Video Game Store Timewarp! | Recreating a retro game store -

Video Game Store Timewarp! | Recreating a retro game store

RMC – The Cave
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Step back in time to our video game store timewarp! As part of The Cave build, and thanks to your support, we’ve expanded the exhibition into this recreation of an old videogame store, just as I remember it in the ’80s and ’90s. Take a trip with me today into the store and enjoy the build process.

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  1. As a shop manager in the early 00s, we used this same shrink wrap method for our big box games. Great work, love the new space. Really takes me back to that shop (which had a lot of 90s gear in it). Thanks for the videos, can't wait to visit someday!

  2. Not sure if it was just my local shops as a kid but there would probably be a free standing shelf plonked in the middle, no spare space unused even in tiny shops! May not be practical in your case though. Can’t wait to see it in the flesh! Well done!

  3. Adding an all-glass shop door with a black frame and handle would add to the shop feel as you walk in. Adding an electronic chime might help deter some sticky fingers walking out with games.

  4. Wasnt WH Smiths, John Menzies back in the day?

  5. This looks superb – can't wait to be able to visit 🎮 👍☺ m

  6. It makes you think about the new stuff on eBay, they could be using a shrink wrap machine, to make it look new.

  7. That wood with the rails for hanging the games really sells it as a 80s/90s store. That alone immediately says game store.

  8. You've all nailed that shop look! Brilliant.

  9. Looks great! Love all your build videos. One thing I would like to see, that would complete the look for me, is having the controllers on the try before you buy console on fixed stalks. Like they used to have on the stand alone demo cabinets.

  10. The voodoo3s on the top shelf… always out of reach for me as a 14 year old in more ways than one.

  11. the mom and pop gamestore I used to goto sold pirated copies, he told me he made more money selling pirated games in 1 day than he did selling originals all week, he got caught because he was doing it in the open like that, still miss the place it was fun.

  12. Love the retro shop. Even better than the real thing: no nasty price stickers leaving a mess!

  13. The moment you opened the door I was instantly taken back. You've done an incredible job here. This is the strongest I've felt the nostalgia since I discovered Home of the Underdogs over 10 years ago… Does that site still exist? Beyond this fantastic video series, a virtual collection would be an amazing way to offer people a taste of the experience, and get people in the door when this opens to the public. I am tremendously excited to cross the pond and see this some day soon.

  14. I worked for Special Reserve in the early 90s, and frequented my local high street computer games shop for years before that. This looks so close to what I remember, with a mix between the 80s and 90s styles. Well done!

  15. Huge smile right now took me right back to my childhood thank u so much for this now do a video store please 😃

  16. Now all you need is the scent of plastic/carpet cleaner/floor wax and your retro-retailer experience is complete. This is an absolute gem, and a great idea for storing extra copies of titles you have. Well done!

  17. Could only afford the 1.99 tapes from whsmith at the time, everything else was copied on c90s with time codes for the start of every game. Can i "tape it off", as the saying goes

  18. I got quite emotional seeing this. It really took me back to a certain time and place. Thank you Neil- I can't wait to see it!

  19. Simply seeing that ghostbusters game shrink wrapped took me back in time instantly, so cool !

  20. You have nailed it Neil I think. Its looks perfect and well done. I have some mags and games that I may wish to donate, though I am not sure how to at this time. I'm sure i will find out. I really can't wait to visit the new expanded and all encompassing retro cave. Splendid job as always.

  21. Msn I wanted that dizzy collection so bad as a kid 🙁

  22. We had a brilliant computer shop where i live, called Long eaton software. i shopped there from 1986 till they closed in the early 2000s. covering my ZX speatrum/CPC/C64/520st/A1200 to my PC days which started with a P75

  23. Oh Neil you have nailed it!!!!!
    So much memories of shopping in WH Smiths 😀😀😀😀

  24. Шaтsои'š Щоґld Оf Шоиdєґš says:

    You'd love my daughter's PS2 collection, every PAL catalogue game, abs huge stock of PS2 titles plus her machine came with 100 PS1 titles and a PS2 Slim… she bought it couple years back for… … … £60 which also included two full Madcatz steering wheel rigs and all those soppy controller thingies from some of the games… £60 O.o She comes in from her mates and she says to me "Dad you are gonna be cross with me" and she brought in box after box and I thought she was moving someone in then I saw the Madcatz boxes and looked in the plastic tubs and it took us a week to catalogue it all. Its now in the "cupboard of despair" which is dry and vermin free to mature alongside the DC, NES, SNES, MD etc all put into the CoD to save them from degradation after recapping and I just use my Raspberry Pi NESPi for all the old stuff, Gamecube is still out as daily checked to feed Chao in Sonic Adventure 2, ten years daily and still going strong and super super funky.

  25. Spotted quite few games I had some involvement with from back in the day… makes me feel a bit old! LOL… looks cool.

  26. Wow Wow the shop looks fantastic. I remember one of the shops I would visit had Atari on the one side and Amiga on the other, like they were ready to go to war. I of course was drawn to the Amiga side, something about the Atari and the green in TOS I never liked. 30+ years latter and I still have my original Amiga and still love the machine, yes it is slow compared to todays machines, but todays machines just don't have the charter or style of the old machines. RMC well done and keep up the great work.

  27. yeah looks like when i back in the day stept into a game store well done

  28. @rmc missing those metal spindle stands for the cassette games, and a neon sign, nothing says 90's rather than neon.

  29. So many people say they smiled when they saw this but I got tears in my eyes… not sure what that says about me… 😭

  30. That is amazing. Took me right back to my youth! Never seen Mastertronic in cardboard sleeves though!

  31. Well done to recreate all this, it was a huge effort. Look forward to visiting it some day. Shame I just came across this channel after just recently dumping my stack of c&vg mags while doing a clear out. Could have donated them.😕

  32. As an ex Electronics Boutique employee (late 90s/early 00s) I feel your pain with the shrink wrap-a-thon. I spent many hours out in the back of those shops (re)wrapping the games.

  33. YES!!!!!! Sweden here :d Feels so right <3

  34. This channel deserves far more subs than it is getting. Come on people!

  35. Shop is really well done. Gave me a nice nostalgia flash. Thanks!

  36. The only thing I don't like, and don't remember, are the tapes stacked with their spline showing. I remember most computer shops had the tape face showing. Obviously, that would limit the space they take up, but at the moment they look more like someone's shelf at home, rather than a shelf in a shop.

  37. Neil this looks amazing. Such hard work and love has gone into this.

    I think it’s lovely that you’ve left some of the price tags and receipts in the cases. Excellent period detail

  38. Fantastic sir, BUT where are the POSTERS advertising the Latest and GREATEST ! 🙂
    pps love the idea and really enjoy your channel mate 🙂

  39. I live in Cheltenham and can't wait to come and visit this!

  40. I wish there was a shop like this near me in the 80s and 90s.

  41. Wow! I love it. It's so good to see all the Spectrum tapes and Big PC and Amiga boxes 🙂

  42. What is the music used for the Video game store segment? Great soundtrack.

  43. Yeah this is authentic! Great job. Tandy and WH Smith vibes.

  44. RMC, do you remember the name of your old computer shop?

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