Your Friendly Game Store [ASMR] -

Your Friendly Game Store [ASMR]

FredsVoice ASMR
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“Sir, the possibility of successfully navigating the Thor comments section is approximately 3,720 to 1.”

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  1. Boy oh boy we had to wait two years for the prequal

  2. Sounds like hes playing cuphead, or dark souls

  3. I feel that fred is a better thor than thor himself

  4. Rip control because i dont see the red light ;-;

  5. 0:00 Plot twist: this is NoobMaster69 and he's fighting his twin brother thor

  6. Ok these comment always get likes so let's try it
    Whos watching in 2020

  7. I sold you a PlayStation 4. (Has games from the 90s and 2000s😂

  8. Thanks for that 40 minute talk but I’m just here for shark tale on the GameCube, yea it’s on your right there.

  9. I’m confused. Instead of him titling“friendly game store shop.” Is he saying that in sarcasm. Because this guy in the role play doesn’t seem very welcoming. I wonder if anyone else notices this🤔

  10. I think I’m the only one here in 2020 lol

  11. If that is friendly I don’t want to know what rude is

  12. Is it just me or is anyone else distracted by the giant wauiliwigi in the back

  13. That Wario in the back is Chucky disguised.

  14. Bro he actually likes Battlefront???? Yoo I played that games when it came out!! Respect+++ for Fred

  15. What my friendly game store think about the actuality games?

  16. Idk why but something about his video quality attracts me towards watching

  17. Bro that wario is putting me off

    "Wario will show you fun"

  18. You know when you said " friendly " I'm guessing you lied to me…. WHY THOR WHY?

  19. After the video Korg enters: Hi im korg you want to get a house in new asgard and play Fortnite and drink Beer?

  20. No one:
    Fred using controller while looking at me

  21. This whole video reminded me of that scene where Thor was trash talking a kid on fortnite and made him cry

  22. This has no relevance and y'all can disregard the comment, but I'm going to a studio today to finish my debut song and I need to get up early but I can't sleep. Came back to the classic. One of my favourite Fred videos.

  23. He acts like a master gamer but he says he's been stuck on the level for ages 🤔

  24. lol 2 3 years later I still watch the video idk y

  25. Hey what's missing in the channel? A Thor roleplay!

  26. The wario in the background is slightly unsettling

  27. now just imagine that a karen enters this shop,

  28. Said he was playing battlefront but with PS3 controller

  29. It sounds like he’s close to breaking that controller in two.

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