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Why Players Hate The Epic Game Store – Forge Labs

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Why Players Hate The Epic Game Store
Between Steam, Origin, UPlay & The Epic Game Store, there are a lot of game launchers and stores. However, The Epic Game store has been subject to a lot of criticism after developer Deep Silver announced that the upcoming title Metro Exodus will launch exclusively on The Epic Game Store, despite being advertised to fans on Steam prior.

There are plenty of reasons why players hate The Epic Game Store. This Forge Labs video explains why that is.

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Why Players Hate The Epic Game Store – Forge Labs

Forge Labs


  1. No cloud save
    -Gamesave Manager. Ever heard of it?

    Internet connection required at all times
    -Okay. This one is definitely a turn-off because our fiber optic internet goes down at least once for about 5-45 seconds.

    No controller:
    -As someone who plays certain games with a controller, this is another turn-off for me.

    No local pricing:
    Yeah, that's gonna be a problem when Kingdom Hearts comes out because I really want it. :/

    No friends list
    -That's okay. My best friend is on Xbox and getting him to budge and move to the PCMR is gonna be impossible.

    No review system
    -I could refer to outside resources, but I do admit that being able to see feedback from people who own the game is very convenient.

    Giving devs the option to opt in and out of reviews isn't a good look though. My advice for Epic: Use the better revenue cut as a bargaining chip. Either they (the devs) accept the new policy that reviews will be enabled for all games or they can move to another store and lose the dev-biased revenue share that got them to sign a deal with EGS in the first place.

  2. I get free games on epic games store. I have no reason to complain

  3. I had an Epic account for maybe a month before it got hacked, meanwhile I have been on Steam for 8 years and never even heard of anybody getting hacked.

    So basically, now I don't want to commit any of my time to that store.

  4. My main issue is that it sap ALL of your download speed & still doesn't download fast.

    I can be playing online games in calls with 5 people, watching 2 twitch streams in 720, watching youtube videos & listening to a spotify podcast. While my brother & uncle are playing games & watching YouTube on their PCs & 2 people are on xboxes on online games. ALL AT ONCE!

    If i download a SMALL update while everyone is asleep it takes 3 hours & I can not even watch streams or youtube videos. Playing any game, even offline games makes it 7 hours!!! What is up with that!!!!

  5. Can't even say "Epic Ga –" 🤢🤮…
    Hold up… gotta swallow this puke…
    Done. Anyway, Epic is just so terrible…

  6. 3:41
    Oi mate, I am deeply offended.
    I were born here and it were not me choice to be born here specifically. I'm of course not saying that I wish to live elsewhere but the point remains, you can't just criticize me current location as though it were not chosen for me.
    I suppose that technically I could move elsewhere on a Visa or some'in (idk how that even works) but I'm just gunna wrap this joke up by saying:
    You hurt me feelin's, Forger of Labs, You hurt me feelin's.

  7. I got tabs for free on epic games launcher but now its not working

  8. here is my story why i searched this video (its fine if you don't care but lemme speak about it!)

    I downloaded Rogue company like an hour ago using my brother's account which was already logged in and I didnt care enough to log in with mine before doing so, and when the game was downloaded I logged out from my brother's account and tried to log in with mine and guess what I get a error that said "request could not be completed" I tried to follow solutions with help of youtube but notheing worked, then I uninstalled the launcher and reinstalled it but then I got stuck at "please wait while we prepare your updates" and I am still figuring out how to get this piece of crap to work. why this launcher is always on drugs?? everything in this world run with my internet but this only and only this shitty epic games launcher shown me connection issues and even the website. can someone remind me of my sin from past so I can cover them up??

  9. bro when i clicked this video i saw 666,666 views

  10. epic is great, at least they give me good games, steam is absolute garbage atm

  11. I only have epic store because it gives me free games occasionally

  12. These are all total non issues

    "No controller support"
    Unless the game wasn't designed to be played on PC, why would you need this? If a game works perfectly with a mouse and keyboard, why would you need a controller?

    "No reviews"
    When you pick up a game from the shelf in a game store, is there anywhere to read a review of it? When people buy console games, are there any reviews to look at? Why are you holding PC games to a different standard?

    "If reviews are opt in, people wouldn't know how bad the game is"
    Bullshit. If a game was terrible, EVERYONE would know about it because there would be a shit storm all over the internet. On YouTube, on twitter and any gaming forum. Preventing review bombing is perfectly legitimate.

    "There's no forum"
    Then go to a forum

    All these complaints are just whining about features you've been spoilt with. None of these things are actual issues. The epic store exists to SELL GAMES. Does Epic sell games? Yes.

