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We have thoughts about the Epic Games Store – TalkLinked #4

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In December, Epic Games launched EGS, announced 88/12 percent dev/store revenue share

– Shortly after, Valve changed their revenue share to take 25 percent from games that make over 10 million and 20 percent from games that make over 50 million

Then, EGS started grabbing exclusive games – started with some indie games, but then grabbed Metro Exodus – and made it CHEAPER on EGS

– Steam pre-orders honoured
Borderlands 3

Control from Remedy Games, Most Ubisoft PC titles, and a bunch of indies

These are mostly timed exclusives

Adding insult to injury, Epic Games started buying games that had already existed for a while on other platforms, like Rocket League (they actually bought the developer, Psyonix)

And buying games that had crowdfunding campaigns promising a Steam release, like Outer Wilds

Now, one COULD argue this is all in service of adding competition to the market.

Tim Sweeney believes exclusives are “the only strategy that will change the 70/30 status quo” of the game insdustry

Major Developers have expressed support for Epic’s revenue split

Interestingly, Epic doesn’t want EVERY game – Skatebird

And some games / devs have publicly declined – Rise of Industry, Factorio, DARQ

– In some cases, Epic won’t let some developers list on Steam AND EGS – not the case for large multiplatform games like Cyberpunk 2077

But Gamers take issue with EGS for a number of reasons:
– People don’t want to download YET ANOTHER game launcher
– There have been some concerns about data collection because Chinese gaming giant Tencent has a stake in the company
– EGS has waaaay less features than Steam

EGS has a roadmap for features
– Epic Games Store Roadmap
But they’ve already missed a bunch of deadlines – because roadmaps are not set in stone

And the whole conversation has become pretty toxic, on the part of both gamers and devs

What does Epic do well?
– Revenue Share
– Influencer marketing program
– Supporting Cross-play

But they seem to largely be trying to gobble up users without much regard for what those USERS want
– They say they have the market’s best interests in mind, but if that’s true, they’d offer some features that gamers can’t find anywhere else

What about Discord? They give 90 percent of revenue to developers on their store

– They’re an example of a company that offered a solution that the gaming industry needed, they got a ton of users, and THEN they started a store


  1. Brawndo is what gamers crave … and Linux of course xD

  2. all the negatives for the epic games store just leaves me uneasy looking into Tencent makes me uncomfortable, missing features on the roadmap doesn't build confidence for me in their platform and I do use steam features to share and broadcast etc so I personally leaves a sour taste for me and I'd rather wait for a steam release. That is just me.

  3. Pleaaaase do more of these the usual tech linked episodes are too quick and superficial, which I like too but having something more in depth and complete is great too

  4. I think at the end of the day there is no issue of being "forced" to do anything. Players don't "need" to buy these games. Exclusivity has been a part of business for ages its nothing unique to videogames. There is nothing anticonsumer about this because you have the choice of not consuming the product if its not your liking. People who like fortnite and borderlands and happen to be on pc will still buy it because its the actual game they care about not who is selling it. Xbox live was a more refined service than psn but psn played catch up. The ps3 still got as many sales even slightly beat the 360 by some accounts by the end of the gen bcz again playstation gamers came for te games more than the extra features. Long story short for as long as epic has the games the people who were really gonna buy anyway will probably follow. The platform will develop and a lot of the people who hate epic now will fanboy for them like they do for steam now

  5. Any games put on Epic games store will not be bought by me. Anything that puts my steam library in jeopardy, must burn.

  6. Hey techlinked, i. Case u guys didn't notice, there's a weird rumbling background noise in the video… Maybe you've placed the mic near an AC vent or something. Keep it in mind for other vids.

  7. I haven't bought anything EA related in over a year. That's how pissed I am at their "surprise mechanics". I'm not sure how much I hate Epic. But if the choice was to bomb ISIS or bomb Epic.. it would take a while to figure out which is worse

  8. For me this is more relevant now than ever, I want Borderlands but don't want Epic. I'm trying to stay strong and wait for it to show up on Steam.

  9. They exclusives cause steam sill sells more titles and copies. So they need exclusivity. Devs could put on both platforms but they know all would get it on steam.

  10. pro tip, if you are using steam and epic, add your binary exe or whatever to steam, the overlay and stuff will still work and heir are independent organized communities, it isnt as good, but its a alternative than actually using epic.

  11. Oh… exclusives help competition. Now I get it… I thought you competed by creating a better product. I stand corrected.

  12. Epic doesn’t care about gamers. Just their money.

  13. Epic game sucks long time ago how most off them game creater the care just for u money nothing more

  14. If a game is tied to the Epic store, I won't buy it. Simple as that, I don't approve of their very anti-consumer practises and cosying up with China.

