Your FRIENDLY Game Shop [ASMR] -

Your FRIENDLY Game Shop [ASMR]

FredsVoice ASMR
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“Oh no, my asmr friends. You will find that it is you who are mistaken. About a great many things.”

0:00 – Your Rude Interruption (PS4 Controller Movements)
3:52 – Your Gaming Betrayal (ft. Button Pressing)
5:53 – Returning BATTLEFRONT 2
12:42 – Nintendo Gameboy Bag Opening
20:35 – Going Through REAL Star Wars Games
37:20 – Your Special Gift – (Papery Sounds/Tapping)

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✮ Special thanks to Gibi ASMR for being a good sport and appearing in this video.


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  1. Friend:Do you know Fred?
    Friend:The guy that looks like Thor and has an awesome asmr channel

  2. 0:16 me in Star Wars battlefront 2 in geonosis when it only left one AT TE

  3. How much star wars games do you have ? Guess in comments

  4. When someone leaves the team because they’re rage quitting

    “That is gaming treachery”

  5. Did anyone see a video playing in the top right corner of the screen

  6. This is actually accurate to the real experience except instead of the guy gaming. He’s just angrily staring at everyone in the store

  7. I like to pretend he is just a tsundere and tries to hide his feelings but is nice at the same time, but mostly tries to cover it up

  8. twice the pride double the fall-Count Dooku
    or in this case twice the games double the tingles

  9. Just a quick thing, Steam Star Wars games are now on sale (bcs May the 4th duh)

  10. “We have a word for people like you, in the gaming community. Ni-“

  11. once you start you cant tell he just mashing buttons

  12. There is a lot of things i noticed about Fred's videos, and that is not only does gaming have a society of upper class schmucks, but the Thor comments are considered to be "Royalty Class" all the way.

  13. I see the other ASMRist on the TV on the background, but I’m at the beginning so I don’t know if you mention it

  14. I like how every game store employee is depicted as some dude whos setting up his ps4 at the shop

  15. Is any1 gonna realize that he doesnt have the controller on whatsoever

  16. THE ADVANCE sp WAS THE one! i had the tribal silver. First game? RAYMAN 3

  17. i swear i need to know what mortal combat combos hes using

  18. Your ‘FRIENDLY’ game store first 5mins he ignores u

  19. love what it says in the background game relax repeat

  20. it took me minutes to figure it out who the girl was in the background lmao

  21. Are we gonna talk about gibi on the TV there?

  22. I wish my mom knew about “game etiquette”

  23. I can’t believe how much he looks like thor

  24. Oh god there so much shit in my ass the pain is excruciating please help me dear god

  25. I’ve seen this video like four times before this and I just noticed that Gibi is in the background lol

  26. Me Listening to ASMR while playing a game
    Hears a slight meme in there
    Me: hoh De memes

  27. Here in 2020 people are dying and this is the worst year

  28. ‘Retro’ game store *busts out the PS4’😂

  29. Fred shows off Pokémon red and blue

    Pokéfans:that’s old school,we play sword and shield

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