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  1. It's not predatory. It's the free market. You're paying for the programming it takes to move things across platforms. You don't think it's worth it? Don't buy it. In my mind, $50 for KH 1, 2, CoM, and Birth by Sleep means you're paying approximately $10 per game. That's not outrageous. Paying $60 for KHIII, a relatively new game, is also not outrageous. (The other purchases are not worth it, so I'm not buying them).

  2. Didn't they fixed the prices? I heard something about refunds or whatever from a comment I read somewhere

  3. Absolutely HATE Epic and Ubisoft connect. Total bug ridden trash

  4. so much cheaper than canadian prices its atleast 304.96$ if i wanted to get it all.

  5. In México is exactly the same price as US, it's high but well, we are the Square Enix's simp

  6. Honestly I dont mind the prices. 50 bucks for 4 games, and 60 for kh3. But 2.8 needs to be like 20 bucks.

  7. I got them for free. Are they mad with prices or what?

  8. Jack sparrow will have a great loot for his crew piracy.

  9. Will by kh on steam when its 25 for the bundle. Ff7 remake will also be bought the day it releases on steam.

  10. why do you think epic games is a problem but STEAM is good? bro have you been living under a rock steam is fucked go look into it a little bit, probably the dumbest thing ive ever heard " why didnt you just go to steam" probably because steam would literally find a way to force the original company to pay like 80% of the profit to steam.

  11. Don't buy KH3 on epic games. You will not be able to play it offline. Not even with "offline mode" on. It was my first and last buy. They lost one more customer.

  12. The only thing I can think about it is it must have been the most pain thing in the world to make these work on the PC especially the first Kingdom hearts and any resolution at any frame rate so they probably won't worry about the price and for my understanding the popularity of Kingdom hearts died with the end of Kingdom hearts 3 through the trying to make any money off of it as they can and also off the pain in the ass it was to make it work on PC…. If you think about it the value of the PC version of these games would be a crap ton more worth than the other ones not just cuz you can mod it but all those resolutions and frame rates like I said…. Besides epic games I'm not really bothered by this.. besides this video is a bit old I just seen it in there on sale for $35

  13. Square has so much on steam already why the fick is this potential gold mine going to a client some refuse to use cause it's trash…

  14. I still bought em. Just two out of four.
    Why? Because the prices are honestly fucking fair.

    1.5/2.5 is $50. That's FOUR FULL GAMES.
    KH3 is $60 with DLC!!

  15. I don’t have enough money to buy any console and I was so excited that I could experience kingdom hearts for the first time finally but they are charging so much for the games,I can barely afford to buy the first collection if I wait a year.

  16. This is why I hate Epic. I'm not buying shit on PC until KH comes to Steam.

  17. It will be Square Enix all the way. I mean I get people hate Epic but they don't dictate the prices that companies decide to sell their games for. In fact given that Epic takes a sizeably less substantial cut of the profits than other store fronts, technically it should be cheaper. It just isn't because Square. Square have always been predatory in their pricing, especially when it comes to milking fans nostalgia. The games might be that cheap on PS at the moment but they have been out there for a while. Square have already tapped that well dry, those big sales are to milk the last bit of money out of the hold outs. The PC market is an entirely untapped source and for some people on PC who have never owned a console in their lives (trust me they are out there) this is going to be their very first opportunity to purchase these games. You better believe Square are going to milk that for all its worth.

  18. Bro i just bought the 1.5 and 2.5 and man…. shit is so horribly optimized. It is not even funny :/

  19. I wwill never buy anything fffrom thh EGS i rather havee all my ganes via ssteam at least that way I don't need 2 appps hat does he same thing at least steam has a tag finder ugghhhh

  20. The fact I didn't know this game existed on PC says it all. Fuck EGS. Commie cunts.

  21. and thats where discount keys come in lol

  22. The game uses UNREAL engine that is owned by Epic… which that their store is hot horse shit, If a game runs on UNREAL, be ready to be disappointed til the exclusive expires, also, Disney and Square doesn't need Epic's money because Disney has a lot of money already, same with square, and epic has a lot from fortnite alone (Trash game, I don't see the fun on this circus act of a fetus, after playing it after 3 to 5 hours) and the merch they selling (because the fans eat anything, you can put a shirt that says "My community is full of fortnite loving brain dead idiots" and throw their wallets at them)

    I'm not surprised because it's Disney
    – Trash remakes
    – Lawsuits after lawsuits
    – Pedophilia (you heard me)
    – Profit the gays (mmhmm, I know)
    – spreading cheeks to China
    – the list goes on

    So yeah, what a horrible day to be a gamer

  23. the PC mods and quality of life mods that are coming out are really good, they are pretty awesome. i think mods help justify the prices since some of them really help the game.

  24. one thing, thats the normal prices for the normal games💀

  25. I can pretty much buy a ps4 and complete Kingdom Hearts collection for that price….


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