  15. Epic Games Store isn't the problem. Developers being greedy is the problem. If they had stood their ground and said "NOPE. I'm not giving Epic Games exclusivity if it means betraying my backers" then neither these Devs nor Epic Games Store would have this much negativity going their way.

  16. Look if I can have the option of carrying over my games to Steam once the Exclusivity period is over then I'M GOOD. Let me do that ONE THING and I'm okay at the moment.

  17. 6:40 correction, Steam does NOT DO REFUNDS AT ALL EVER. There are over a dozen games that are notorious for not even being playable, as in they will not load or boot up on any computer, yet Steam keeps the store pages open for said games, knowing they are selling vaporware. And to date there are ZERO refunds. Steam will not even listen to your emails or attempts at customer service on the issue.

    Please please please for the love of god NEVER give anyone false information as if they somehow have the ability to get their money back from Steam. It flat out will NOT HAPPEN.

  18. it make no sense for devs to sell their game on a platform that take 30% ?? Dont care what people say. These devs need to make money and if i was one i would go with EPIC as well

  19. Tencent.. you what!!
    That company.
    Who buy up popular games and then change the economy for higher costs to the player.
    (Hi league of Legends – blue essence scandal, make it look like you get more, scam! drop rates nerfed to F)

    I dont care what title they have, even if it's "the most bestest game in the entire worl" – HELL NO!

  20. GOG Galaxy has more features than Epic store, and you guys did not even talk about that.

  21. I got red dead 2 at 25$ from epic besides Star Wars fallen order at 15$

  22. Fuck epic! I brought rdr2 on EGS. The game come like in 30 minutes to my library. And they never ever give me the product key, like wtf man I didn't fkn borrow shit from you I paid the shit already. I emailed them and they asking me like 6 questions including my personal info. I mean like wtf ? I'll never buy anything from epic shit again. Plus the download speed is like Donald Trump face!

  23. The games I bought 8 months ago has still not appeared on my library despite messaging their support about it weekly.

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  25. Me on steam trying to find Detroit Become Human 🙁

    Epic looking at me waiting to distribute my card details 🙂

    I don't need to play Detroit that badly 🙂

  26. tbh what got me addicted to epic is their great sales they have prety much all the time and they have new free games they giveaway each week sometimes theirs rlly nice free games they giveaway and if theirs a sale and u got a coupon u can save even more money that platforms like u play and steam dont offer ive looked those barely got money to spend financially its the right choice the other day i got far cry new dawn far cry primal and far cry blood dragon all them where about 6$ each thats alot less then their competitors and they got store policy where if u purchased games from them if they get removed u will be refunded or transfered to a launcher like steam ppl complain about epic but not all of us can afford to be ritch

  27. Epic is good for singleplayer but i would always buy a multiplayer on steam some times epic offers better discount than steam

  28. I will never join Epic Crap. If the game i want is not on steam then console will have it. I will never give a company who pays for exclusives rather building there platform for the gamer. They are not for the gamer when they force you on there shity platform.

  29. epic does not have my trust at all. want to play FN but that launcher is terribly sus

  30. I hate Epic Game Store. As a customer, you pay more for less. If the developers wanted to make more money, then raise the prices of their games on Steam or fuck off. Developers are incapable of understanding that their extra profit is at the cost of producing a shittier product. All the prices on Epic Game Store should be one-half the price of their equivalent games on Steam. That is the only way to make their cost per value equal.

  31. Just downloaded the epic games store. Wow it has no features yet. As a web developer, I can imagine the developers tearing their hair out.

  32. I just use it for free games because I don’t give a cra

  33. epic is epic i just get free game constanly its EPIC

  34. I can't even contact Epic Games Store support! They do not accept e-mails, only ways to contact them are the web site help.epicgames.com and Twitter. The web site's form complains that my email address is not valid, even if it is the very same e-mail address I read every day and created my account a few days ago. And to Twitter I won't go, as I hate that site. So… what am I gonna do? Bloody Epic Games Store, fix your support site form, or accept e-mail!

  35. Fortnite the dying game as to Why there trying with Epic which is not So epic, they Will Epically "Fail" with there Chineses Spying asses, glad I didn't sign up just to Play ANNO 1800 Pfff not that hard up.

  36. Hi, im from Sept 2020. Epic Games still doesnt have shopping cart.

  37. Know what my thoughts are? It’s Spyware and it’s trash.

  38. I have a doubt
    Will installing epic games launcher give me a virus??

  39. epic could have gotten more money if they added gifting. like just not too long ago my girlfriend was gonna buy the dlc for remnant for me and it couldnt be done even if i gave her my account to buy it.

  40. I wanna get two games from epic games store because it’s not on steam I’m not sure if epic is trustworthy tho

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