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What is the 7th FREE MYSTERY GAME from EPIC?

Should You Play It?
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Tips to games looking at the symbol and other clues to the next Christmas Mystery game from Epic that we gut from you guys during live stream and little more diging after.

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Far Cry 6,
Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden,
State of Decay 2,
Crossbow: Bloodnight,
Crossbow crusade,
Ghost Recon Wildlands,
Fallout 76,
Walking Dead Survival Instinct

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  1. I am 99.99% sure that its not Pubg. Cuz Pubg is going FTP in January.

  2. PUBG will free to play from 15th January. So I don't want PUBG to be free for epic Christmas games.

  3. Your prediction is good but whenever we think that a AAA game is coming then we see that it is a 2d game or something else which is not that fun type. Epic ig is going from a big loss.

  4. Till now remnant is only good one for me others are meh…

  5. If it's Far Cry 6, the gaming community will blow up

  6. they are giving a 3d game then 2d
    so this game could be crossbow crusade

  7. Help me reach 450 sbs without any vid. says:

    I respect everyone who were involved in this. Seriously the best piece that I've ever seen on YouTube. HATS OFF TO YOU ALL!

  8. The forest probably, it is a survival game or PUBG cuz it's gonna be free on all platforms on January so idk

  9. Bro look at the popular games section in epic games every game till last one was in the list so so the next one will also be most probably there…..

  10. Minecraft isnt going to be coming to epic games nor steam because of notches wish

  11. It's gonna be rust cause the crossbow is damn same

  12. It is mutant year zero 100000000000000000000000000% confirmed

  13. the game can actually be pubg since its going free officially on around 10 jan anyways (dunno the exact date but you can look it up)

  14. @Should You Play It? I dont think that far cry 6 would be free like what bigger game will they give out than far cry 6 on 25th

  15. Waiting For your Spoiler ALERT 7th MYSTERY GAME Video

  16. not at all gonna be PUBG cuz good new they are gonna make PUBG free on jan seriously

  17. I just now saw the page of MUTANT YEAR ZERO on epic games store and it totally matches the color scheme of the free games cover and the crossbow matches too…. So i think its gonna be the free game today

  18. ok guys so this time htegames are actually better

  19. What is the point of this video? Not trying to throw shade, just curious

  20. Rust, Pubg and Farcry 6 would actually be an amazing game and revieve each respectively

  21. iv played rust for a while and let me tell you the crossbow looks exactly like rust and trust me rust is a really good game my favourite out of all the 30+games i played including gta 5, red dead redemption and many more so i wont be disappointed if they made it free

  22. nvm loop hero is amazing , i thought it was a normal 2d game but its a game for gameplay and fun 🙂

  23. Pubg is surely not be free as it going to be free in january 2022

  24. WOOW, i didnt even know that there are hints like that, thats surprising to find out

  25. Damn please no mutant year zero enough with the trash games

  26. 🎀 Epic Games MYSTERY LEAK 😱

    December 21st – Second Extinction
    December 22nd – Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden(unconfirmed)
    December 23rd – Vampyr (unconfirmed)
    December 24th – Pathfinder Kingmaker(unconfirmed)
    December 25th – Prey (unconfirmed)
    •December 26th – ❓
    •December 27th – ❓
    •December 28th – ❓
    •December 29th – ❓
    •December 30th – ❓

    What Do You Think about Last 5 Mystery Games 🤑 🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁

  27. pls can u tell me pls that why i cannot see these 15 free games i cannot see why pls tel me

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