (I гeposтed тнis becaцse YouTube deleтed iт шнeп I cнaпged iт тo мaкe iт тнe гigнт cцггeпcy)

  38. Wow steam is getting desperate epic games if I was developer I would want to put my games on epic games cause epic games only charge developers 12% while steam is more than that don't know by how much but still.

  39. And remember kids:

    Epic Games bans your account if you buy too many games at a time!

  40. this is fantastic… basically, if you want your game on steam it must be within 30 days of the release anywhere else… basically fuck you epic, by enforcing a free market hahahaa

  41. They are still doing it in Fall/Winter 2020, why !?

    I'm so fucking tired of Epic Store,
    The platform that keep publishing new games as "exclusive", borderlands 3, Assassins Creed Valhalla amongst others […]
    The same platform that shutdown the development of a new Unreal tournament […]
    And the list goes on.

  42. i dont wanna buy a cracked snowrunner from the creators of fortnite
    nobody wants to do that

  43. I think at this point: Why doesn't Epic just create their own operating system?

  44. Good, tbh I support EPIC store continuing. If Valve really wants to do better, monopoly is not the answer to growth.

  45. So, Tim Sweeney is a scumbag? What's new?

  46. Gaben doesn’t look like a valve
    Tim does look like a EG

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