  13. you can use controllers in games duh clickbait

  14. Idk if anyone will say see this but
    DONT FORGET HOW EPIC GAMES KILLED MY BOY ROCKET LEAGUE 😭😭 epic games totally change the way they have a reward system. There used to be a randomized ways of getting things. So you’d have chest that you could open on for a “key” that would yes cost money for $1. But the good side to that is that you could get anything. Now that have it to where you get something really expensive like a Black Market Decal and you have to pay $25! For just one thing. A skin for your car 🙃🤨

  15. I really hope someone makes a launcher that would genuinely be competition to steam because if valve’s revenue starts slipping then they’d have to make games again

  16. The only thing I like about the epic games store is the free games and while they ain't good……after gaming for so long you'll play just about any trash for the sake of it

  17. I dont get the hate i have epic store and steam and i love the games they give

  18. Are these problems in the Epic Games store still present to this day?

  19. No Review
    No Cloud Save
    No Offline
    No Controller
    There is no Epic games at all

  20. as someone who uses the epic games store for free games. watch dogs legion had gone on sale on epic but it wasnt on steam which pissed me off so I thought fuck this and I bought the game of Uplay because it has cloud saves and the spring sale was longer on it

  21. If I was a Dev I would absolutely release on just epic. That extra 18% could be the difference between heating over winter or not… Steam are greedy.

  22. For all the stuff you said the most annoying is not offline play as for the controller this only on the luncher inside the game the controller works with not problem and yes i see way the system is problematic

  23. Windows store lowered their cut to 12%, maybe it'll be better there. Its nice not having to install anything else cos Microsoft Store comes with windows.
    I don't really use any because I'm a pirate

  24. You should also note that Epic games accounts have piss-poor security. I'm not even a slightly popular person and I have gotten my account hacked 4 times with my email never even being broken into and me never even getting an alert.

  25. i dont care about the majority of what you said i just buy a game and press play no need for forums or gimmicks like these for me even on steam i never used or posted in a steam community so i dont care

  26. The epic store gave me free stuff. I dont mind that at all.

  27. This video is very outdated, Epic Games solve a lot of problems that this guy mentioned in this video like Cloud Save, Controller Support, and Review/Rating System. They sometimes give you free games like GTA V, NBA 2k, and Among Us for free with no subscription, unlike Nintendo with their Online Service. I don't know why some people want Steam to have full Monopoly on the PC market? Competition is a good thing.

  28. Here after they made Sonic Colors Ultimate an Epic Games exclusive.

  29. was gonna buy Borderlands 3 on epic but considering to just pay 10 bucks more on steam

  30. I don’t care, all I see is free games free games.

  31. Anyone else hear the zelda music in the background?

  32. Yeah but steam was doing it for how long .
    Scene 2007 or 9 and i think that the launcher was still New back then.
    Maybe the epic laucher did improve in 2021 .
    I mean there game engine did destroy the source engine .

  33. Also valve did made tuns of money wie selling cosmetic on the games.
    And gambling a lot of gambling.
    Also what's the point of achievements exactly .
    Yes I will love to see achievement list in the epic laucher but I don't know .
    Also yes I will love to see a review system in the launcher to know where did i mess up my game.

  34. So in other words:
    Epic Games is a simpler version of steam that is not as cluttered with useless shit.
    Pretty good if you ask me, I didnt use to play on Epic Games and I heard there were some controversies, this video only proved me that it is all about whining crybabies and I have nothing to fear 😛
    Thanks for review, even tho it was biased as fuck, it lifted my worries.

  35. I hate it already. Lol. Capitalism at its best. Business/money over consumer experience. Damn.

  36. EGS had millions ! Millions ! Of development money dedicated to it to try to be something that was supposedly better than Steam ! I'm furious to discover they literally did zero effort on features and only included inconveniences that didn't exist in Steam.
    The "it's only a new platform" excuse doesn't work at all since it was already a launcher (for Epic Games) before becoming a "generic" launcher, and they had all the time to polish and add features since EGS was only a secondary project and moneymaker compared to the games they were making.
    The false free games are also scummy (and even included things that aren't and shouldn't be in the EGS and shouldn't ever be free, but I won't tell what because I'd advertise for them).
    I don't understand why some devs (with many star "demi-AAA" games) bought into this thing that shouldn't be promoted at all, EGS has added value that's far into the negatives and EG weren't lazy with their design, they were evil and counterproductively greedy.

  37. me: well it's a good thing there's no games on the epic games store that interest me
    sees Bugsnax
    me: "why are we still here just to suffer"

  38. I bought a game for 7$ and… i have 100 GB and it say i dont have 90 GB its like a scam

  39. Epic Games is a bunch of Terrorists, taking games hostage and bribes companies to ignore steam! Fuck them!

  40. I just bought the 30$ game ark on Epic Games since their biggest selling point was the free maps — Epic Games doesn’t let me download it because of their *HELPFUL UPDATE*

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